Prepositions after "undefeated"

undefeated in, at, on, for or with?

In 49% of cases "undefeated in" is used

Yes, we're not undefeated in the CL.

He left the Commons undefeated in 1950.

Striegl remains undefeated in 11 fights.

George Rajapaksa was undefeated in Mulkirigala in the elections of 1960,65 and 70.

The Mayfield Trojans have a record of 6-3 but are also undefeated in district play.

Awesome Feather is unbeaten in ten starts and My Miss Aurelia is undefeated in six.

In 2010-11 Porto remained undefeated in the league as they celebrated a treble, which included the Europa League.

Despite all his early achievements and being undefeated in 13 fights, Nelson was virtually unknown outside Ghana.

That put the team into the semifinals against the Avengers, who were undefeated in the tournament and league play.

Japan remains undefeated in the last four seasons and despite fielding a new-look team are still heavy favourites.

In 11% of cases "undefeated at" is used

Brady undefeated at home against the Bills.

Seoul, undefeated at home, undefeated against Busan at home.

She became an NCAA champion and went undefeated at the Curtis Cup.

You've heard it a zillion times already: the Cards are undefeated at home this postseason.

The Seahawks were undefeated at CenturyLink Field and set a single-season attendance record.

They travel to Tromso next weekend, Per-Mathias Hogmo's team undefeated at home this season.

Yet they are a victory Saturday over Wake Forest away from going undefeated at home for the first time in 14 years.

They want to finish undefeated at home and have their starters sharp when they travel to Florida State in three weeks.

Game notes The Jazz entered the game as one of only three teams undefeated at home, along with Miami and the New York Knicks.

On the 25th November 1953 an arrogant England side, undefeated at their home ground Wembley, fancied themselves as invincible.

In 6% of cases "undefeated for" is used

They're undefeated for a reason.

He's been undefeated for 14 years.

We went pretty far in the playoff and were undefeated for a while.

The Sounders finished the group stage undefeated for the first time.

Last night, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame went undefeated for the season.

The new captain Buck Shelford lead his team undefeated for three and a half years between 1987-90.

Most people long term so that you can profit in which performance and then end up undefeated for this 12 months.

I should also mention that we were undefeated for two straight years and had the longest winning streak in Illinois.

I said this got ta be the biggest joke in the book, and he was undefeated for about 8 or 9 fights until he got knocked out.

Hill, was a world renowned Irish step dancer who was undefeated for 24 years! Tom and his wife Bernadette have two children.

In 6% of cases "undefeated on" is used

I'd hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.

Emily Whitlock in undefeated on the WSA tour in 2012.

It first happened in 2008 with Cotto undefeated on the back of a 32-0 record.

He was undefeated on 109 off 104 balls, his superb innings including 16 fours and a six.

And somehow, the Jets almost beat a Houston Texans team that was undefeated on Monday night.

They withdrew nine years later, undefeated on the battlefield, but demoralised by years of futile fighting.

Regardless, the Bulldogs are undefeated on the season, and Kentucky is sitting at 1-4 and has lost to a Sun Belt team.

But on Sunday he didn't miss a beat, as he won his fourth race in a row at Woodbine to remain undefeated on Polytrack.

He is undefeated on synthetic and if his BCJ effort can be forgiven, he has not done anything wrong in his five other starts.

The Galicians welcome their Andalucian opponents to the Riazor this Monday evening undefeated on their return to La Liga so far.

In 5% of cases "undefeated with" is used

The team went undefeated with wins over Army, Navy and the Marines (U.

Auld went undefeated with a 4-0 record at the Gananoque super regional.

Prior to facing Campas, he was undefeated with 15 knockouts in 17 fights.

But Lisa's launch did it for Malcolm, making Kalabaw still undefeated with immunity.

Louisville will not go undefeated with that defense, and I'd including their bowl game.

Dawson, still undefeated with a record of 28-0, first shied away from committing to a rematch.

He's undefeated with a 7-0 record and he's coming hot off a win over one of South Korea's best fighters, Bae Young Kwon.

Middlweight Zein Saliba from the TP/Double Dragon gym remained undefeated with a hard fought decision win over Marc Gehret.

All in all, it was complete domination for a Notre Dame team looking to go undefeated with a tough matchup against USC next week.

Brownie 19 November 2012, 9:15 am Dcook, It's pretty much certain that Peter will retire undefeated with a record unlikely ever to be broken.

In 4% of cases "undefeated against" is used

We are undefeated against Villa there in this century.

Seoul, undefeated at home, undefeated against Busan at home.

He also made exactly 100, again undefeated against Lurgan in 1997.

The team went undefeated against all teams attending Saturday's tournament.

The Islanders have gone undefeated against Charleton in 4 of the last 5 regular USL seasons.

We are undefeated against Indonesia in the past 12 years -- winning six out of nine meetings.

To make my point: * Serbia went undefeated against both Poland and Portugal in Group A, drawing home and away to both.

In the history of my motherland, the people have always risen undefeated against any arbitrary, savage or brutal rule.

Igesund, though, is undefeated against African opposition after having beaten both Mozambique and Kenya in friendly matches.

SOS Fut: Strength of schedule, based on the likelihood of an elite team going undefeated against the given team's remaining schedule.

In 3% of cases "undefeated after" is used

He retired undefeated after three successive victories.

He is undefeated after four starts, and is the best 2-year-old in the land.

If we're undefeated after the season finale, I'd declaring us the *real* national champions.

Technically Froch should still be undefeated after battering Mikkel Kessler and dominating Andre Ward.

Antonio Cairoli going undefeated after his Swedish GP DNF-DNF, or Jeffrey Herlings lapping nearly the whole field in Lierop.

Just like the Wolfpack, Oklahoma State is also undefeated after three games but the outings for the Cowboys have not been nearly as decisive.

The two favourites, host Croatia and Serbia, remain undefeated after the first day while Israel and Mexico struggled to keep up with their opponents.

In all three matches in the qualifying stage, Michael Maze managed to remain undefeated after overcoming the sixth seed Joo Sae Hyuk in a full-stretch match.

Milan may still be the biggest scudetto candidates, but Napoli and the rejuvenated Juventus (undefeated after five games) are seriously looking to tip the power-balance this season.

While he has been criticized for his wrestling based style of fighting, but that very style has served him well in the welterweight division where he is now undefeated after 10 matches.

In 3% of cases "undefeated by" is used

Rob M Class of ' 98 (among the lucky alumni undefeated by $C).

The gist: To remain undefeated by everything, to have peace of mind.

Argentina's version of fascism (like that of Spain 's) remained undefeated by WW2 Allied powers.

First, one may ask questions such as ' undefeated by what? '; ' Unopposed by what? ' and ' Overrides what? '.

undefeated by this, Niall went for an overtake again, but was forced onto the grass by Seb, causing his Beacon Racing Ginetta to spin.

Raymond Felton scored 25 points and New York stayed undefeated by rallying late to beat the San Antonio Spurs 104-100 on Thursday night.

Did you know? At Tokyo 1964, Japan's Osamu Watanabe ended his career undefeated by winning his 186th consecutive match to claim Olympic gold.

Oregon fans have been worried that the Ducks could be left out of the BCS National Championship Game if Alabama, Kansas State and Notre Dame also remain undefeated by Dec.

In 2% of cases "undefeated through" is used

Khalil can still win the bronze if we stays undefeated through the repechage.

This year the 5-4 Seattle Seahawks are undefeated through nine weeks at home.

Timothy Bradley, who is undefeated through his 28 professional matches, is only 28 years old.

This impromptu partnership had then gone undefeated through all seven rounds of the tournament.

And the biggest stunner of all? That York, undefeated through the OUA regular season and the No.

But pop the champagne and light up the cigars because you're undefeated through mid-November LOL.

That is, of course, if Oregon remains undefeated through its final four regular-season games and the Pac-12 Championship game.

If Alabama goes undefeated through the Georgia Dome, I absolutely think they should play for it all in Miami at the end of the season.

We're only three games into the season, but Colorado was undefeated through the first 2, so its hard to tell if they are a mid-level team, better or worse.

The Guachos are currently fifth in the Big West Conference, but the team went undefeated through the first seven weeks of their season, relying heavily on a resilient defense.

In 1% of cases "undefeated as" is used

So he's pretty much undefeated as a heavyweight.

And even though the Cuban is undefeated as a professional, Casey knows he is still in with a shot.

This game was always going to be a tough task for the Portlaoise girls with Tralee undefeated as of yet both home and away.

Don't blame the computers on this one: I don't believe any of them explicitly put value on conference championships, and the OU-Texas-TTech trio is collectively and formidably undefeated as a unit.

In 1% of cases "undefeated during" is used

Both teams went undefeated during their weekend play, challenging teams from Quebec to Niagara Falls.

Emerging as the new polo power, Argentina remained undefeated during the playoffs and then played the USA to a 5-5 tie in six chukkers of intense polo.

They went undefeated during their entire playoff run other than one loss in the final round attributed to a forfeit due to a technicality during a matchup against Lefroy #1.

In 1% of cases "undefeated from" is used

Ohio, the team we think goes undefeated from the non-BCS ranks, will find itself in the Orange Bowl against Florida State.

Mulcair has held the seat since a 2007 byelection while Cauchon went undefeated from 1993 to 2004, when he opted not to run.

In Berlin German not Allied troops marched past the Brandenburg Gate, to be greeted by President Ebert as heroes returning ' undefeated from the battlefield '.

The defending champions had to satisfy with the runners up trophy after all their hard sweat being undefeated from pre quarters and even in the final having led the first half.

In 1% of cases "undefeated over" is used

The only other team to go undefeated over the weekend in Anaheim was No.

K-State, which remained undefeated over the weekend with a 23-10 victory over TCU, became the No.

The All blacks have also not lost a test in the northern hemisphere since 2002 and are undefeated over the last 18 matches.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts also went undefeated over the course of the two days before claiming a 38-19 victory against Iconz in the championship decider.

In 1% of cases "undefeated since" is used

The 22-year-old Cuban has been undefeated since returning from injury and he is looking forward to his first time at the meeting.

While Uruguay's Olympic team failed to progress past the group stage at the London Games, the national team remains undefeated since May 2011.

The Italian finished eighth on the timesheets and he told MCN that it was no big surprise to see Stoner in such sparkling form at the Phillip Island track where he remains undefeated since 2007.

In 1% of cases "undefeated throughout" is used

It was heartbreak for the UWI team who had gone undefeated throughout the day.

They went undefeated throughout last season, dominating their opponents en route to winning Serie A.

The steely-eyed streetwise warrior is current world number one, winner of four of the last eight Grand Slams, and undefeated throughout the tournament.

He said that it was fitting to play Sunshine Coast in the final, because they also went undefeated throughout the tournament and had likewise never won the gold medal.

Not only is Kelly the reigning URCC Featherweight Champion but he has remained undefeated throughout his MMA career, making him one of the most dominant fighters in the featherweight division.

In 1% of cases "undefeated to" is used

So, would you send a copy of The undefeated to him? You'll recall that last year Ailes made some headlines following a New York magazine profile.

In 1% of cases "undefeated without" is used

If one team could handle going into the postseason undefeated without becoming overconfident, it's the Packers.

In the current era, with a higher standard of play throughout the world, it's hard to imagine Team USA being able to go undefeated without each player taking clear chances to score.