Prepositions after "underwhelmed"

"underwhelmed by" or "underwhelmed with"?

In 69% of cases "underwhelmed by" is used

I am underwhelmed by all of this.

The food I was fairly underwhelmed by.

I continue to be underwhelmed by them.

Maybe I have an old fashioned mindset but I feel underwhelmed by these services.

BSkyB shareholders they are underwhelmed by news of a possible News Corp split;.

I have to say with some regret, that I was a little underwhelmed by the country.

Given an English history book for children to translate into German, he was distinctly underwhelmed by the text.

I thought the shadows might not be really evil, rather underwhelmed by human nature and therefore overly cautious.

I wasn't expecting much from the Giants visit, I was distinctly underwhelmed by La Machine when they last visited.

How about you? I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the WS, perhaps because I was expecting (hoping?) for more.

In 16% of cases "underwhelmed with" is used

In fact, they are underwhelmed with information.

In the end the band was underwhelmed with the results.

After saturday im slightly underwhelmed with the new stadium.

Rebecca, To say that I am underwhelmed with your article is an understatement.

To date, Ferguson has left many supporters ' underwhelmed with his summer signings.

I'd supremely underwhelmed with The Living Room and the W should be ashamed of itself.

I'd hoping that Chandler is just pacing himself a bit for the long haul, pretty underwhelmed with him so far.

His video includes casual interviews with Canadians underwhelmed with the treatment their relatives received.

I wouldn't cross the street for a pint of Anchor Steam, and I was underwhelmed with Marston's when I had it in Burton.

That's it for now guys, I am a bit underwhelmed with the device when I heard real owners feedback about this over-hyped phone.

In 5% of cases "underwhelmed at" is used

Terri Lynda LaCasse I am totally underwhelmed at this point.

Had a little bash on Zombies which has me a little underwhelmed at the moment.

underwhelmed at the prospect of eating the wallaby shank, she promptly refused to eat it.

I would have probably been underwhelmed at the selection of considerably smaller Helsinki.

I loved his Series 5 and 6 but after Asylum of the Daleks, I found myself underwhelmed at Series 7.

Tim July 14, 2012 at 11:50 I agree that the Rodgers appointment was rash as were there other moves and I was underwhelmed at the time.

Prior to its release, the Sooners suffered a loss to Kansas State, underwhelmed at UTEP, and seemed to be on track for a disgraceful nine win season.

A very good performance against Chelsea doesn't a season make and I think a good few people have been a little more than underwhelmed at what City have done so far.

My original intent was to do the entire conference but I got rather long winded on the top 3 and was so underwhelmed at the rest of the conference that I called it a day.

In 2% of cases "underwhelmed after" is used

But I was totally underwhelmed after seeing the band live a couple of years ago.

I was left very underwhelmed after hearing all of the praise this and other Miyazaki anime films get.

Everyone was over-anxious for the new maps, which still baffles me -- it's maps -- and they felt underwhelmed after the announcement.

In 2% of cases "underwhelmed in" is used

On trend or not, Matharu, Rocto and Stephanie Kepman, who brought her General Tso Tofu, all underwhelmed in the batch-up.

In both cases there's a chance to feel - at first - ever so slightly underwhelmed in comparison with the album that precedes.

In 1% of cases "underwhelmed about" is used

So unless I am in a swing state I feel underwhelmed about how much my vote matters.

In 1% of cases "underwhelmed for" is used

Food wise, quite underwhelmed for the first 2 dishes and not that much excited for the rest of the meal.

Much of the praise seems to ignore the fact that Gerrard - part of the ludicrously overhyped ' Golden Generation - has underwhelmed for England during much of his international career.

In 1% of cases "underwhelmed on" is used

Rookie back Vick Ballard has underwhelmed on 15 early-season carries, but Brown hasn't lit the world ablaze either with his 3.