Prepositions after "unique"

"unique to" or "unique in"?

In 46% of cases "unique to" is used

This trend is not unique to the U.

unique to us for a different reason.

The problem is not unique to the ACT.

We'll make things that are beautiful in a way that's unique to our interactive nature.

unique to this Speedy is its outside link7 pocket that is closed with a secure S-lock.

unique to Samui, and the most recommended animal adventure is swimming with sea lions.

The image of man as a congenital idler, stirred to action only by the prospect of gain, is unique to the modern age.

unique to the Ralliart were creature comforts such as full leather interior, white-faced gauges and aluminum pedals.

Many of our islands feature animals and wildlife that are unique to the islands due to their isolation from threats.

What does tend to be unique to the Qumran sectarian texts is the avoidance of the terms ' lhwm, ' dwny and ' l ysr'l.

In 29% of cases "unique in" is used

They will be unique in the world.

unique in these isles i'd certain.

This is unique in the water sector.

Brantford is not unique in terms of a methadone clinic or a swingers ' club, I'd sure.

Kerala is unique in the country for the extent of women's participation in the MGNREGS.

It also makes us unique in the animal world, where self-interest is far more pronounced.

unique in Ireland, at least 1,000 years old and may have been a wine strainer or implement for communion or baptism.

It is unique in that its audience is international in character, which enables its work to have far-reaching effects.

While I was looking outside and enjoying the scenery of Kuala Lumpur, suddenly I saw something unique in front of me.

Some of my friends who are most happy with their lives (and wealthy) have jobs that are perfectly unique in the world.

In 6% of cases "unique about" is used

Nothing unique about it at all.

Find out what is unique about you.

There's something unique about you.

Well, what is also unique about this is that there are a lot of applications which.

Thus we can see that there is something unique about the way Indians eat vegetables.

Graduates can therefore also talk about what is unique about their particular degree.

What is unique about this claim is that M? ori citizens were guaranteed the property that they possessed in 1840.

Stop being taken for granted - Libraries need to convey what is unique about the access and services they provide.

What is unique about the UP120? It is the only 10 cylinder swashplate compressor in this capacity available today.

In 4% of cases "unique among" is used

They are unique among themselves.

This book is unique among other N.

unique among them is James Hillman.

The premium economy offering will be unique among carriers to and from New Zealand.

The return to three lions therefore is unusual but not unique among Irish families.

A rectangular base is unique among Egyptian pyramids, which are otherwise all square.

Esther is unique among the Old Testament Scriptures in the way in which it deals with religious, and moral issues.

A sea-to-land transition or vice versa would be unique among green, red, and brown algae (Graham and Wilcox, 2000).

unique among cancer-causing agents, the danger of tobacco is completely preventable through proven public policies.

It is unique among the gems, displaying an array of very brilliant miniature rainbow effects, all mixed up together.

In 4% of cases "unique for" is used

These values are unique for each gas.

It was something unique for them, too.

The male she is with is unique for her.

unique for every individual and so, every one of us has unique obstacles to overcome.

The spots on a giraffe are like a human fingerprint, they are unique for each animal.

Oh, and in what surely has to be unique for a stand-up show, this DVD has a? personal.

This is the way Tunisians called the events that led to the sudden change of power in a unique for this region way.

These registration numbers were unique for each participant and participants can be filtered using this number too.

The trochlear nerve is unique for two reasons: 1) it exits the brainstem dorsally, and 2) it crosses on the way out.

In the eye of people from Europe and the United States, modern yeast technology and products seemed unique for them.

In 2% of cases "unique from" is used

Show how you are unique from the other employees.

Let us be unique from the rest of South East Asia.

That's very unique from any other player out there.

I started with CERT because it is unique from the other groups I keep hearing about.

Unique Product -- Pizzas are the same on one hand yet totally unique from each other.

But in terms of the total package, it was unique from everything else I've had before.

There are a few identical drugs in the marketplace, however each and every one is a minimal unique from the other.

What makes you unique from the other contestants? I have a wonderful personality to compliment my beautiful smile.

However, one thing that make the internet unique from other aspects of life is that you can often get a free lunch.

You want to make your house unique but not too unique from other houses; if you do, yours might be considered gaudy.

In 2% of cases "unique with" is used

It was something unique with the place.

He is very unique with his singing style.

The bridge is unique with a cool history.

Photos tour about the city Ipoh is one unique with all the oldest cities in Malaysia.

The temple itself is unique with wooden architecture adorned with frescos of the Lord.

Each type of cancer is unique with its own causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment.

Think of yourself as someone who is unique with talents and gifts that you can share with your friends and family.

CSCS digital centre like every other digital centre is unique with the mission to protect its valuable information.

Here it was realised that they were not unique with their constant movement, that others were in the same position.

If you want to be in and unique with a pair of fashion sunglasses, choose fashionable and cheap sunglasses at firmoo.

In 1% of cases "unique amongst" is used

This is unique amongst the smaller bats.

Humans are unique amongst mammals in that this does.

This is what makes us unique amongst all of creation.

But apparently it is unique amongst trust funds in Britain that it's not taxable.

Your parables and simple deliveries are what makes you unique amongst our economists.

We call this approach ' informed advocacy ' and it is unique amongst conservation efforts.

Seagrasses are unique amongst flowering plants, in that all but one genus can live entirely immersed in seawater.

This is probably because yam tubers are unique amongst plants propagating vegetatively in not having pre-formed buds.

Lipids Oats and maize are unique amongst the cereals in that cultivars may contain a relatively high lipid content, e.

Regardless, he remains unique amongst human beings in being given additional time to make a difference and to worship God.

In 1% of cases "unique as" is used

Each website is unique as the message it carries.

Its people are unique as none other in the region.

On the one hand each being is unique as themselves.

I agree though, losing anyone is an experience that is unique as the person was to you.

The street is unique as the only existing street district in China bearing this pattern.

Finn decided to go with his gut and cast transgender character unique as the female Rizzo.

When completed, the Sabodo Car Parking Complex will be unique as the only parking tower for vehicles in East Africa.

The experimentation in the form of the ARF is unique as well as bold because it is led by a group of small powers, i.

About teenagers taffeta embroidered lace wedding dress Prom is really a therefore unique as well as essential evening.

It's an appealing option if you want to do something different and unique as opposed to the traditional wedding back home.

In 1% of cases "unique because" is used

Dublin is so unique because of its people.

Secondly, Jesus is unique because of what He did.

ACTS is unique because of the nature of the consortium.

It is also unique because of Hamas ' vow to essentially smite Israel in response.

Mtis culture draws on a blend of diverse cultural origins and is unique because of this.

The situation with Israel is very unique because of how Israel, as a Nation, was formed.

This brand is unique because of the classic clipping and the lively color and assurance for the durable quality.

All of these flanges carry little bit of size size amazing developing and that's exactly unique because of in just.

This kata is also unique because of its embusen -- it's line of attack is linear and you must start and end in the same spot.

The brand is unique because of how we combine colors and fabric to make something for everybody irrespective of age or class.

In 1% of cases "unique by" is used

This woman is not unique by any stretch.

Every sellers are unique by its own situation.

Every problem is unique by its nature of operation.

Each diamond is unique by itself and endowed with a different personality and characteristic.

You can always be unique by having a novel watch every once in a while to be to express yourself.

He even built a stilt house on the lake across from the village! This restaurant was very unique by Ghana standards.

Man is unique by virtue of being possessed by intuitions concerning the scope of the mysterious universe he inhabits.

You can even make the trip unique by eating at the Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina which serves great seafood dishes.

Which is now the focal point of the mall making the development unique by preserving the trees that originally located in the property.

In 1% of cases "unique of" is used

The point is unique of its kind.

Sound much unique of SOPA? Nope, not.

Want to add something unique of your own.

This was definitely too unique of an experience to turn down (what's a girl to do eh?).

You'll notice that riding on the sunny day is pretty unique of riding on the windy day.

The unique of the soft lies in the ability to intelligent combinational encrypt/decrypt.

The Graduate Business School of Standford is also one of the unique of its own kind offering a lot more to students.

This range of names points to the difficulty of trying to capture the intangible quality of this most unique of cities.

It would not make any difference if it's a club or national staff the soccer jersey is regular and unique of the video game.

It is important that there is a range for you to choose from, and services that are able to fit even the most unique of needs.

In 1% of cases "unique on" is used

We believe that this is unique on the Internet.

Provide something really unique on your website.

Besides they are certainly not unique on this site.

Tibetans are unique on the planet in that their national life is wholly dedicated to Buddhism.

Shark Bay has species, scenery and situations that are either unusual or unique on the planet.

Each house is unique on its own, land shape, facing, design, elevated land etc besides location.

The size, scale and location make it unique on these islands and we are determined to realize its massive potential.

Gary Smith is pretty unique on this list because he isn't surreal, otherworldly, nightmarish or a dream-like phantom.

This is Aspect 1 unique on the most described school college school student in the ' Next Gen ' routine in the B-Town.

Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Facts ? Abu Dhabi is unique on the F1 calendar being a (scheduled) twilight race.

In 1% of cases "unique within" is used

England is unique within the UK.

I think that is unique within the ABBA repertoire.

Its problems, however, are not unique within India.

You don't want to receive a purse which seems unique within the 1 you see on the net.

Shrine of St Peter Chanel: A simple, modern shrine which is unique within New Zealand.

The Usambaras are unique within East Africa because they are covered in tropical forest.

It paints a picture of such subtlety and beauty that it is almost entirely unique within the world of rock n roll.

This ID is used for saving/restoring the splitter position, and therefore it must be unique within your application.

Stylistically, Ray is able to make Wilson's violent outbursts visually unique within the context of On Dangerous Ground.

The law of liquidated damages is unique within the common law of contracts because it overtly affronts freedom of contract.