Prepositions after "unknown"

unknown to, in, for, at or outside?

In 60% of cases "unknown to" is used

unknown to him, she got pregnant.

unknown to the Vietminh Franklin D.

unknown to him, drama had just begun.

The author might tell the reader of events and motivations unknown to the characters.

unknown to them, they had narrowly escaped what could have been a major sea disaster.

Because no Wookiees survived the battle, Dooku's involvement was unknown to the Jedi.

I understand that much of the LDS faith is unknown to the larger population and examining it can appear intolerant.

unknown to anyone else, this agony has carried me through sleepless nights; I've even dreamed about it in my sleep.

unknown to her, Daisuke was fully aware of this already and it only cements her status as Unlucky Childhood Friend.

unknown to many, kelp is being commonly used in skin maintenance systems as it has been shown to keep aging at bay.

In 15% of cases "unknown in" is used

They were unknown in the Lodge.

As an illness, this is unknown in the UK.

Communal strife was unknown in this region.

For the next 40 or so years, their record was virtually unknown in their own country.

The tenets of ' speciesism ' as described by Singer were unknown in the animal house.

Leprosy is unknown in the island, though supposed to have been introduced there once.

Her previous venture at the Olympics saw her reach the quarter finals, as a relative unknown in the badminton world.

The so-called European CV is basically unknown in the UK; moreover, its format is quite unreadable for UK standards.

Controversy is not unknown in the Freddie Flintoff career and he has appeared in a number of celebrity TV programmes.

The first online promo video for the product was made by 22-year-old Caleb Slain, a relative unknown in the ad world.

In 5% of cases "unknown for" is used

It's also not unknown for the Prof.

Some other narrators are unknown for me.

They were unknown for the general public.

However, it is not unknown for a party to reach the convention with no clear choice.

Finally, it is not unknown for me to criticize TTC operations and service management.

This year, Clearing is a journey into the unknown for both students and universities.

And for those who are entering the unknown for the first time, a thrilling and informative experience awaits them.

The major economies of the world are suffering falls in output (Gross Domestic Product or GDP) unknown for decades.

Iraq was thus cut off from the world, the extent of the bombing and atrocities largely unknown for considerable time.

I'd not sure how the game would go if it went ahead and it would be a real step into the unknown for everyone involved.

In 4% of cases "unknown at" is used

Top speed unknown at this time.

Anne: I'd unknown at the moment.

Is't all the unknown at the moment.

I already know I need the 3 week course, but the other stuff is unknown at this time.

What is unknown at the moment is if Facebook will make postvertising broadly available.

Publishers were reluctant to print his works, because he was fairly unknown at the time.

Local Christians have reported that Pastor Lu has left Cangshun, but his exact location was unknown at last report.

Reid was a relative unknown at the time he was hired in 1999 because he was just a quarterbacks coach in Green Bay.

The reasons are unknown at the time but speculation is rampant and conspiracy theories and rumours of hacking abound.

In 2% of cases "unknown by" is used

One sub gets to the US unknown by them.

Workers ' rights are still unknown by many women workers.

Ann Quin is a figure unknown by most contemporary readers.

On the lighter side, what is unknown by most, is that Peter Tosh had a grand sense of humour.

Cashle is one of the better sites for making money and is unknown by a large group of people.

I entered places unknown by tourists: newspaper offices, temples, schools, and people's homes.

The crew is captured, save one unknown by Karath, and Bastila, Carth and Revan are interrogated by Saul personally.

Most of these tax laws are unknown by regular individuals, which is why tax preparation has become a very large business.

In the very heart of Equatorial Africa, covered by dense jungle, this Spanish speaking country remains unknown by tourism.

Kelan beach is a newly developed part of Jimbaran Bay and therefore unknown by the crowd and not yet flooded by tourist busses.

In 2% of cases "unknown of" is used

For JWS this is the unknown of what to expect.

For me, it is the unknown of how will he ' do '.

The search leads them into the unknown of space.

Suppose you have a very nice site with nice content but your nice site is unknown of other.

The boat where you have to face the demons of 2012 and venture into the unknown of the New Year.

The little blue bird has been phenomenal in killing people, making the most unknown of people famous and a lot more.

The absence of such a religion would pit them into the great unknown of actually having to behave like civilized beings.

Bano is unknown of his father and Jeevan's plan; she is in her own world of dreams where she sees Rung Ali as her husband.

With as much composure as I could muster, I left the safety of the soccer field and headed to the wild unknown of the road.

In 2% of cases "unknown on" is used

AMQ9529 Target queue unknown on remote host.

Absolutely unknown on international territory.

Place your become forever unknown on the leaderboard.

She found that Sickert's whereabouts were entirely unknown on the dates of each murder.

A bounty was placed on lynx in the 1820's and by 1890, they were unknown on the Island.

Somewhat unknown on the Auckland culinary scene, Honeyman's star has been rising at a rapid pace.

Which is where the Christchurch property market is at right now -- unknown on some levels but opportunity on others.

All in all the sweet potato remains the unknown on the shelf and there is still a lot to be learned by the consumer.

Good value - no need to spend extra dollars on brand product Posted by unknown on 16th Sep 2012 These pods are great.

The perfect answer to having Pod Coffee Posted by unknown on 3rd Sep 2012 The item was sitting on my doorstep within 2 days.

In 2% of cases "unknown outside" is used

His name is unknown outside our home.

Avaluk is almost unknown outside of Armenia.

Thus, they were virtually unknown outside the company.

Largely unknown outside the BBC, he has until now led in-house radio production.

Not too long ago, tempeh was virtually unknown outside of Indonesia and Singapore.

Thats probably why the past Bond actors have been relatively unknown outside of TV work.

Some of you may have come across featured in Organic NZ, and many more are unknown outside of their local area.

For example, the important Morning-Star ceremony and associated stories seem almost unknown outside Arnhem Land.

John Galvin A relative unknown outside of Kerry, Galvin is being touted as a potential manager within the county.

Despite all his early achievements and being undefeated in 13 fights, Nelson was virtually unknown outside Ghana.

In 1% of cases "unknown about" is used

And I think that there's a lot unknown about that side of things.

But what is unknown about the disease still vastly exceeds what is known.

They outline what is known or unknown about the effectiveness of a treatment.

However most experts will tell you there is still a great deal that is unknown about it.

Much, however, is still unknown about the growth of the conservative movement during this decade.

It's also true that much remains unknown about Iran's nuclear program -- including other facilities.

But other resistance stems from fear -- fear of the unknown about what happens after death; fear of the impending loss.

But these are really just estimates, since so much is unknown about what will actually happen as the business begins to grow.

I think her real fear (which she has expressed) is the big unknown about getting assigned a total stranger to share the dorm with.

The baby is totally unknown about the surroundings, but the age starts with a basic element of time Seconds, Minutes, Hours and Days.

In 1% of cases "unknown among" is used

It was to be unknown among them.

It is said to be unknown among the Maoris.

This element is totally unknown among the Darwinians).

The spotted, or piebald, or parti-colored horses are unknown among the pure Arabs.

Colored boys had no show in those days, as reading and writing was unknown among them.

Was I suffering from delusions of persecution? They're not exactly unknown among expats here, that's for damn sure.

Even in regard to the heathen, for nearly two hundred years missionary enterprise was unknown among Protestant bodies.

But even with this huge calcium drain and relatively low calcium intake, osteoporosis is relatively unknown among these women.

It was only in 1961 that an unprecedented enthusiasm was created and Rugby received a fillip, previously unknown among Antonians.

In 1% of cases "unknown as" is used

Express the unknown as a letter.

So, it's weight specs are unknown as of today.

The cover player remains unknown as of November 2012.

The exact length of the original tapestry is unknown as the final panel is incomplete.

The precise date of Jesus ' birth is unknown as the bible does not specially mention it.

This is the name of Sweden's second biggest city, but is unknown as the name of a person.

P Lovecraft, who wrote as much about the fear and loathing of the unknown as the adventure of being out on the deep.

Other amounts are possible as well (such as 10,000 EXP) but it is unknown as to exactly what triggers these numbers yet.

The Descent deals with death and grief, the dark and unknown as well as the common fear of tight spaces, claustrophobia.

Ahi Ullah: Details of language martyr Ahi Ullah are still unknown as the police later captured his dead body and dumped.

In 1% of cases "unknown before" is used

They were virtually unknown before this.

Tesla, Bell, Edison Ford and others were unknown before their inventions.

Mitch Barnard vs Scotty Komer Barnard was an unknown before the NLL combine.

Hike is English from around 1800, whose origins strangely are unknown before this.

Arthur was unknown before being elected, but surprised people by being honest and responsible.

I was very discontented, and at the same time anxious and excited about the unknown before me.

Although major polio epidemics were unknown before the late 19th century, polio was one of the most dreaded childhood diseases of the 20th century.

Boxing champion Nicola Adams was unknown before her win: according to American firm SponsorHub, her attractiveness to sponsors has risen by 25 per cent.

Moreover, those 47,557 scripts that don't use any of the special APIs are still saddled with the sandbox and its pitfalls, known and unknown before Greasemonkey 1.

The Windows flaw was unknown before Stuxnet's discovery in 2010, according to Roel Schouwenberg, one of the Kaspersky Lab researchers who helped discover the Flame virus.

In 1% of cases "unknown from" is used

AND I had to escape unknown from here.

We want to approach the unknown from the known truths.

Another big unknown from month-to-month is Google search results.

I am writing as an African, who approaches the unknown from my ancestral spectacles.

The Truth is not something still and static, The truth is what is unknown from moment to moment.

The future perks of non-conformity were yet unknown from the grim walls of our Victorian playgrounds.

To learn about the inland, explorers made long and dangerous expeditions into the unknown from the handful coastal settlements.

We're new to this league and it's the unknown from the first game on of having not been on the field with a lot of different teams.

This Gospel in its final form says one more thing about Jesus that was unknown from the previous three Gospels? that Jesus was the Word of God.

The rest was haphazardly cobbled together by person(s) unknown from various anonymous writings circulating on the Internet for the past 10 years.

In 1% of cases "unknown with" is used

We can designate the unknown with a letter say X.

Four years ago Obama was largely unknown with virtually no track record.

There is no need to fear the unknown with Jesus at your side and in your heart.

To see things how they seen them and re-live the excitement of the unknown with them.

To summarize briefly, the Mongols were quite unknown with the other side of the coin.

Be prepared to step into the unknown with your staff? you never know what you may find.

Take a step into the unknown with an intrepid team of explorers as they venture where no one has dared go before.

For the next two weeks they are explorers leaving their country city and heading into the unknown with each other.

Obviously, part of the criteria, and that's not to take anything away from him, but that's the unknown with Carlos.

The computer compares these records in an attempt to match the unknown with known samples, records, or photographs.