Prepositions after "unmindful"

unmindful of, about, in or to?

In 94% of cases "unmindful of" is used

And God is not unmindful of what ye do.

Nor is Allah unmindful of what they do.

For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do.

The rulers are unmindful of all the events and incidents taking place in Sri Lanka.

unmindful of our presence, he started a very cheesy tete-a-tete with his lady love.

But we do participate in all the activities unmindful of the feeling of insecurity.

He reproaches them that, unmindful of Him from whom they received so great dignity, they profane the name of God.

So the so called senior would advocate for aliance so that they could win - unmindful of the future of the party.

This is because if one becomes unmindful of the lesser sins, he will slowly be attracted to the Greater Sins too.

One who takes account of his shortcomings will always gain by it; one who is unmindful of them will always suffer.

In 1% of cases "unmindful about" is used

People are unmindful about it, yet the deeds of man are to be presented to Almighty Allah in it.

The massive change that is to occur would be painful to those who have been for years unmindful about global concerns.

In 1% of cases "unmindful in" is used

Our world labors in war and stress, unmindful in both person and society.

In many little, subtle ways this feeling pervades our existence and it drives us constantly forward and makes us unmindful in the moment.

However, while walking on bathroom tiles one has to tread carefully as they are very slippery; it doesn't pay being unmindful in a tiled bathroom.

In 1% of cases "unmindful to" is used

Therefore, it is in the well being of everyone to remain alert about its arrival and not spend his life remaining unmindful to it.