Prepositions after "unpleasant"

"unpleasant for" or "unpleasant to"?

In 37% of cases "unpleasant for" is used

Somehow and unpleasant for Gov.

unpleasant for everybody involved.

Box rest is so unpleasant for them.

Nearly everything done in these centers is unpleasant for academics and is costly.

And the 50 after that are likely to be quite unpleasant for all but the SuperRich.

But when someone has a lust for a woman then all these acts are unpleasant for him.

If you are not sure, try to remember when you still felt calm or good, and when things became unpleasant for you.

They could appearance quite, but are unpleasant for search engine marketing and engines can't decode them quickly.

A ludicrous, undreamt of scenario which was hurtful and unpleasant for both of us at a time when we needed no more.

At this point i'd tell the PCB to eat something rather unpleasant for most, and something they seem to enjoy eating.

In 21% of cases "unpleasant to" is used

Chomsky has done nothing unpleasant to me.

Or, say, something that is unpleasant to the eye.

That may sound unpleasant to various C-level executives.

If you said yes to many of the above you will have unpleasant to awful bad breath.

He should never steal, never lie and never utter what is unpleasant to others? faults.

Turgid and unpleasant to the hilt, I could take no more after the nail-chomping scene.

Sometimes you experience sights and sounds which are unpleasant to the eye and ear, and that brings up aversion.

Thus, the only way to call off the marriage would be through divorce - an action very unpleasant to the Almighty.

It may be pointed out that the treatment of the husband was possibly much less unpleasant to him than we might suppose.

But I'd curious why you find the article so offensive, or why the notion of Africa-as-a-prison is so unpleasant to you.

In 10% of cases "unpleasant in" is used

He was unpleasant in a way you could not report.

It would be very unpleasant in cold, wet weather.

I imagine it would more unpleasant in these post-TSA days.

It's unpleasant in places, but in way that feels realistic rather than exploitative.

It's cold, it's unpleasant in many ways, and it makes the body &; brain want to shut down.

Another business also goes on here too, which is extremely unpleasant in all kinds of ways.

As a result, the cigar starts tasting a little bitter, but not unpleasant in any way, staying like that until the end.

We have an Olympic-sized pool but it's falling to pieces and actively unpleasant in its dirt and arctic winter conditions.

I look at every cough/runny-nose/etc as being something unpleasant in the short term but with a positive long-term outcome.

Another posture may be a little unpleasant in the beginning but it normally on takes a few nights to acquire the new habit.

In 6% of cases "unpleasant about" is used

She was really unpleasant about it.

I felt there was something unpleasant about him.

There is something unpleasant about all of this.

There was just something so unpleasant about her, even though she is supposed to be nice.

There is nothing unpleasant about it but it is a surprise the first time something comes up.

True, that often made me wonder what was on his mind, but there was nothing unpleasant about him.

ARTHUR DENT: Well, what's so unpleasant about being drunk? FORD PREFECT: You ask a glass of water! ARTHUR DENT: Ford.

Until you reach your fifth hour of consecutive gameplaying on the Vita, there is nothing unpleasant about the machine.

There was something very unpleasant about the idea of a thousand fresh-faced schoolboys being sent out against the guns.

And, apart from the uninvited saliva, there was nothing threatening or unpleasant about Marcelo's flirtatious behaviour.

In 4% of cases "unpleasant at" is used

Pretty unpleasant at the best of times.

It was unpleasant at the time, but I'd glad now.

The poor man just makes his own life unpleasant at this point.

Toilet breaks on a big wall are rather inconvenient and thoroughly unpleasant at times.

The whole environment was looking unpleasant at the event; everyone was gazing at him on his rape.

I go on the attack This is where I am now which makes going to work rather unpleasant at the moment.

Dealing with the aftermath of failed marriages -- especially your own parents -- is unpleasant at the best of times.

This sort of machine can be unpleasant at the beginning, however if you keep it going, you will find a lot of relief.

The procedure would be unpleasant at the best of times, and this was an occasion requiring compassion and sensitivity.

But tickles and tingles can be pleasant at times and unpleasant at others, as well as affectively neutral at still other times.

In 3% of cases "unpleasant as" is used

It seemed clear that, unpleasant as the prospect was, a further effort to advance must be made.

I also find very strong yellows to be unpleasant as a surrounding - I'd sensitive to its anxious-making quality.

Suppose there is some other god than the christian one, but just as jealous, petty, insecure and unpleasant as the christian one.

The council is right to identify dog poo as an issue that concerns residents, it is very unpleasant as well as being a health risk.

In fact, I avoid it like I would avoid a sudden outbreak of Ebola, as I consider them to be about as dangerous and unpleasant as each other.

He's portrayed as a pantomime villain because a number of accounts from the time suggest that people found him quite unpleasant as a person.

If you locate this also unpleasant as well as still would like to go on given your tattoo, then you must consider having this finished stages.

Without this involuntary ocular censorship, we would be repeatedly plagued with moments of acute blurred vision that would be unpleasant as well as unsafe.

Burn your fingers: If you burn your fingers, you suffer a loss or something unpleasant as the result of something you did, making you less likely to do it again.

Motorists as a rule find the experience to be unpleasant as well as expensive and there is a tendency for people to feel aggrieved when their vehicle is clamped.

In 3% of cases "unpleasant by" is used

But no fission with all its horrid expense and even more unpleasant by products.

Evade getting confused and making the life unpleasant by employing a malfunctioning or lousy grade vacuum.

While the surrounding is beautiful, our stay was by made uncomfortable and unpleasant by quite a few problems.

The child may also cover his or her ears in response to sounds that are not perceived as unpleasant by other children.

Some songs begin well like ' Noises ' but becomes unpleasant by backing track material and clearly electronic drumbeats.

An object, for instance, which may be felt agreeable by one, may be felt unpleasant by another, and neutral by still another.

Conditions on the coast are made even more unpleasant by the high humidity which more than cancels the slightly lower temperatures.

Another common source of waste stems from delaying work which is unpleasant by finding distractions which are less important or unproductive.

Shakespeare avoids making his motive unpleasant by showing him as unbalanced, consumed by hatred and jealousy and unfit to take a proper view and be disinterested.

Ah, pity poor LAX, the once-futuristic hub of west coast American travel, made decrepit and unpleasant by age, just like we all will one day be made decrepit and unpleasant by age.

In 3% of cases "unpleasant on" is used

Limited and unpleasant on the eye, certainly.

The Boers tried not to do anything really unpleasant on Sundays.

Summer conditions are most unpleasant on the coast where humidity is high.

The taste was unpleasant on the first day and it taste sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time.

Or, as is often the case, a vomiting protest that involves leaving something unpleasant on my printer.

If it's unpleasant on your own store, it isn't really enrolling in get a good offer stronger on top of time.

I don't think it's helpful to label people who are unpleasant on social media and online comment pages as ' trolls '.

Scrub your skin having a facial cleanser in contrast to nightclub soap due to the fact soap can be unpleasant on the face.

Nothing's more unpleasant on your questionable staff then switching that around carelessly to the other team within a fumble.

They are sly, dirty and unpleasant on the eye - ironically, all terms that Barcelona (and a few others) might use to describe Real Madrid themselves.

In 3% of cases "unpleasant with" is used

There would hardly any variety unpleasant with its high-heel.

Your friend must have experienced something unpleasant with Hong Kong girls.

There is something serious unpleasant with the culture there when this is considered okay.

But their split may be well received by Justin's fans who have been unpleasant with Selena since the.

I find it quite unpleasant with a savoury sandwich filling, and intolerably repulsive for vegemite toast.

A burden is something that carries opportunity costs and is unpleasant with connotations of restricted choices.

The woman in the cubicle next to me is making the whole experience even more unpleasant with her rasping cough.

Everyone might be a little unpleasant with the new bowl when it's provided, but one bite and the talk opinions come streaming in.

It may be a good idea to talk about how the results of even moderate drinking can be unpleasant with both the person who is unwell and the whole family.

If you owe someone, such as your neighbor, a right and go to fulfill that right to him but are an unpleasant with him in doing so, then that is inappropriate.

In 2% of cases "unpleasant from" is used

Mr Nee began to be unpleasant from this point onwards.

Address the Internal Changes of the Body Hormonal changes can make a woman feel unpleasant from within.

When you are unpleasant from inside then it's quite impossible to make your appearance beautiful from outside.

unpleasant from the Tories yet and my criticism of Labour has been more that they are too right wing than left wing.

I recognised ' Sulphur Dioxide ' (SO2) as something unpleasant from school chemistry lessons, so how has that changed over the years.

A bad habit starts forming now where your running gait becomes increasingly stiff and unpleasant from the inflammation and soreness in your core area and hip flexors.

In 2% of cases "unpleasant of" is used

Gerson therapy is one of the most notorious and unpleasant of the quack cancer treatments.

I was kept in the locked car while the girl was marched to a bankomat with the most unpleasant of the men.

unpleasant of your being dishonest or no matter how good your intentions are, at the end of every thing, you still lied.

In his office, Phil returned to his spreadsheets and Clint settled on the least unpleasant of the visitor chairs, sipping his drink.

She was in for the most unpleasant of surprises, as she put it, dealing with the Ghana's port authorities almost cost her a nervous breakdown.

Indeed as President he was supposed to be a personification of our nationhood, and his death could only be the most unpleasant of news to Ghanaians.

In 1% of cases "unpleasant after" is used

And it had the strangest most unpleasant after taste.

The sight of him being comforted had left a slightly unpleasant after taste.

Katzenjammer - a loud disagreeable noise; a state of bewilderment or depression; unpleasant after effects from the use of drugs especially alcohol; hangover.

In 1% of cases "unpleasant because" is used

If your sleep was rather unpleasant because of the bed size, you want want to upgrade it.

Higher up the mountain, the water which has melted from nearby glaciers can taste unpleasant because of the high mineral content.

In 1% of cases "unpleasant towards" is used

When she arrived at King 's, John Randall was away and she encountered Maurice Wilkins, who was particularly unpleasant towards her, as he considered her his inferior.

In 1% of cases "unpleasant without" is used

Stunning weer vandaag may all of a sudden convert unpleasant without much alert.

I became convinced my weekend and the days ahead might be a bit too unpleasant without medical intervention.

It would be unpleasant without a Gulf Stream, but it would mean we would be more like Vancouver on the Pacific coast of America.