Prepositions after "widespread"

widespread in, among, throughout, across or at?

In 54% of cases "widespread in" is used

Panic was now widespread in the city.

Malaria used to be widespread in the U.

It is most widespread in the Valley now.

It dates back to the 1950s, but was particularly widespread in the 1970s and 1980s.

Good hospice would never do this, but it is now widespread in the hospice industry.

Most Israeli-Arabs also keep with a practice that is widespread in the Muslim world.

Available evidence suggests this level of mental complexity is not currently widespread in the adult population.

It was formerly widespread in the central valley of Chile from 38 S near sea level to about 41 S (Clarke, 1964).

Anti-Semitism focused on Israel has been building up over the last 20 years and it is widespread in this country.

Durrani points out that malaria is widespread in all 62 districts that have been severely affected by the floods.

In 8% of cases "widespread among" is used

Literacy was widespread among lay people.

Impunity was widespread among the security forces.

The denial of Qadr is now widespread among Muslims.

It is more than the religious indifference which is widespread among humankind.

Islam is more widespread among the Digo than in the other Mijikenda sub-tribes.

Adaptation to poor soils is widespread among all but one of the genera considered.

This lack of understanding was then found in the survey to be widespread among doctoral students of all ages.

His reputation as a preacher and confessor was already widespread among the youth of this region of Poitiers.

Jesus himself (Prophet Isa, the world him) is also not opposed to polygamy, widespread among Jews in his era.

This basic suspicion of intermingling secular administration and religion is widespread among legal officials.

In 7% of cases "widespread throughout" is used

They are widespread throughout the country.

The name is now widespread throughout Ireland.

Motorcycle and bicycle use is widespread throughout the world.

By 1841 the Christmas tree had become even more widespread throughout Britain.

Curried goat originated in Jamaica but is now widespread throughout the islands.

Research also shows the red squirrel is still more widespread throughout Ireland.

Yes there may have been ecclesiastical influence from Rome but this was widespread throughout Christendom.

In the South Island, soil slips are widespread throughout the hill country, but mostly north of Christchurch.

Geothermal reservoirs appropriate for direct-use systems are widespread throughout the western United States.

In 5% of cases "widespread across" is used

Many dinosaur types were widespread across it.

The plant is now widespread across both islands.

Mobile telephone services are widespread across India.

These bison have become the most numerous and are widespread across the country.

Distribution JE is widespread across Asia and parts of the western Pacific region.

They are widespread across North America and can be seen in many of the wilder parts.

The limestone deposited in those warm seas, rich in fossil remains, are widespread across the Irish midlands.

Scenes of devastation - to man-made structures and natural features - were widespread across northern Tasmania.

The maintenance staffs would repair any broken equipment coming from 33 relay stations widespread across Indonesia.

The use of quotas for parliamentary representation is widespread across the world, but few companies employ quotas.

In 3% of cases "widespread at" is used

Disappointingly, labour rights abuses are widespread at Riteng.

Originally 2-3 species were widespread at a time of low sea levels.

Scanning social media, the walkout does not seem to be that widespread at the moment.

Begging also was widespread at large gatherings such as Horse Races, Sports, Shows etc.

Such a belief grew out of the complex and highly developed angelology widespread at the time.

Even if I didn't have my period, I wouldn't be sitting legs widespread at a window of a cafe.

September 2010 The New York Times reports that hacking was widespread at the News of the World.

This shows that the true versions of traditions from the Prophet were wide-spread at that time.

A sense of euphoria about the prospects of European integration was quite widespread at the time.

The use of this inexpensive labour is too widespread at the moment in the US, to simply outlaw it.

In 3% of cases "widespread of" is used

The widespread of intelligent mobile phones.

It is the most widespread of all the three regions.

The most widespread of these have been shown on Table 1.

The terrible Pyre Class Frigate is the most widespread of these deadly new war machines.

One of the most widespread of those, thanks to Dave, is RSS -- Really Simple Syndication.

One of the many reasons is the widespread of obesity among the citizens of the United States.

The most widespread of the Cordylines here is the native Ti kouka, or Cordyline australis, pretty much a national icon.

The basis for the widespread of certain ingredients of the contributed to the intensification of work easier and thus helped.

The most widespread of the recent rumors involves a Department of Homeland Security contract for a maximum of 450 million rounds of.

The greatest legacy of the Athenian democracy is that in the 20th century it became the most widespread of political systems in the world.

In 2% of cases "widespread amongst" is used

Torture is widespread amongst the detainees.

Ignorance is widespread amongst new geology graduates.

Fact is that her view was widespread amongst Irish people at the time.

Nevertheless, it still seems to be widespread amongst many Buddhist and Hindu sects.

From this point onwards the Trinitarian belief became widespread amongst Christians.

NARCO-CORRUPTION Narco-corruption in North America is widespread amongst public officials as well.

As a general point, alcoholism may be more widespread amongst women now as a result of female emancipation.

The stupidity is widespread amongst the 99% who can not see through Romney's threats to their own interests.

But the low prices of commodities like cocoa mean that poverty is widespread amongst the cocoa farming communities.

The use of recreational drugs was too widespread amongst forestry workers for there to be any other viable solution.

In 2% of cases "widespread for" is used

They're too widespread for it to make much sense (wastes a lot of gas).

Rumours that this is indeed the case have been widespread for some time.

Detention or deprivation of freedom is widespread for those seeking asylum.

But it is quite widespread for older adults to embark on settling into a inactive life.

His influence was sufficiently widespread for this code to be observed by neighbours outside his Kingdom.

In addition, for the second straight quarter, reports of stronger demand were relatively widespread for many types of loans.

In a 4C world, soil carbon cycle feedback processes are projected to lead to widespread forest loss, especially in the Amazon (e.

Plantation shutters are not a new item on any decorator's list these days as their acceptance has been widespread for many years.

Discrimination, including the flouting of the most basic widespread human rights, is still widespread for those living with HIV/AIDS.

In 2% of cases "widespread on" is used

But, it is widespread on Derrymore Road.

Anonymity is widespread on the internet.

Thin acid peaty soils are widespread on the hills.

It's most widespread on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

It means bacteria must have been very widespread on Mars.

Most of the touristy things are widespread on the internet anyway.

If it happens in the boardroom, it's widespread on the football field.

Secure Boot will be widespread on new computers bought in the coming year.

Bare rock is widespread on the hills of the north flank of the Burren overlooking Galway Bay.

Public notification usually takes effect when the effects are more widespread on the environment.

In 2% of cases "widespread with" is used

This effect is less widespread with a thicker oil.

Poverty is widespread with many people living in slums.

The impact of the storm was widespread with Thomazeau, Jacmel, St.

IRAQ Poverty in Iraq is widespread with the World Bank estimating in 2007 that 25.

Drug abuse in the East African nation is widespread with most users said to be in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The same could be said about slavery which only became widespread with the development of agriculture.

It is really widespread with vacationers who want to don't forget their close friends when they are long gone.

Poverty remains widespread with some 70% or 61 million Filipinos living off P86 a day in 2006 (approximately US$1.

Snow in the Christmas week, widespread with London and the South East seeing 6 inches (very similar to last year).

Ever breeze the computers preliminary started having widespread with the 1980s, death games go through been around.

In 1% of cases "widespread after" is used

The Dictionary of American Slang says it originated in student use about 1915 and became widespread after use in the U.

Originally from the Far East, today is widespread after being transported around the world with stocks of ornamental fish.

Mobile telephony required new findings in cellular technology, and the Internet became widespread after the invention of fibre-optic technology.

How Jurisprudence sects were formed and when The divisions of Muslims became widespread after the murder of the third khal? fa,? Uthm? n bin? Aff? n.

Spinning became widespread after Google's crackdown on directly stolen content: blog posts that were copied over and over again by unscrupulous thieves.

The second most commonly-spoken language among the Singaporean Chinese, Mandarin became widespread after the start of the Speak Mandarin campaign during 1980 that targeted the Chinese.

A Beginner's Guide The youngest of the world religions and the second most widespread after Christianity, the Baha'i Faith is well known for its belief in the oneness of all religions.

In 1% of cases "widespread around" is used

In Jurassic times, 190 million years ago, giant wetas were widespread around the world.

Because it's so widespread around the world, there are recipes for its use from many countries.

Since the Fukushima earthquake, worries about nuclear power have been widespread around the world.

Slash-and-burn is a system of agriculture that is widespread around the world and usually is ' shifting ' in nature.

This habitat type is geographically widespread around the UK coastline, although in many places it is restricted to a narrow strip.

Much of the metaphor found in theoretical Freemasonry, which was to become so powerful and widespread around the world, is based on different styles of architecture and stone craft.

How many people on that one street in Honolulu could possibly fit that description? As I recall, the first convenience store was 7-11 and I believe they became widespread around the 1960s.

I have made it a priority to increase the therapists level of confidence and competence in the practice of Bowen, and to ensure that this incredible method becomes widespread around the world.

In 1% of cases "widespread as" is used

Within Mexico and Central America it is extremely widespread as a cultivated tree.

The dishwasher didn't become widespread as a labor-saving machine until the 1960s.

Basil is native throughout the Eastern World tropics and widespread as a cultivated plant and an escaped weed.

It's a problem that could become more widespread as the first 500 POStPlan offices see their hours reduced on November 17th.

The limited evidence available suggests that supply-induced scarcities are sometimes harsh but are generally not as severe or widespread as the other two types.

Payday lending is simply becoming more widespread as the economy worsens, experts say, and consumers from all walks of life have had to deal with emergencies like.

Despite the fact that it is very ordinary and widespread as a particular of the earlier pregnancy signs and symptoms, it may perhaps come to be distressful with some females.

In 1% of cases "widespread by" is used

Renaissance became widespread by the end of the 15th century.

Rain will be widespread by Thursday morning Thursday Thursday will be a damp and dreary day with heavy rain and strong winds.

Voltaire was welcomed into the literary society of Paris as his work and his reputation for audacity were widespread by this time.

In Barbados, leprosy seems to have been first reported as such in the 1680s or 1690s, and it was widespread by the 1730s, if not earlier (41).

Despite the achievement mentioned above, Table 5 shows that adoption of improved varieties of cassava was not widespread by 1991, except in Nigeria.

Intelligent advertising Personalised adverts - similar in style to those seen in the film Minority Report - are becoming widespread by the end of this decade.

The belief that Caesar had destroyed the library was widespread by the time his family no longer occupied the throne of the emperors in the late first century AD.

In 1% of cases "widespread during" is used

Moles will be widespread during such times.

Medicine Medicine was widespread during that time.

Hoshyar: The belief in Mahdi was widespread during the time of the Prophet.

Repression of labor activists, widespread during the Marcos era, resurfaced early in the Aquino administration.

Fiat money originated in 11th century China, 1 and its use became widespread during the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

Showers from the word go affecting the western seaboard will become more widespread during the morning and afternoon.

The 2nd oldest profession (after accounting) was rife in Ancient Rome and even more widespread during the Victorian Age.

Ice was apparently most widespread during the last 2 -- 3 million years, in accordance with Earth's overall cooler climate.

The OECD's 1980 Guidelines reflected the appreciation of the needs for privacy protection that was widespread during the early-to-mid-1970s.

Rape was widespread during the downfall of Germany but historians agree the Russian Red Army was responsible for the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults.

In 1% of cases "widespread from" is used

Jokes, amusing tales and films had been significantly a lot less widespread from the facts.

In 5 years, a infection has widespread from south-east England to executive England and Wales.

Reports of captures are widespread from the wall to Devils Pass and around Narren Gullen Island.

It (corporal punishment) appears to be more widespread from the anecdotal reports that one is getting.

Face it, the infighting in UMNO is common knowledge and widespread from the lowest level to the topmost hierarchies.

There comes another newer and more effective styles within the brand of Moncler, making them very widespread from the public.

Mesothelioma is of particular significance in Australia where asbestos use was very widespread from the 1950s until the 1980s.

Because of the unrelenting letters the local politicians were receiving, support became widespread from every political party in the North.

Alternatively, while pike is undoubtedly widespread from the Music Wifi, doable nearly as tough because it is inside the some other Music headphones.

In 1% of cases "widespread over" is used

Rain was widespread over most of the west, the midlands and the north.

Right? widespread over southwest and Mexico and water problems as well.

These two drugs are widespread over the counter medicines that many individuals take.

Drought conditions can affect specific sections of parishes or widespread over most of the island.

Violent attacks on government critics and human rights defenders had become widespread over the past year.

The use of the Internet for business purposes in developed countries has become widespread over the past few years.

Distribution and habitat This species is widespread over most of Victoria except for the Otways and most of Gippsland.

Sinhalese have been in the north and the east in the past and Tamils have been more widespread over the island, in the past.

It is a historical fact that vineyards were widespread over southern England and the Midlands in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The use of? vine tubes? to promote faster growth and establishment of young vines has become widespread over the last 5 years.

In 1% of cases "widespread through" is used

This foolishness has been widespread through the economic and political system.

It is not only widespread through the breed, it is widespread throughout the world.

In the last few years it has become apparent that it is widespread through the breed.

A lot of these hormonal alterations would be most widespread through the teenage years.

These will drift in across Ulster and Leinster and become more widespread through the day.

It's easy to argue and even encouraged, as propagandist information is widespread through the internet.

Its aim he says is to make whistleblowing safer and more widespread through transparency and decentralisation.

Its aim, he says, is to make whistle-blowing safer and more widespread through transparency and decentralisation.

Sure the sentiment of insulting a demographic is widespread through many words, but this is the one we have to go on.

On both the east and the west coasts, juvenile and sub-adult short-finned eels are widespread through mangrove forests.

In 1% of cases "widespread to" is used

Government corruption is widespread to varying degrees.

They give a large widespread to Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags.

But the information they are having is for the individual farmers, it is not widespread to all the farmers.

A banner usually has essentially the most generic designs that are widespread to the blogs from a blogging big business or service.

The Cheap Nike Dunk put on was created from cloth, that wasthat's widespread to the time period vigor, Nike Air Max 2012 along with lowered shaped examiner well-known of plastic.

In 1% of cases "widespread within" is used

We know that racism is widespread within society.

It is truly widespread within the warmist community.

Microstrip antennas are becoming very widespread within the mobile phone market.

But of course industries adopt norms which then become widespread within that industry.

This is so widespread within Irish society that it is genuinely invisible to most people.

This is widespread within many Islamic communities I have seen, and it begs the question.

The concept of reflection in practice is becoming more widespread within the education sector.

But understanding of the current dynamic is now widespread within civil society internationally.

Personnel attached to the police battalions were periodically rotated home, and so knowledge of the killing was widespread within Germany.

And beyond the gym environment the use of these products is widespread within medical circles in treating people for a variety of conditions and diseases.