Prepositions after "wise"

"wise for", "wise to" or "wise in"?

In 19% of cases "wise for" is used

It is wise for us to be inclusive.

It is wise for you to choose them.

It would be wise for you to assist him.

The card was fine and is still working 3 years later none the wiser for its adventure.

It is not wise for the bathroom or the front of your house where rain makes it slippery.

Whether it was wise for the local promoter to take this silence as approval is now moot.

I think it would be wise for you to work on finding a way that you feel comfortable with your role in this situation.

It would be wise for the parent or the minder to believe the child and take him to the doctor the doctor immediately.

Naive Some of the more naive think it would be wiser for the PAS leadership to ignore Nasha rather than to sack him.

So it might be wise for us to think about what would happen in the winter when the ' forage ' might not be available.

In 18% of cases "wise in" is used

You are wise in your conclusion.

Be wise in what you buy for them.

Fierce in battle, wise in victory.

Kevin Rudd was much wiser in not agreeing to sit down for the Four Corners inquisition.

Rupert Isaacson is occasionally poetic and often wise in his descriptions of the journey.

It be in truth wise in purchase the group from my seasonal as well clearance quick sales.

Oh, but of course, you don't NEED to crystal ball because you are Older and therefore Wiser in the Ways of the World.

This is the same demographic that don't vote or pay attention to what's going on policy wise in the employment sector.

They were magi - priestly sages from Persia or Arabia, wise in the ways of astrology and the interpretation of dreams.

They didn't bother to make the original iPhone very cutting-edge tech wise in terms of ' traditional ' handset design.

In 16% of cases "wise to" is used

Get wise to this and wear a coat.

You ought to get wise to yourself.

Some scholars are wise to this too.

His knees are a major liability and the Yankees would be wise to part ways with him now.

He'd be a little older and more mature, more wise to the ways of liars and manipulators.

Passive aggressive much, Chief H? But Cris was wise to his heartbreak-fueled mood swings.

They day you people get wise to this and back off, the process of repair (which has already commenced) can accelerate.

Unfortunately there are now a few other companies that have gotten wise to this, and do the same thing (only cheaper).

Although the road is only a few hundred kilometres long, it is wise to plan at least one overnight stop along the way.

Guess what? Search engines are wise to this too, and most now ignore text when it is the same colour as the background.

In 8% of cases "wise of" is used

Sir Humphrey: Very wise of you.

wise of you to keep that distinction clear.

They are considered the wisest of the wise.

If I sang, dogs would come to my door so it was wise of me not to volunteer my services.

He is the wisest of the wise, the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave.

What does Socrates see as the basis of the assertion that he is the wisest of all men? 1.

Socrates was called the wisest of men because he confessed that he knew nothing; a very good example for Christians.

It would be wise of me to take some samples to get tested for any sort of nasty chemicals etc before i consider my idea.

In spite of your lacking in wisdom and failing in religion, you are depriving the wisest of men of their intelligence.

Then Alphonso the wise of Castile (Middle Spain) invented the Aphonsine Tables, which were more accurate than Ptolemy's.

In 5% of cases "wise about" is used

We can be wise about that fact.

Chaucer was so wise about it all.

Be wise about the choices you make.

She says says she was wise about her choice of clothing for the character she created.

We got a little wiser about that falsehood and now we know that god did no such thing.

That was in March 1946 -- and Ron made nobody the wiser about his interesting condition.

If I get something wrong informational wise about any of the actors or the show itself I apologize, I'd only human.

You sound like old hands at this globetrotting lark (laughing) so I'd sure you're wise about the perils of tourism.

And boy are we a whole lot wiser about the process now and the added complications of house-buying in Christchurch.

Previous generations were much wiser about this function of the law than the latter-day barbarians of Western Culture.

In 5% of cases "wise up" is used

Ghanaians let's wise up o!!!! yooo.

wise up its only goin to get worse.

wise up people, and repeat yourselves.

wise up NIGERIA!! The writer of the article is very ignorant about Police and Police operation.

wise up our FA leaders As far back as in 2006 Asamoah Gyan has been our number one penalty taker.

wise up boy; Japan and Singapore do not have natural resources yet they are first world countries.

wise up my Jamaican people, and leave a good impression on everyone you encounter, home and abroad, leave them in awe.

Glad Marilyn starts to wise up about Danny, now if only the rest of the town could wise up to the other Braxtons as well.

Why not wise up not only New Yorkers but Americans and stop this madness right now and take back our country while we can.

Wat does dat make Lola now? Treasure keeper? Make dis our naija babes dey wise up o and no child support money if gbege shele.

In 4% of cases "wise with" is used

I am very wise with complaints.

Be wise with who you partner with.

It is otherwise with every false religion.

So both here and there the wise with merit well done enjoys the purity of prior actions.

We would do way better percentage wise with Berkshire if it was 1/100th the present size.

Plus I'd not sure it's wise with the amount of interest banks/loan companies will charge.

Pressurising the opposition into mistakes is his speciality, and when he does eventually get the ball, he's wise with it.

But MS grew a bit more wise with Win7 and thought thru Vista's problems and fixed it with less eye candy and faster speeds.

It can be a great tool that you can use to leverage in order to better manage your finances, as long as you're wise with it.

I've only made 2 brews to date and I messed up temperature wise with both of them but they weren't ruined and are drinkable.

In 3% of cases "wise as" is used

To flourish, be wise as a serpent.

I am no wiser as regards the conflict.

Community Reviews wise as well as witty.

The same applies if you still need to settle down accommodation/location wise as a couple.

An election will be called sometime in 2010 and you may be none the wiser as to who to vote for.

By the close you're only slightly wiser as to how the situation in Metallica became so far gone.

Which is why the IAF needs a true fourth generation fighter to stay ahead -- both airframe wise as well as avionics wise.

Rediculous! What amounts to dollar wise as a couple cups of coffee a year, by his ex-wife, is punished beyond explanation.

We all have the potential to be intuitive as well as intellectual, wise as well as smart, and artistic as well as rational.

It takes God to make us wise as to how to handle those situations and to be open to when people are ready to receive the message.

In 3% of cases "wise beyond" is used

You are wise beyond your years.

wise beyond her years, that one.

They're wise beyond their years.

But speaking to her, you soon realise she is a woman wise beyond her tender 23 years.

They are wise beyond their years and act as leaders and are an inspiration to others.

She needs to know exactly what is going on and has always been wise beyond her years.

Adrian is both wise beyond his years and otherworldly, a beguiling combination for the boys ' romantic imaginations.

wise beyond her years, she is steadily carving out her own path to greatness and I'd happy to be along for the ride.

Although it's told from his point of view, the story is not at all childish because Peekay is wise beyond his years.

In 2% of cases "wise after" is used

But we're always wise after the.

We are all wise after the event.

We are all wiser after the event.

Forearmed is forewarned, but of course it's easy to be wise after the divorce papers.

So if you are on i will tape it other wise after monday nights effort not worth it anymore.

Some conditions need to be met for us to be able to actually become wiser after the mistake.

Do you have anything to add? A: To talk about this period of history after a few decades seems being wise after the event.

My hand spun cheviot and BFL can be quite loose as they felt quite nicely but otherwise 8 to the inch is wise after all that work.

Everyone is wise after the event, but we need to know who is currently leading the charge into oblivion of the theory-lite brigade.

Mark A 09-01-2012, 03:43 AM I'd get a Pro's Pro XP Plus (aka Eagnas Combo 910) to begin with, and add a wise after 50 racket or so.

In 2% of cases "wise at" is used

I hope BCB will be wise at choosing the next coach.

It will not be wise at all for Ghanians to vote for.

Perez will indeed have a lot to learn PR wise at McLaren.

Which but for voids for bodies to go through ' T is clear could happen in nowise at all.

You would think there wont be much help given to him production wise at this stage either.

Such move may have been considered wise at the time but it actually opened the flood gates.

Not quite on thread here, but I've tried sending info out via a socket on the Wiser at startup, but never had much luck.

I've only heard of it happening to seagulls and pigeons and to be honest they are out of control population wise at the moment.

In hindsight, all that expenditure does not seem money well spent and often you wish you had been wiser at that point of time.

In 2% of cases "wise by" is used

You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.

They'll be college ready at least SAT wise by 15/16 years old.

One doesn't get wiser by reading out a speech written by someone else.

All such money thus collected to be monitored city wise by a council of honest citizens.

But in 1983 they were left behind technology wise by manufacturers like Audi and Toyota.

He comes from a birth, goes through the middle years and becomes old and wise by the end.

If all our referendum meetings and debates are similarly productive, then Scotland will be the richer and wiser by 2014.

The Sinhalese should not gain undue advantage land wise by the fact that a large number of Tamils have left the country as refugees.

Imran Khan has been wise by not criticizing the TTP and the Taliban openly and blindly like rest of the coward and corrupt politicians.

In 2% of cases "wise from" is used

Sobti will come out a bit wiser from this.

This is great news and very wise from Nokia.

Premier McGuinty's decision is wise from many perspectives.

Tullamore have really improved fitness wise from previous years and it served them well.

If Capri had tapped into his Snake qualities, he would have become wise from that experience.

An idea for blogs - I'd love to see something nutrition and fitness wise from the driver side.

However, I believe that Americans have the inner resources to FACE the TRUTH and become stronger and wiser from it.

Nokia betalabs seems to be working hard with the launch of updated bubbles This is great news and very wise from Nokia.

Do you mean UKIP? Why??? I don't get what there is in it benifit wise from a British perspective or an Irish one either.

Alecina Fear, Barbarian Chaos-Warrior, wise from Stumpy's fate, activated her Recall scroll the second the Crypt Fiends appeared.

In 2% of cases "wise on" is used

They are wise on electronics things.

He has been consistent and wise on this issue.

Heal as soon as possible but be wise on who to heal.

Continuing to neglect it, experts point out, is not wise on the part of the civic agencies.

It's good to see some of the nifty new things, both technological and quality wise on the Japanese front.

Going slant wise on the topic, name signs in ASL and in Polish Sign Language (PJM) operate very differently.

Initially, I have problem on mounting the wise on Pro's Pro XP Plus, because I was given a adaptor that is not 100% fit.

More often than not, bridal showers leave the poor girl non-the wiser on real life challenges and how to deal with them.

One word to the wise on internships is this: make sure you have time for all of the duties and expectations as an intern.

It would have been wise on his part to jail the two companions until the situation became (1) Al-Tabari his History part 4 p.

In 1% of cases "wise among" is used

I want to reward the wisest among you.

For me, they are some of the wisest among us.

And the wise among the people shall make many understand.

But the wise among us do know better than to do it via email with.

Witness our Lord's continual reproof of the wisest among them for their gross misinterpretations of it.

He who seeth inaction in action and action in inaction, he is wise among men; he is harmonious, even while performing all actions? (Ch.

And the wise among the people shall make many understand, though for some days they shall stumble by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder.

The wise among the ignorants and hypocrites in Ghana, however, can rest assured that Ghana doesn't lack virtuous women who are worthy of life-time dedication.

It is that spark in all of us that the wisest among us must seek to cultivate &; apply their skills to bring us together in the greater interest of Pakistan.

The god Libzu wise among the gods, who had chosen his possession, the doing of evil shall not come out of him, established in the company of the gods, he re joices their heart.

In 1% of cases "wise like" is used

She will grow stronegr &; wiser like you.

The Stealth feels weight wise like a small motorcycle.

You can be hide and flourish if you are wise like a serpent.

Therefore if you hear this Gospel of Jesus Christ, be wise like the 5 pardoned murderers and not miss out.

How superb to become wise without being boring; how sad to be boring without being wise like that Bernanke.

June is wise like an owl, and the fact that she doesn't care about what others think of her is commendable.

So these are becoming popular for the adults who else wise like going for strolls during early mornings to parks etc.

When we have judges that are fair and wise like these in our country, we could all sleep soundly and in peace every nite.

It will take another fifty years before any of you joe blow can afford it and be able to go to space cost wise like buying an airline ticket.

We would never be able to defend it PR wise like US did with Guantanamo bay and it would further give some form of credence too the right abuse thing.

In 1% of cases "wise unto" is used

They can make us wise unto salvation.

We are saved by believing the Word, which makes us wise unto salvation.

And all of it makes us wise unto salvation through Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Cling to the Word, receive the engrafted Word which will make men wise unto salvation.

Let us earnestly pray that it may shine into our hearts, and make us wise unto salvation.

Hence the importance of studying the divine words themselves, by which the sinner is made wise unto salvation.

Teach them that the Bible is all true, and all profitable and is able to make us wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Once you get into it you will recognize that page after page reinforces this basic theme: the holy scriptures are able to make you wise unto salvation.

Let us pray without ceasing, that our eyes may be opened to behold this Light, that we may walk in it; and thus be made wise unto salvation, faith in Jesus Christ.

But apostles and prophets, and the Son of God himself, were exposed to this charge; and none need be moved thereby, when Divine grace has made them wise unto salvation.