Prepositions after "worthwhile"

"worthwhile for" or "worthwhile in"?

In 40% of cases "worthwhile for" is used

Make it worthwhile for them to do so.

I hope it will be worthwhile for you.

That's what made it worthwhile for me.

He regressed so much though, that I doubt they'd get anything worthwhile for him.

It has to be, of itself, something that is worthwhile for the younger generation.

So to know for certain it has helped you, makes it all the more worthwhile for me.

To be worthwhile for me, a tablet needs to be able to replace my netbook, at least for shorter (2-4 day) trips.

In such cases, the government must make it financially worthwhile for parents to send their children to school.

Peck's other books have all been worthwhile for me to read, but this first book empacted me like none ever has.

The people who have chosen to get up on stage with Amanda obviously feel like it's worthwhile for them to do so.

In 22% of cases "worthwhile in" is used

That sounds worthwhile in itself.

The whole trip was worthwhile in every way.

Might be something worthwhile in all of it.

And, might I add, technology that's worthwhile in scenarios other than motorsport.

Now, I know there are certain types of debt that seem to be worthwhile in business.

If the process has made you more realistic, that will have been worthwhile in itself.

Up until that point, I had never achieved anything worthwhile in my life so this was a big turning point for me.

Lewis called them? spiritual symbols of permanent value? which were? especially worthwhile in our own generation?

Scanning and exploring was a bit tedious but given the stakes of the mission, it made it all worthwhile in the end.

Since she is responsive, the unforgettable woman has a genius for discovering what is worthwhile in another person.

In 9% of cases "worthwhile to" is used

Sounds pretty worthwhile to me.

Working Class Rugger Could be worthwhile to some extent.

Take them where it makes sense and is a worthwhile to your goals.

For this to be worthwhile to Celtic they would need to drop the no promotion rule.

I hope you find it worthwhile to post some more moveable feasts like this Pairubu.

Lansing, it seems worthwhile to imbed the video here (pulled from BleuxJay's link).

To my way of thinking, this makes it worthwhile to post quality comments here and quality posts on your own blog.

It is also worthwhile to sip on water or a sports drink during the hour before race start to top up fluid levels.

What i do not understand is why do people have to go run away as soon as there is something worthwhile to all people.

In 5% of cases "worthwhile with" is used

Do something worthwhile with it.

She should do something worthwhile with herself.

It's about doing something worthwhile with that.

A stroll through the Old Town called Bryggen is worthwhile with the fish market.

If they were a genius surely they'd be doing something worthwhile with their life.

Just as often as not, royalty would actually do something worthwhile with their time.

That's why I admire the kid-less set so much, they don't need kids to do something worthwhile with their lives.

If NASA can't be put on a path to do something worthwhile with measurable results, it should be nixed entirely.

Build a career that is truly worthwhile with the World Bank, the world's leading international development organization.

Macartan Kierans also made the trip Northwest worthwhile with a novice class win, navigating for Donegal driver James Greenan.

In 3% of cases "worthwhile by" is used

You make us feel worthwhile by making this apology today '.

And it's still made worthwhile by the view of palms every morning.

All the blood, sweat and tears are rendered worthwhile by final triumph.

I'd now more determined to do something worthwhile by avoiding the pub on a Friday.

He was disappointed but just made the day worthwhile by spending quality time with our son.

The offshore kinds tend to be connoted to be more worthwhile by the advantage of rate of earnings.

The most valuable links to have are those that have already been deemed valuable or worthwhile by the Search engines.

He would want you to make his loneliness worthwhile by meeting him someday, at the end of days, on the edge of heaven.

My history: condo was made worthwhile by location alone (across the street from water, even if I did not have the view.

You certainly want to make your investments worthwhile by deciding about the selective services sensibly and scrupulously.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile about" is used

No I can't say anything worthwhile about that.

There is much good and worthwhile about living.

You can tell your friends what you thought was worthwhile about the article.

If you accept it, then you can do something worthwhile about the matter to which it speaks.

There are still a few things I find worthwhile about her work, but the days of her guruhood have long been over.

Go learn a few new words you idiot and while you are at it, learn something worthwhile about the issues you speak of.

Since we come from such different cultural backgrounds, after twenty years of marriage, we feel that we must know something worthwhile about cross-cultural communication.

As modern as we all are, there is still something special and worthwhile about having a good read of a photography book (and if you're dyslexic like me, you can just look at the pretty pictures!).

In 2% of cases "worthwhile as" is used

It is worthwhile as the cost will have been borne across many prospects.

Secondly, the ICT application has to be worthwhile as a business enterprise.

It was so refreshing to hear Michele speak, so worthwhile as a classroom teacher.

You should be able to get enough volume to make it worthwhile as the market is large.

The target parent was never worthwhile as a spouse or a parent and is not worthwhile today.

We felt the Gardens ' Tea was just as formal and worthwhile as the more expensive yet Empress Hotel.

Thus, its further worthwhile as opposed to premixing getting rid of involving pre-burning HC and adding Company.

It may not impress a hard core detective fiction fan, but is worthwhile as a fresh attempt at creating a desi sleuth.

If the treatment is proven, then the testimonial is much more worthwhile as an indication of how someone else might react.

This is a man that contributed a great amount in his playing career but hasn't really done anything worthwhile as a manager yet.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile at" is used

It is worthwhile at this point to say something about karma.

The trip was meant to be short, but proved to be worthwhile at the end.

They don't teach much that is worthwhile at the Staff College or NIPSS anyway.

It is sure not going to be easy, but if it is what your heart lies in, the effort will be worthwhile at the end.

But TF2 alone would have been well worthwhile at $50, even for the time I spent playing it before the first update.

Cutting the hole here will require a pretty fine serrated knife, so the carving kit proves really worthwhile at this point.

You will find it much more worthwhile at that stage because you will be able to engage with the work, rather than passively observe.

The investment you make now in understanding each other will not only be well worthwhile at the birth but also when you become parents.

For the record, I support looking for alien intelligence, but think the probabilities are far too low to make radio SETI worthwhile at this time.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile considering" is used

However they are worthwhile considering beginning.

It is worthwhile considering the view of some on telegion given below.

It is also worthwhile considering a number of issues that might improve the candidate experience.

Nevertheless, worthwhile considering what is said; pity they don't often give both sides of an argument.

However it is worthwhile considering relationship difficulties as a factor contributing to offending behaviour.

However, it is worthwhile considering a number of potential eventualities and arranging your finances accordingly.

On gender and publications, it might be worthwhile considering this finding (posted here: http: **35;5534;TOOLONG.

Buying a two the multi-purpose shoes or boots are just not a endeavor worthwhile considering wonderful efforts elect to.

For current purposes, it is worthwhile considering the valuable insights offered concerning the social context of narrative.

The film ends happily as a comedy should but it is worthwhile considering what a tragic ending might look like and might mean.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile from" is used

It has to be worthwhile from -my- perspective.

So perhaps he has learnt something worthwhile from his Standard experience.

I think most people will be able to take something worthwhile from the film.

From a distance, it is much easier to see right from wrong, and worthwhile from worthless.

A good editor can maker a good book better, and salvage something worthwhile from a disastrous manuscript.

Hopefully, they all got something worthwhile from the experience, even if it wasn't always what they came for.

The fact is that we haven't heard anything worthwhile from Rahul Gandhi on any topic of importance to the masses.

On the other hand, investing some time in inductions etc might be worthwhile from an organisational point of view.

Important! Only those directories that publish a direct link to your site are worthwhile from a seo point of view.

There are no fees or charges and all you have to do is pre-pitch to a panel who sort the worthwhile from the pointless.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile of" is used

The vacation is such intensive and worthwhile of the distance as Mr.

The council members found the information worthwhile of the recognition.

Fake wholesale handbags are not necessarily incredibly worthwhile of cash.

The temple has been reconstructed in 1983 and the painted murals here are worthwhile of your attention.

I suppose as a parent another thing you can do is bring daughters up to feel worthwhile of love and respect.

Suited Click can all round boost the permanence of the asset and climb the public property worthwhile of of items villa.

However, I find it funny that you feel the need to take the time to crucify another person's work rather than creating something worthwhile of your own.

Explore Ireland's most remote and beautiful places right away from the tourist trail plus visiting the most worthwhile of the country's famous tourist attractions.

In recent months the efforts being made by the Gaeltacht Schools to finally provide an appropriate curriculum and supports for young native speakers are very worthwhile of recognition.

Should you use improving merely The air jordan reveal your own self, will not likely go through the refurbishments being a tremendous expense while in the selling worthwhile of your dwelling.

In 2% of cases "worthwhile on" is used

We have not done anything worthwhile on this count.

What is useful and worthwhile on day one is useless on day two.

Now we know that things are worthwhile only insofar as we give them value ourselves.

The book is worthwhile on several levels, and yet troubling in several important ways.

Apple hardware is never used for anything worthwhile on this planet nor on any other planet.

If you must invest in anything worthwhile on the internet, draw your scale of preference and make sure guest.

The women that staffed these villas made the trip worthwhile on a personal and academic level for my students.

Don't wait until you have millions of Naira before you can start doing something worthwhile on your ideas/ talent.

You have founders who want the attention to fish for talent or money, but won? t tell you anything worthwhile on one end.

Luciani would struggle to suggest interventions designed to decrease smoking weren't worthwhile on that ridiculous basis.

In 1% of cases "worthwhile after" is used

And I thought that it had all been worthwhile after all.

Despite we weren't acquainted before, This encounter is worthwhile after all.

This trust has already proven worthwhile after a match-winning second-innings 6/27 against Middlesex.

To tie it all together, nothing like some good quality dark chocolate on hand and life seems worthwhile after all.

Past struggles are like an inspirational movie, especially if both of you have achieved something worthwhile after the struggle.

Also aim to have a final pension pot of at least 120K before going the sipp route to make it worthwhile after taking your 25% tax free.

This is an unwise choice of material, because he is not enough of a thinker to convey the fun that makes intellectual exercise worthwhile after all.

I got into volunteering and social activism thanks to my church, which makes me feel worthwhile after years of wavering between aimlessness and hopelessness.

In 1% of cases "worthwhile like" is used

Time is so precious there's nothing in the world that's worthwhile like doing what you want.

I cant get in his head &; I really need to focus my energies on something worthwhile like ME.

I think they should all get a life and maybe focus their energy on something worthwhile like charity work.

It seems that these are the students that won't bother with reading something more worthwhile like Dostoyevsky, Poe, Whitman or Dickenson.

I would rather have done something worthwhile like an apprentice course in gat fitting, plumping or electrics (licence to print your own money) but sadly, I am too old.

A proper view of life would embrace both the natural and the intangible in my book, otherwise life is empty and devoid of anything worthwhile like love, music, humour and art.

I should state it would be far more productive for those anti-homebirth campaigners to focus on something more worthwhile like the huge disparity in infant deaths between maternal races.

In 1% of cases "worthwhile out" is used

Now that really IS getting something worthwhile out of a degree/PhD.

Reslience grows by making something worthwhile out of painful times.

I think there are endless possibilities in life; one just has to be confident enough to reach out and make something worthwhile out of opportunities.

Yet the trek is worthwhile out of a compelling call of curiosity: Farmer villages scatter in solitude in endless mountains having scarce touch with modern world for centuries long.