Prepositions after "abolish"

"abolish in" or "abolish by"?

In 57% of cases "abolish in" is used

Judicial caning was abolished in 1990.

Nicholas was abolished in many countries.

It was under his presidency that slavery was abolished in the US.

However, New Deal reforms were evaded, weakened or abolished in the decades after 1945.

Specific price and quality preferences for local suppliers were largely abolished in 1992.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade was outlawed in 1807 and slavery was eventually abolished in 1838.

DENMARK: Judicial and Prison CP HISTORY Cadogan (1938) reports that judicial CP was abolished in Denmark in 1911.

The ' ' Ming ban ' ' was officially abolished in 1567 and this allowed the Portuguese to openly trade with China.

New South Wales: CP was abolished in state schools in 1986 and reintroduced in 1988 before being again outlawed in 1995.

In 18% of cases "abolish by" is used

Judicial and prison CP was abolished by legislation in 1972.

I, 11 The office of justice of peace has been abolished by 72 Acts, ch 1124.

Cadogan (1938) states that judicial CP in Austria had been abolished by the Criminal Code of 1867.

The last vestige of convertibility of the dollar into gold was abolished by President Nixon's executive order on August 15, 1971.

However, Easterly (2007) argues that poverty can not be completely abolished by foreign aid or experts, it will be accomplished like in other countries by their own government.

In 4% of cases "abolish as" is used

Two years later the Dictation Test was abolished as a further means of exclusion.

In 4% of cases "abolish at" is used

Commenter oshtemo said athletics shouldn't be eliminated, but strongly regulated: No one is suggesting that intercollegiate athletics be abolished at WMU.

In 3% of cases "abolish after" is used

In particular, the Gayssot Law restores the law, abolished after Vichy, that defines questioning of official truth as a criminal offense (delit d'opinion).

In 3% of cases "abolish until" is used

Worse, we parents believe that the credibility of the MOE is truly questionable when we consider the sequence of events from July 2009 when PPSMI was abolished until today.

In 1% of cases "abolish because" is used

The judge jailed Matvejevs for six months, saying he was depriving needy people whose payments had been reduced or abolished because of the straitened economic situation.

In 1% of cases "abolish to" is used

Now, if we decide to abolish them, then we must abolish to the right and to the left, as extremists, regardless their political whereabouts are, intrinsecally, nocive.

In 1% of cases "abolish with" is used

CP for internal prison discipline offences was abolished with effect from 1933.