Prepositions after "activate"

"activate by" or "activate in"?

In 36% of cases "activate by" is used

It does this when it is activated by attention energy.

That transformation came in 2006 when he was activated by the U.

Never, ever had a flume been activated by a non-Traveler -- until now.

They had seen all this before, but only when the flume was activated by a Traveler.

That voice of doubt and uncertainty is, in most cased activated by the fear of failure.

Its powers -- luck, protection, prosperity, healing, love -- are activated by a mantra (spell).

You will get a Text Message (SMS) confirming your subscription if 3G Delight was activated by dialing the short code.

However, some will need to be activated by a paid message to the number, otherwise it will be available only a demo version.

The smoke-like appearance that you see is actually the vapor of the liquid in the cartridge that is activated by the battery when you puff it.

PCD is triggered in incompatible poppy pollen; we have identified several caspase-like activities that are activated by an incompatible SI response.

In 17% of cases "activate in" is used

Once a theme is activated in wordpress theme admin, it becomes visible to all the site visitors.

The simulation has been programmed to respond to those objects (which you activate in a specific order).

Click on the button here above: if the text changes, it means that JavaScript is activated in your browser.

It can also be activated in preconscious contents, which contain information, emotional values, and random associations.

Preinstalled Nike Native App A Nike native app comes preinstalled on the iPhone but must be activated in the Settings app before the icon associated with it appears on your device.

In 10% of cases "activate on" is used

Pay-As-U-Roam is not activated on my mobile line.

The software is permanently activated on that PC by the returned code.

But as Mr Waltham began to speak on the issue, he noticed a recording function had been activated on Mr Whittaker's mobile phone which was on the desk in front of him.

In 6% of cases "activate for" is used

Do i need to get BES activated for surfing internet throuugh wifi on bb9300? hi.

These Youth Monthly Pack benefits will be activated for the customer upon making the First Time Reload of Rs 51.

In 4% of cases "activate at" is used

The main candidates for alternative action are a carbon tax activated at national levels, and a network of regional emission trading schemes.

For more information, please emai **32;1135;TOOLONG Gift Cards terms and conditions Gift Cards have no value until activated at time of purchase.

In 4% of cases "activate from" is used

The 30 day value is activated from the time it is purchased or renewed.

In 3% of cases "activate after" is used

He then helped me to hotlist the debit card and immediately issued me a new Platinum debit card, which would be activated after 48 hours.

The museum said in a statement Monday it uses an electronic locking system that is activated after an alarm is triggered, but deactivates again shortly afterward for safety reasons.

In 3% of cases "activate within" is used

It is formatted by the parts which are activated within each person at any given moment.

It comes pre-installed in virtualmin with that template and can be activated within your virtualmin control panel.

It's quick to respond to the touch, and if it doesn't feel sensitive enough then there's an increased sensitivity option that can be activated within the menus.

In 2% of cases "activate as" is used

Failover If the primary database is not available the standby database can be activated as a primary database using the following statements.

In 2% of cases "activate inside" is used

The Texans have activated inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton from the Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list, clearing the way for him to play on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 1% of cases "activate during" is used

The amygdala is an ancient brain structure that's activated during states of fear and anxiety.

In 1% of cases "activate following" is used

Sarah Churman, who was born deaf, was filmed by her husband Sloan at the moment her hearing implants were activated following surgery.

In 1% of cases "activate into" is used

They are activated into an energy Light field through the Love emotion and thought projection.

In 1% of cases "activate Per" is used

If we installed and activated Per Item mod, would that override the USPS and UPS mods or would it simply add the additional $0.