Prepositions after "adorn"

adorn with, by, in, according or among?

In 78% of cases "adorn with" is used

The sheet music of the era is often adorned with religious frescos.

The precipitous cliffs are adorned with gorgonian sea fans and whip corals.

Women like wearing necklaces adorned with various kinds of stones and beads.

He visualized the monument in marble and then adorned with semi-precious stones and gems.

They were white men adorned with crosses who elbowed out the ones whom they had crucified.

Vistiors can also make their own at the gallery Walls were adorned with these little clay tiles.

In a messy topknot, the teen wore a tight, white dress adorned with the brand's initials in black, block letters.

Ossie Clark maxi dresses, adorned with Celia Birtwell's flowery prints, are an image of Swinging London in the Sixties.

Celebrate Olde Fashioned Christmas as the streets are adorned with luminaries and the smell of popcorn and roasted walnuts.

Owner of the far north of the province of Misiones, the city of Puerto Iguaz forms the region of the Great Waters adorned with the.

In 10% of cases "adorn by" is used

The name of his country was Adorned by Light, and the name of his eon was Delight to Behold.

Bare-armed campus elms, no longer adorned by leafy crenellations, offer no resistance to the freezing air.

Later his University Church on Stephen's Green, adorned by Irish craftsmen in Byzantine style, was consecrated.

Ensconced in his book-lined lair that overlooks Central Park and is adorned by a hazy New Jersey landscape by George Inness, Mr.

His court was adorned by nine famous courtiers called Navaratna (nine gems ), who were great scholars in different fields of knowledge.

In a railway journey, on each station where the train halts, your window will be adorned by the eager face of a tea vendor at any time of the day.

Adorned by state of the art furniture, Sri Lankan ornaments, paintings and other dcor, one is left wondering if the two sections are part of the same establishment.

In 7% of cases "adorn in" is used

MP3 players, digital cameras, and notebooks can also be adorned in this manner.

The mode of celebration is that, adolescent girls are adorned in beautiful beads and half-clothed.

For we are not made happy by names alone, when we say that a good life is happiness, and that the man who is adorned in his soul with virtue is happy.

We have an artificial ficus tree in our front living room that I keep adorned in tiny white lights all year long, just because the tiny white lights make me feel joyful.

In 1% of cases "adorn according" is used

Inside the walls of this regal palace are multiple rooms, halls, studies, private quarters and golf courses that are adorned according to the preferences of its current resident.

In 1% of cases "adorn on" is used

These apartments communicated again with a square or oblong space, usually adorned on three sides with a colonnade, though usually longer than the first.