Prepositions after "augment"

augment by, with, in, for or on?

In 74% of cases "augment by" is used

These efforts are being augmented by route incentive schemes.

The DRS activity was further augmented by the UGC-COSIST scheme for the period 2000-2004.

In addition to all that, it has a great kind of petaled shape augmented by that fabulous beading.

This practice can be augmented by other practices such as Hatha Yoga, Walking, Dancing, Gardening, or Tia Chia.

The hundred-plus guests were augmented by both male and female instructors from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

The three stainless steel spires that make up the Air Force Memorial are augmented by a bronze statue of an honor guard.

The First Year At StFX, the focus is on theory, augmented by hands-on application in small-group learning in the lab and field.

One's sorrow is augmented by the idea that the authors of this work claim to be professional librarians who ' promote reading '.

A loud speaker would give an extra, auditory dimension to the system and would allow text to be accompanied or augmented by sound.

In 13% of cases "augment with" is used

The basis sets have been augmented with d-functions.

In 5% of cases "augment in" is used

Global purchasing power is thereby augmented in this case by new issues of yuan-also unassociated with the production of new goods.

The Elkesley pumping station, and the pipe, remains in use to this day, although sources of supply have been vastly augmented in the ensuing years.

In 3% of cases "augment for" is used

News print industry is built on ad revenue and they need to come up with a new business model the augment for the loss in ad revenue that will never be recovered.

In 3% of cases "augment on" is used

The role of the private sector in the economy has also been immensely augmented on one hand and, whereas on the other hand the government retains the regulatory role.

In 3% of cases "augment to" is used

As a result, the reputation and renownedness of this augmented to a significant extent, resulting in amplification of this nation among other neighbouring countries of North Africa.