Prepositions after "back"

back by, away, out, in or up?

In 67% of cases "back by" is used

Uganda's soldiers, backed by U.

This particular conference is backed by government.

Today, that vow he made, backed by hard work, is paying off.

The measure was also backed by Prime Minister David Cameron when he was in Opposition.

Till the early 1930s, paper money around the world used to be backed by gold or silver.

Stewart is backed by a crack team of writers and a corps of correspondents, but no band.

The design had been backed by 45,301 people after it was unveiled, compared to 41,175 against in a 52% voter turnout.

Throughout the year you may hear them on-air with messages backed by ' Here Comes The Sun ' or ' Busy ' by Olly Murs.

This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything.

Petrelli said the commission's findings had been backed by a number of international seismologists and other scientists.

In 6% of cases "back away" is used

I backed away from PC gaming again.

KARL Hendrickson does not easily back away from challenges.

But Netanyahu also gave no sign of backing away from possible military action.

It is deeply disappointing that the government appears to be backing away from this.

The backlash had already happened, even Reagan was slowly backing away from the nomination.

Backing away from a knife is only sensible, since she was able to defend herself, and did not have a.

Bush 1 was a good President who didn't back away from making the hard choices, which is probably why he was a one-term President.

It also helped draw more attention to the overall issue, and helped in getting other companies to back away from supporting the bill.

And, whatever some evangelical leaders may say, we must not back away from the sad reality that Mormonism is not even remotely Christian.

But fresh from the battle over the national framework earlier this year, the government backed away from another full-scale confrontation.

In 5% of cases "back out" is used

Edited excerpts: You recently backed out of the OLPC project.

Kony has already backed out of numerous peace talks and meetings.

Set a time and date and/or tell a friend so that you can't back out of it.

It even backed out of the camera market altogether, even though it used to be a legend.

I understand peace talks were underway back then but Joseph Kony has backed out of ALL of them.

Had the offer to share costs not been forthcoming, David and Rose would have backed out of the trip.

If the methodological changes made since 1980 are backed out of the calculations, the CPI would be reading 7 percent higher.

But while promising to deliver on pension reform, Kiev is now trying to back out of promises to further raise household utility prices.

He can't back out of Plan A, but he needs to find some creative accountancy that allows him to in fact spend a little more to 2014, when growth is more established.

If you can't tell your ex-sinner friends that you want to back out of the sinful relationship you have kept for years it shows you are not ready yet to go with Christ at His second coming.

In 3% of cases "back in" is used

The truth is that back in the 80s the police effectively became Thatcher's homeland militia.

Scott Kantner Scott Kantner started his IT career on a Radio Shack TRS-80 model I back in 1978.

It's just that Sagna reminded us why he is regarded as one of the best right backs in the world.

About Scott Kantner Scott Kantner started his IT career on a Radio Shack TRS-80 model I back in 1978.

On paper it works, really if we can just keep their wing backs in check then that's a good chunk of the tactical battle won already.

The only cure for a dose is to keep ones brains in ones pants But weren't they back in the Labour court for binding arbitration on Friday?? Reilly was crowing about it.

In 3% of cases "back up" is used

But, let's back up to the helium-atmosphere white dwarfs.

My TBs love to back up to a hanging bucket and take a dump.

Choose between backing up the iPod to iCloud or to your computer.

You can back up to earlier questions you were asked, by clicking Go Back.

The cool broth sinks to the bottom of the pan, where it warms back up and starts to rise again.

If you're just backing up to an external drive, you can just use the simple tools built in to your computer, like Windows Backup or Apple's Time Machine.

Merely visit the start menu on your desktop and select an individual you are migrating and back up to PDF files every little thing that will can't be backed up to hard disk drive.

For instance, if an end user's laptop gets stolen, you want to be sure that the PST files have already been backed up to a central location so that they can be restored to the end user's workstation.

In 2% of cases "back from" is used

The Lumira fund, with backing from Merck &; Co.

NSW beat QLD in every stat and only had point concided off piggy backs from the refs.

Notwithstanding they are never short of backing from each division of picture's making.

In UK, the softer approach to CRD3 is implemented through the FSA's Remuneration Code with backing from the Financial Services Act 2010.

The film cleverly builds on the lore of previous films and is littered with call backs from previous films, in plot points but also action sequences.

We have had to fight every step of the way to get funding and backing from local authorities and it was a struggle at the start to persuade families to take part.

In 2% of cases "back into" is used

The bumper, I backed into the car cross the street.

People's instinct when they're backed into a corner is to fight back.

I think some of the volunteers with harsher views on this topic have been backed into a corner.

That's what we are working on so basically we back into the lab, tryna cookup some more dope stuff.

In this sense we are neither cunning nor wise in so much as we have in effect backed into the matter.

The Whitecaps finished fifth in the conference, backing into a play-off spot on the season's penultimate weekend.

Elena feels she has been backed into a corner, caught between her dislike for Katya and her desperate desire to provide for her family.

I have a photo of the car being backed into a salvage yard and considering it rolled three times, the lack of damage sustained is simply mind-bending.

Now we're in an even worse place than before, now Hamas rockets are reaching Tel Aviv and the government has been backed into a corner, now we HAVE to mount a ground operation.

In 2% of cases "back off" is used

I think he got frustrated with having to say no all the time, but at least they have backed off some.

Given current observations, the National Hurricane Center has backed off the previous forecast that Isaac will intensify to hurricane status around the Florida Keys.

In 2% of cases "back on" is used

We're just piggy backing on this.

Smith and Caughey's in central Auckland backs on to Elliott St and, according to executive director Terry Cornelius, it has definitely had an impact.

Routing and cutting window frame strips The windows are held to the back of the walls and doors behind the beveled opening using small canvas clips with felt backing on them.

In 2% of cases "back to" is used

She glanced at Van and gave him a quick wink before turning back to his uncle.

I must add here I don't think much of the Conservative government's cut backs to the CBC that came with the Federal Budget today.

Al-Muhajiroun provided backing to Abu Hamza, the extremist cleric, whose Finsbury Park mosque was a forming-ground for other terrorists.

Vargas takes me to Ahu Tongariki, a huge grass field shovelled out of the coastline, where 15 massive figures stand in a rank, backs to the sea.

The call backs to the original don't just stop there however, characters who were thought to be, and seen to be, long dead are back for the ride.

I haven't been quite as thrilled with the romance threads in her last two full-length books as I have in all the others, but this one takes me right back to Happytown.

In 1% of cases "back at" is used

Craig Brown's men can be backed at 13/10 (2.

He can be backed at 33/1 for next years Cheltenham Gold Cup, a price which could seem massive if the horse stays injury free for the season!! Sanctuaire Sanctuaire and Ruby Walsh wins at Sandown.

In 1% of cases "back for" is used

They will get backing for it because of the job they have done in dividing and ruling people.

Yet it certainly--like other such polls--indicates backing for terrorism, extremism, and anti-Westernism in regional terms.

Whether Gardiner would have exchanged the Spanish and French currency to use as backing for his own banknotes, or simply taken the hard currency for his own purposes, is debatable.

Nothing more, nothing less (which by the way is the same motivation for the Licencees Association's backing for Minimum Pricing, so let's not be any under any illusions that greed cuts one way only).

In 1% of cases "back onto" is used

Our villa backs onto a lovely river (which is also gr8 for a dip).

My house backs onto a big industrial unit with no facing windows so I have a hard back stop.

It's part game, part safety drill, because afterward, they all march through the chain-link gate and into the forest that backs onto Sangster Elementary.

In 1% of cases "back over" is used

That's funny, because the proposal he backed over the last year didn't actually do that.

I've had a lot of support and backing over the years, so now I'd back for myself and it needs to come from me.

In 1% of cases "back with" is used

They've honed that all down to about seven minutes for their first release, ' Dope ', which is backed with ' Hold On '.

The second half saw Trinity employing their forwards and backs with great presence of mind as they took the attack to the home team.

A profound and charismatic miracle worker, he has traversed a number of churches, delivering powerful sermons and offering prayers backed with miracle.

The 22 highly wearable dresses - in a gentle palette of lavender, black and white - floated by with clean draped collars and backs with effortless elegance.