Prepositions after "bathe"

bathe in, by, on, with or for?

In 82% of cases "bathe in" is used

Just bathe in a river? He wanted more.

Bathed in the holy light of a desk lamp.

bathe in the muddy old Jordan? That's all.

Brush your teeth, keep your breath smelling fresh, bathe in perfumes or good smelling soap.

Misha plunges itself into the river, bathes in that clear water, squirms in bliss of innocent.

The bathe in the pond is holy and a short ceremony must be executed before entering the waters.

Many are murdered in horribly cruel ways: burned alive, bathed in acid, fatally poisoned (usually with a local toxic berry).

What you think is will power is actually the sum total of the influence of all the hormones that your brain is bathed in continuously.

It wasn't just that the women were sleep deprived, but that they were bathed in artificial light, thus disrupting melatonin release cycles.

The house didn't have a shower, so they bathed in the store using the hose from a dishwasher, a creation legend that the company holds dear.

In 7% of cases "bathe by" is used

Need to be bathed by your amma (mother) Have the clothes you were wearing indoors thrown away before this bath.

In 5% of cases "bathe on" is used

Also, babies don't always get bathed on a daily basis and are often dirtier than a dog.

In 5% of cases "bathe with" is used

Thus, a Hindu touched by a Yavana must at once bathe with water.

While in the US, your mother, who was in politics in Ekiti State, was bathed with acid and she died.

This takes away from the fact that India has a very high rate of poverty and instead of the dazzling lights we see in Bollywood flicks, India is bathed with slums.