Prepositions after "batter"

batter by, in, at, during or from?

In 46% of cases "batter by" is used

They were battered by the three-decades-long war.

It might not sound like much for a country that's been battered by three decades of war.

If he slipped he would be hung by writs tied together and be battered by the revolving steps.

As Toyota returned to the black in late 2009, its reputation for safety and quality were battered by a series of recalls.

The northern Pacific Ocean archipelago nation has a record of being battered by an inordinate number of storms or typhoons.

I suspect that this was the case for one flight of an air carrier in the southeast where the plane was suddenly battered by hail.

This marked the largest decline since the third quarter of 1998 when the economy was severely battered by the Asian Financial Crisis.

On the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, battered by cold and dreary weather all summer, a group of holidaying Britons were unable to enjoy the outdoors as they had planned.

Lying on the wrong side of the map, these places are constantly battered by hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as if Nature had the intent to wipe them out for good.

Surely there can't be another player whose body has been so bruised and battered by the rigours of the Tour than Hewitt, whose counter-punching game always makes him a candidate for long matches.

In 15% of cases "batter in" is used

But he faced only three batters in saves on July 24, 25, 28, and Aug.

He also led the league in appearances, with 57, while striking out 78 batters in 74 innings.

In 4% of cases "batter at" is used

The winds raged and the rains had battered at me, but the inn offered a welcome comfort I had not thought to find in such a desolate land.

In 4% of cases "batter during" is used

A large section of the pier that was battered during the Oct.

In 4% of cases "batter from" is used

Raids on German industrial centres in the Ruhr were equally tough and Shivdev's Stirling once got battered from flak, losing an engine, with flight controls damaged.

In 4% of cases "batter into" is used

Dangerous radicals all, in the eyes of those in power; some, like the Diggers, were battered into oblivion, while others, like the Quakers, still annoy the consciences of the complacent.

In 4% of cases "batter to" is used

She was executed for the killing of her master, Jacob Bryan, whom she battered to death with a hoe.

In 2% of cases "batter beyond" is used

Next morning along the beach at Salt Marsh, the bodies of most of these unfortunate brave sea gallants were found rent and torn and in some cases the features battered beyond identification.

In 2% of cases "batter due" is used

Wooden bridges across deep gorges seemed to be badly battered due to the heavy traffic of army machinery several times a day.