Prepositions after "become"

"become like" or "become of"?

In 22% of cases "become like" is used

Each film becomes like a child of mine.

It is all becoming like a police state.

I don't want my blog to become like a job.

We will not lean on Emraan Hashmi only, otherwise we will become like everybody else.

We wish to become like the World Honored One, With the wisdom eye and foremost purity.

There is 0% congestion here and we don't need this area to become like a mini Cityplace.

Yet when any other nation, as well, curses and fights G-d, Amalek's sin clings to them and they become like Amalek.

Hello!! It's a bright day today! Jesus Loves little children! In fact, Jesus desires adults to become like little children.

Not surprisingly, Egypt became like Argentina after the war - a safe haven for SS war criminals who fled there after the war.

Your mates will become like a second family, as you will spend months at a time together, especially whilst you are out at sea.

In 21% of cases "become of" is used

I still don't know what became of him.

Shark bait, that's what became of them.

Tell me what has become of Aladdin's palace.

I have always thought about joining, but I'd not sure what will become of my personal life.

It's unclear what became of the dress, but we're guessing Dior won't be to the German actress.

His dismissal prompted public inquiries into what had become of the other benched public officials.

What will become of SF? I still want SF as a term to be known more widely; I still want SF to be a category at Amazon.

Your post today has reminded me that I need to focus on my happiness, more than what will become of this relationship.

How pathetic are these leaders that forget those who sacrificed their lives not bothered what would become of their families.

In 12% of cases "become in" is used

Now it became in the Prophet's control.

Life is what organic matter becomes in time.

You do not want to become in need of these drugs.

After careful consideration he decided to take the post and become in charge of the army.

He also commented on how effective he had become in delegating and holding staff to account.

Otlet had become interested in the bibliographical possibilities of microfilm as early as 1905-6.

I may be only ninteen years old, but I know alot about my country, what it is becoming, and what will be become in the future.

Two goals ahead, against a team with ten players, it was bizarre to see how nervous Arsenal and their crowd became in the final exchanges.

They are back become in such choices or prevents you confidence off the responsibility, Battlefield 1942 - Boulton Paul Defiant model Serial number.

If therefore Terah's brother Haran had died, the duty of becoming in effect the father of Iscah and Milcah would automatically devolve upon Terah.

In 7% of cases "become to" is used

He does that and becomes to a false prophet.

We have become to self centered and too selfish.

Making mountain out of a molehill has became to favorite hobby of media.

She grew up on North Stradbroke Island, which became to inspiration for much of her poetry.

What a weak thing her presence must have become to him! She could not help addressing Clare.

Why not Dawkins? Or, why not Pat Robertson? Or why not that Hagee prick that became to stinky even for McCain.

The more I needed him, the more withdrawn he became, and the more susceptible I became to the attention of other men.

The dance of the nullity is ' Groundhog Day ' and the more identified with the null-self we are the clearer this becomes to us.

The more pretentious Akufo-Addo becomes to his wicked mind for this country, further makes his plans bare to the good people of Ghana.

Three is to obliterate some hand creams that contain vitamin e on the skin, the depth area curve protects skin and lets the skin become to even have texture.

In 5% of cases "become for" is used

But look how exciting it has become for designers.

Unconsciously, we may become for the young adult an indoctrinator and a recruiting sergeant.

The more Wall Street firms jumped into the new business, the easier it became for him to place his bets.

Piqued by the student's question her response appeared to be less than becoming for America's top diplomat.

Then the household of Fir'aun (Pharaoh) picked him up, that he might become for them an enemy and a (cause of) grief.

In the days predating television and computers, cricket became for many a refuge from the desperate misery of the time.

Indeed, the journal became for me a training in self-restraint and for friends a medium through which to keep in touch with my thoughts.

Like a small-scale dentist starts to advance, Office 2010 License, the waiting list will become for a longer period together with lengthier.

This is a bright fresh way to work chorizo in to pasta, almost more of a pasta salad and that may well be what it becomes for tomorrow's lunch.

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, a northerner held the post of premiership of the first government and became for the second time the prime minister during 1967-1969.

In 4% of cases "become about" is used

At that point, a box became about most some-more than a rapist case.

It became about me just making decisions on the day as quickly as I can.

Once physical self defense becomes about techniques you are at a big disadvantage.

The longer the politicians ignore this - the more hardlined Australians will become about it.

Posted by Gerald McGrane on Friday, Nov 9, 2012 9:34 PM (EDT ): This discussion has become about as civil as the campaign.

After I was offered the job at Edinburgh College of Art, everything became about my impending move and getting out of Oxford.

His intervention has done its work: the issue is now in danger of becoming about matters of character and choice, rather than anything systemic.

For some, following a diagnosis of dementia, their whole life become about dementia, and many forget to keep living the other parts of their lives.

We should allow the people decide and allow the debate to become about each community and family not about whether the Westminster elite have decided X or Y.

So Capital Ex becomes about the midway, and envelops Taste Of Edmonton (though the only thing it has in common with Capital Ex is that it's held at the same time).

In 4% of cases "become subject" is used

You become subject to the rules of the prison system.

The confirmed medical facts are known, that people with overweight become subject to various diseases often.

Irish culture becomes subject to European directives - our smoking ban, believe it or not, is an indirect result of this.

But just as the date was settled, the objective became uncertain and the entire concept of the operation became subject to review.

Even physical suffering is caused by craving because the strong craving to live causes us to be reborn and when we are reborn we become subject to sickness, accidents, old age, etc.

In 3% of cases "become as" is used

The sound of clinking glasses became as the jangling of a hundred bells.

The religious spots of the town become as the prime tourist attractions.

How to become as a actress is one of the big dilemma in young girls mind.

That's what we have become as a country: an unending race for a part of that cake.

Some of the girls become as a actress as their parents act in the particular field.

The more authentic Kip becomes as a human being, the more deeply rooted he becomes in his own religious faith.

While undergoing the course how to become as a actress the student has to improve the good relationship with the coach and also with other students.

In 3% of cases "become at" is used

Without knowing how to save more and how to be creative about being more efficient, everyone's job becomes at risk.

It's an art and the more you practice the better you become at picking up different flavours on the nose and palette.

Eso went on to become at a point the acting president of that court and later on, the first Chief Judge of old Oyo State.

Similarly such malignant lividities and putrid ulcers often grow in the human soul, that no beast becomes at the end more wicked or cruel than man.

I am 16 years old and when I am finished pleasing myself I often feel guilty and disgusted by myself and what I become at times for those couple of minutes.

My eyes brimming with tears, I was humbled by the realization of how annoyed or angry I can become at even the smallest inconvenience and how much I have to be thankful for.

In 3% of cases "become on" is used

It becomes on close range almost impossible to use your bayonets.

People you meet up with in everyday life may become on the web site visitors.

The less conscious somebody is, the more dependent that person will become on those things.

That's very cool that you decided to become on OB! And once again I'd very happy that you are cancer-free.

In the US, if a company lasts 35 years, it becomes on average ten times as productive and employs ten times as many people.

Maybe if parents slowed down and realized just how dependent their child has become on technology they would make some changes.

In 2% of cases "become out" is used

Until the wheels of fitness finally become out of true -- I get dropped from the group.

They can play anywhere on the marae but when a formal welcome is in progress on the marae it becomes out of bounds.

As the row between the CNG sector and the petroleum ministry intensified, the fuel is becoming out of reach for those who run their vehicles on it.

When Kapha becomes out of balance in the body, we may feel sluggish or depressed, and experience an increase in sinus congestion or colds, as well as a general sense of heaviness in the body.

In 2% of cases "become with" is used

Nyc has become with your pet slightly increased the foods company.

This show is a great peak into what Thin Lizzy were about to become with 1976's Jailbreak -- one of the best hard rock bands in the world.

I'd still trying to figure out what kind of a Brazilian she's would become with the last name Nelson, because Brazilians do not have English last names.

The better you become with using your lenses the better you will become in thinking about and composing your shots: no matter what challenges may lay ahead of you.

Almost 72 percent of teachers had over 10 years experience, and reported that the more experience they had the more competent they became with special needs children.

In 1% of cases "become after" is used

Recommend I can't express how sad I became after reading your story.

Paul's district had become after the gerrymandering performed by Tom DeLay and his cronies.

At a tender age, she entered the Soleil d'Afrique ballet and became after a few years, solo singer and dancer.

Trotsky was an advocate of ' united front ' approaches to tackling the rise of Fascism just as Stalin became after 1934.

Mahathir mistakes contempt and disgust for fear! Contempt and disgust for what the BN government and UMNO has become after 22 years of Mahathir's misrule.

In 1% of cases "become among" is used

Today in our politics it is as skuzzily routine as the F-bomb has become among 15-year-old girls on the New York City subways.

In 1% of cases "become by" is used

She is careful not to let her faith become by wrongdoing, because shyness is one of the branches of faith.

The whole 12 regenerations issue has plagued Doctor Who for too lonh now and is a testament to how continuity obsessed the programme had become by the 80s.

In 1% of cases "become due" is used

During my MBA studies we were asked to work on cases that showed how badly things could become due to defective or poor communication.

In 1% of cases "become from" is used

You rightly left a grim picture of how degraded we have become from the greed of Men or groups now in power.

Highly, if a white consumption plays before the local brawl is quickly become from the western-style weight, always elements can be used.

But this leads to the opposite worry, that the further removed these revised versions become from their traditional formulations, the less exciting their convergence will be.

As the ukulele is actually a string instrument, and the strings are in pressure all the time, it is normal for the strings to become from tune a number of times once you have tuned it.

In 1% of cases "become over" is used

It takes creativity to respond to the person your spouse becomes over time.

This statement shows how completely degenerate and increasingly pro-government the national leadership of NANS has become over the years.

In 1% of cases "become under" is used

And eventually when the doctors gave me tablets to control it, the side effects of the tablets, along with the too easy way of it becoming under active, was even worse.

In 1% of cases "become Vice" is used

At that time, whoever received the most votes became president and second most became Vice President.

She rejoined Perseus in 2009 to work with the firm's finance team, became Vice President of Finance in 2010, and became Chief Financial Officer in January 2012.

In 1% of cases "become without" is used

Once we accept this simple truth, we can be less afraid of what these men will become without us, and concentrate on who we can become after we PERMANENTLY remove them from our lives.

In 1% of cases "become worth" is used

If they do get bruised, they become worth less.

These become worth more as you progress, so they're still meaningful for higher level players.