Prepositions after "behave"

"behave like" or "behave in"?

In 41% of cases "behave like" is used

She behaves like a petulant child.

My mum didn't behave like other mums.

It was behaving like a little brat.

In my mind, it's all about respecting your client without behaving like a doormat.

He doesn? t behave like a normal dog should, and feels somehow constantly inadequate.

We have generations of people who were born here but do nt behave like true Australians.

So we parted as I didn't want a client that doesn't pay much and behaves like that inspite of my work being great.

But that means that when you're given that sort of responsibility, Fisher expects you to actually behave like a grown man.

That supposedly intelligent people should behave like greedy children is exactly what you expect from the 68er generation.

He refuses to put his arm around her or look at her, it's obvious how much he wishes she could behave like a mature adult.

In 39% of cases "behave in" is used

T -- Try to behave in a new way.

I had no idea that Apache would behave in that way.

When a person behaves in a way you detest the most.

We strongly believe Sally behaved in a rather infantile conduct with those cold words.

These are educated people behaving in such ignorant and socially irresponsible manner.

The myriad risk factors for disease, although additive, do not behave in a linear manner.

When you are not living aligned with these beliefs, you will automatically behave in a certain way to ensure you are.

Now that they are in that relationship, which is all of his doing, he expects them to behave in a certain kind of way.

You may learn that a virus infection often makes a computer behave in unpredictable ways, possibly resulting in crashes.

In 5% of cases "behave with" is used

How this person behave with others 3.

I was eager to see how Athena behaved with him.

They learn, over time, how to behave with others but when under stress they just lash out.

So as a part of a hotel or as a member or as a waiter you should know how to behave with a guest.

Members of the Senate should behave with respect toward each other even when they disagree sharply.

How America behaves with regard to Iran and Syria will be the most important catalysts in this regard.

What attracted me most was that he was behaving with us like an ordinary person there was no vanity in him.

The story emphasises two things: first, that people in authority have a responsibility to behave with integrity.

Women feel licensed to behave with the sexual opportunism that was once considered the particular characteristic of men.

It is those who would choose not to behave with risk who are being punished and their wealth stolen away in this arrangement.

In 4% of cases "behave as" is used

They are member of UN and must behave as such.

She in fact behaves as a good disciple should.

We, as a community shall behave as a collective pace.

The coherent lump can behave as a single quantum particle.

On the other hand, he is behaving as a foolish and immature man.

Since he knows that I know that he has tricked me, he is behaving as a baby.

And suddenly we now have to think about how we have to behave as a public listed company.

It can do so by devising a declaratory policy that requires Pakistan to behave as the sovereign state it claims to be.

He has behaved as the worst form of pedgagogue and rabble-stirrer and has been competely unstatesman-like and should resign now.

In 2% of cases "behave on" is used

It is wonderful to see such animals behaving on race tracks with decency on their own.

I am glad that in this sport there is a hard stance in regulating how athletes behave on the pitch.

I did only three timed laps, so it's impossible to say anything about how the F2012 is behaving on this track.

We teach them how to behave on the road, but when they have a family member or friend on the other side of the road, their minds can go to pot.

If anything reflects the way people think and behave on the web it's this site and how it answers the multifarious needs of the British population.

There is a beyond commonsense effect that occurs when we notice how the reversal behaves on horizontal and vertical rotation of a particular object.

Despite criticism of the way referees are treated and the way players behave on the pitch amongst people like the media, and even MPs, these problems still seem to remain in the game.

In 2% of cases "behave towards" is used

Relationship is a close friendship between two people, groups in a connected way they behave towards each other.

An observation and an explanation It is worth looking at one or two aspects of the way a mother behaves towards her baby.

Things will get better inshallah but your father needs more help than your sister because he needs to stop behaving the way he's behaving towards your sister.

She should not expose her true feelings towards those she dislikes, or expose her cold feelings towards them in the way she behaves towards them and reacts to them.

In 1% of cases "behave after" is used

Watch how he behaves after saying no on the first date.

In 1% of cases "behave at" is used

Conclusion: People behave at times (un) expected but in a consistent manner.

How you talk and behave at this time presets expectations about results for the client.

The Code of Conduct requires APS employees to behave at all times in a way which upholds the APS Values.

When you see the way their dad behaved at matches, you know he was not going to figure out how to be and survive in that world.

In 1% of cases "behave for" is used

We have been trying to tell Afghanistan how to behave for 10 years.

Disable JavaScript Disabling JavaScript lets you experience how your website will behave for users who have disabled JavaScript.

This alone has caused many great minds to rethink how our universe behaves for Sir Isaac Newton's concepts of cause and effect are now clearly antiquated and perhaps untrue.

In 1% of cases "behave from" is used

Learning how to behave from a place.

Model Kindness and Empathy Children learn quickly about how to behave from what they observe, not from what we tell them.

On Myanmar/Burma, here the EU behaves from a high moral ground as it has little to lose but where its interests lie, its push for human rights and democracy become more tempered.

In 1% of cases "behave out" is used

Neither was behaving out of their learned/modeled experience.

Looking back, my second year in UCD was a struggle and I was behaving out of character.

In 1% of cases "behave to" is used

I live in United state too and i see how african americanS behave to people from africa.

Philippe Aghion and colleagues have shown how regulations can breed distrust, as companies behave to the letter of regulations rather than spirit.

In 1% of cases "behave toward" is used

What would the USA do? Why would the USA expect any country not to behave toward it as it would behave toward China if China did what the USA did.