Prepositions after "bid"

"bid for" or "bid on"?

In 49% of cases "bid for" is used

No outsider will bid for my field.

Or his bid for Samba last January.

Before you can bid for items, you must login.

Can I bid for the module now? Priority for EG2401 is given to the Year 3 and 4 students.

After two weeks of the renovations and improvements, I had so many people bidding for my.

Gone are the days where you would bid for a keyword get your adverts listed and start seeing traffic.

You can Click on any of the Device and bid for the item and The Lowest Unique Bid will Win you the Samsung Galaxy TAB2.

Contested farm gate procurement every day was good but nobody showing up at your farm to bid for lambs was bad, he said.

I understand the need to balance the books but this policy is a massive disadvantage to LFC when bidding for players.

He said, it's funny that a producer in Zhejiang province famous for chemical work successfully bid for the subway project.

In 31% of cases "bid on" is used

Then you bid on various keywords.

If you bid on this item you are promising to pay money for a bit of rubbish.

Buyers can bid on products, with the highest bidders getting the item for sale.

If you set the price a little below average, potential buyers may just start to bid on it.

See below on how to bid on this auction: Please note that the minimum bid-raising increment is $50.

Funding Circle benefits from a handy autobid tool which will bid on your behalf based on the risk level of the company.

In addition to this, certain specific jobs they may wish to bid on have a prerequisite of insurance coverage of different kinds.

Prince said Amico hopes to bid on the new bridge construction as well and would need to store soil from that part of the project.

Give to us and we'll return the favor -- you can receive exclusive signature Imagine There's No Hunger gifts and bid on specialty auction items.

In 4% of cases "bid in" is used

On registering to bid in a sale, bidders are contractually required to commit funds to cover their purchases.

It's not as good as its current setup -- the Big East has an automatic bid in the BCS -- but it's better than being left out.

Follow the bidding on this page and keep upping yours! The final deadline for bidding in November 1, 2012, at 12:00 noon.

People not able to attend the invitation-only auction can bid in a concurrent online auction, which will run from March 29 to April 19.

The Big East will have to compete against the Mountain West, Sun Belt, Mid-American Conference and Conference USA for a bid in one of three marquee bowls.

Westinghouse, a unit of Japanese firm Toshiba Corp, is competing with Russia's Atomstroyexport, which is bidding in a consortium with a Russian-owned Czech group.

In 3% of cases "bid against" is used

This also proved to be dangerous -- in the confusion, the auction house called both of us simultaneously, and we effectively bid against each other until I realized the mistake and stopped bidding.

In 3% of cases "bid at" is used

This forces Opponent to bid at the 2 level.

If material prices have fallen, and you price on the basis of the cloth in stock, you will be undercut by others who have bid at current prices.

In 3% of cases "bid via" is used

If there are still vacancies left after a few bidding rounds, it will be open to year 2 students for bidding via CORS.

In 1% of cases "bid after" is used

Jose Mourinho is lining up a 20million bid after watching the Crystal Palace winger.

In 1% of cases "bid by" is used

The Bushies also want to extend the WTO's ' National Treatment ' provisions to ensure that all public services are opened to bidding by US privateers.

In 1% of cases "bid round" is used

If there are still vacancies left after a few bidding rounds, it will be open to year 2 students for bidding via CORS.

Appeal for ULR Modules In the event that you are unable to get the preferred module(s) or time-slot, please try again in the subsequent bidding rounds.