Prepositions after "bite"

bite by, into, at, on or in?

In 39% of cases "bite by" is used

Badly bitten by the running bug.

You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.

We have to move it bit by bit and by many people.

As if the young fruit tree is cultivated by the owner stabbed, bitten by a well-fed pet owner.

Just last month, a teenage boy escaped death after being bitten by an inland taipan north of Sydney.

Each drip leached a bit more solidity until, bit by bit, they finally touched and formed a solid column.

If you don't feel that you can go 100% vegan straight away then take it gradually by cutting out non-vegan foods bit by bit.

Asiatic black bears are killed to protect crops using snares, poisons, and even bombs that explode when bitten by a bear.

Strangely enough we don't always see the funny side of having our ankles and fingers bitten by cuddly, wuddly little doggies.

Kukri snake We know that a lot of people are afraid of snakes and they think that they might be chased after or bitten by a snake.

In 14% of cases "bite into" is used

The cold began to bite into their bones.

Yet how many hackers bit into these is unclear.

So Huge! by just looking at it, you just want to bite into it right away.

It grabbed my dad by his shoulders and bit into his neck with long, sharp, white teeth.

When police arrived they saw a naked man biting into the face of the other participant.

So when you bite into the salmon, you'll get a hint of crunchiness and a burst of saltiness.

And I bit into one and have since made them, put them in zip lock bags and used them for people snacks on long drives! Bingo T.

You can just imagine the satisfaction that they would have felt upon biting into a wholesome pasty containing uncooked beef, onions and potatoes.

Freeze dried pineapple suspended between two sheets of pineapple ' glass ' that seemed to shatter than melt when you bit into it, then melt on your tongue.

Taste wise, it was disappointing, the clay shell cracked (crumbled?) the moment you bit into it, and left your mouth with a very unpleasant powdery residue.

In 9% of cases "bite at" is used

Bed bugs do not ONLY bite at night.

The large rat hesitated, then bit at his cheek.

Faramir's hands fisted by his side and he bit at his lip.

That said, if the 8S had a front camera, I'd probably bite at that price.

He thought my weakness was that if I could get an exclusive story, I would jump at it, bite at it and not be as careful as I should be.

That's just one, as there are too many and I'd have Yhaal's gravelly and gutteral growl, and him biting at his I started another endless list.

That's just one, as there are too many and I'd have Yhaal's gravelly and gutteral growl, and him biting at his chains again if I started another endless list.

In 8% of cases "bite on" is used

Use your lips to tug on hers and slightly bite on her lips at the same time.

I can see its monstrous fangs readying themselves to bite on me, its breakfast.

But I really did get a sense that the media were biting on a well prepared simple story.

Don't know that the court would bite on it, but I wouldn't put it past the DOJ's slime threshold.

When I heard a sound bite on the news last month, an Evangelist woman saying (in response to a question about Gov.

Am I safe? Yes -- you could have been bitten on a plane, in a waiting room chair, in a bar or restaurant, in a taxi or bus.

Then again getting someone to bite on Lind even if it's for a chump lottery prospect might free up cash for a better left fielder.

GASHING AND BITING OF TEETH: (especially during sleep) bite on a carob! TORN MUSCLE: For 4 days move the joint as little as possible.

A male resident, who was said to have chanced upon the scene and tried raising the alarm, was reportedly bitten on the lower lip by the.

In 6% of cases "bite in" is used

However, as with all wild animals, never try to corner a fox as it may bite in panic.

Dualities have two sides, and whichever side comes by, it bites in its particular way.

A typical French intellectual, he is sharp, incisive and biting in his criticism of globalisation as advocated in the 1990s.

A quick rebound (refreeze) in extent would not surprise me one bit in the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea with the ice (albeit low concentrations) still floating around.

In 4% of cases "bite through" is used

The light in the white tents is attracting huge mosquitos that bite through our cheap nylon trousers.

Dave had bitten through both of Sol-leks's traces, and was standing directly in front of the sled in his proper place.

Thankfully they did not disappoint, with a lovely crunch as you bit through the crumbed layer then followed with a spicy sour taste in the rice stuffing.

Mum will deal with them, licking each puppy to ensure the sac is cleaned from the face so they can breathe easily, and biting through the umbilical cord.

Looks somewhat like an olive, but bite through its outer shell, which feels abit like a very thin film on your tongue, and pure liquid olive essence explodes on your tongue.

In 3% of cases "bite about" is used

I don't worry one bit about climate and their ability to live long and be fruitful.

Also, as someone with a full head of hair, I don't care one bit about cranium paint.

In 3% of cases "bite of" is used

If you have at least little bit of logical thinking you will accept the fact.

In 2% of cases "bite like" is used

They are pretty dissapointing at the moment, bit like Nat's light.

Basically your saying Rio was right to stand up for Evra, bit like Liverpool players standing up for Luis against Wigan, fair enough i see your point, both are shows of support for your team mates.

In 2% of cases "bite to" is used

Nosiree, human nature and our natural tendency towards avarice don't apply one bit to the police.

Most importantly, parents with behavioral problems -- from biting to skittishness -- don't make it to the breeding pool.

In 1% of cases "bite as" is used

The watchdog needs to be able to bite as well as bark.

In 1% of cases "bite behind" is used

Build a bridge On November 9, 2012 at 6:40 pm Paul Harris said: Gee John A, bit behind the eight ball aye? You might/may start a political party? You have told people that this is your intention.

In 1% of cases "bite between" is used

The mosquitoes that carry the microscopic worms usually bite between the hours of dusk and dawn.

In 1% of cases "bite despite" is used

Expect to be bitten despite you and your hotel's efforts to keep the pests away.

In 1% of cases "bite for" is used

I don't blame Bywater one bit for opting not to give Baio any more information.

I still have those, but not much on the planet understands 36bit fortran-IV code from the PDP and vax systems of the early 70's.

In 1% of cases "bite out" is used

I arrived about 20mins later, bit out of breath, bit sweaty, and embarrassed.

In 1% of cases "bite over" is used

My main concern for the UK is food security if a combination of geopolitics and resource crunches start to bite over the next couple of decades.

In 1% of cases "bite with" is used

This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year, because everything is biting with winter approaching.

In 1% of cases "bite without" is used

Overall these Chicken Gyoza taste quiet decent for frozen food products and indeed they do come in handy when you just need to prepare some quite bite without storming up the kitchen.