Prepositions after "blame"

"blame for" or "blame on"?

In 75% of cases "blame for" is used

Its SAF whom to blame for this.

The media is to blame for this.

It can not be blamed for the loss.

Just because some people are terrorists, the whole religion can not be blamed for it.

I take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the American people.

But even though I tried my very best, I still got blamed for things which I didn't do.

This administration is so bent on not being blamed for anything, they're putting all their chips on a stupid video.

Shoddy highways, poorly maintained vehicles and drivers ' disregard for road safety are blamed for most fatalities.

Now, if you are wondering why you aren't getting any leads or sales, your marketing methods are to be blamed for it.

Sometime I think that I am partially to blame for how bad his alcoholism became, as I tolerated it for so many years.

In 18% of cases "blame on" is used

United is still blaming on injury.

Its sinking is blamed on Britain? s.

The attack was originally blamed on al-Qaeda.

Stagnant wages over the last 30 years can not be blamed on the rising cost of health care.

The mistakes can not be blamed on primitive technology or old fashioned scientific methods.

They attribute this to a weak patrolling system, which is in turn blamed on staff shortage.

Most of the time organizers put blames on audience as reason for starting show late but this time it was other way around.

Even at 2 -- 0 up his team never gave the impression of being in control, and that much can not simply be blamed on the referee.

Floods have also been blamed on the number of illegally built homes in Italy which block water courses and prevent natural drainage.

In 2% of cases "blame by" is used

Both tribal parties will be equally blamed by citizens, proving to the rest of the world that Democracy as we practice it does not work.

Hedge funds shorting its shares were blamed by HBOS for a collapse in its share price last year which prompted a rescue takeover by what is now known as Lloyds Banking Group.

In 2% of cases "blame in" is used

Recently though, I've begun to feel that there might be a new culprit to blame in my devastating milk-history.

Even if someone else commits a crime, it will be the addicted person who will be blamed in the first instance.

Hatch said that the victim was not to blame in the case, but that all women must be vigilant against becoming victims.

He finally learned diabetes was to blame in April 2008, and he used that spring and summer to develop a plan for managing it.

In 2% of cases "blame to" is used

But you neatly avoid any personal responsibility by deflecting all blame to oil companies.

On the one hand, social services are blamed to allowing some disadvantaged parents torture their children for years.

Look back before blaming to when employers were confined to the US rather than the globalization that Bush Jr left us.

In our day-to-day life, sometimes we are misunderstood or even unjustly blamed to the extent that we become unduly miserable and depressed.

No matter how much we like to apportion credit or blame to those involved, neither justice nor mercy always works according to logic in a fallen world.

In 1% of cases "blame of" is used

The Chinese government has also been blamed of polluting the environment.

Therefore the early blames of kalm can not be applied to them in the same breath with the innovators.