Prepositions after "blight"

blight by, with, for, from or through?

In 81% of cases "blight by" is used

What's more it is no longer blighted by crashes.

Unlike many of its African neighbours, Tanzania has a peaceful history not blighted by ethnic violence.

We work in more than 60 villages with people whose lives have been blighted by war, drought and poverty.

In many ways its like what is transpiring in the nations blighted by the Arab Spring; one man, one vote, one time.

A war of movement as seen so much in June/July 1941 became an attack blighted by freezing weather that would hinder.

What the comment about the woman says is that this role of helping is to be blighted by the dominance of men, something very visible down the ages.

His nine year pro career has been blighted by hand injuries, personal problems and ill-discipline but despite that he has only lost just once in 34 starts.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank Barack Obama's first four years were blighted by the legacy of the Lehman Brothers crash.

I wish that this could be enough to expose what is really happening to those unfortunates like us whose whole life has been blighted by a RoNS project (in our case Puhoi to Wellsford).

In 4% of cases "blight from" is used

Some lives are blighted from the womb onwards.