Prepositions after "boast"

"boast of" or "boast about"?

In 50% of cases "boast of" is used

Presently it boasts of a population of 1.

It boasts of the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife.

They boast of having many professional long-term employees.

The same Islamophobic gang and their confederates are now boasting of their success.

Today, the band can only boast of these two buses of which the old one needs to be replaced.

Under the present situation, it is difficult for Nigeria to boast of a dream for a free press.

The school which boasts of 316 students and 16 teachers is run by the Grail Sisters under the Catholic Diocese of Same.

Worse, a cheating rider can even boast of signing this declaration to show the world just how clean they are, all whilst lying.

Today, Malaysia can boast of having one of the most well-developed infrastructure among the newly industrialising countries of Asia.

That's why you have soldiers boasting of the people they killed and then years later sinking into post traumatic stress disorder.

In 28% of cases "boast about" is used

Boasting about what one does not have.

You have boasted about your ability to judge character.

Women now openly boast about their involvement in adultery.

From playing games to boasting about their online conquests, this is a new way to do so.

I have a feeling we won't be hearing Obama &; Biden boasting about killing Bin Laden for awhile,,.

But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth.

He had been boasting about a dramatic narrowing of the achievement gap between NAM (non-Asian minority) and other students.

I'd not saying that in any way to boast about my own prowess, but rather to acknowledge the gargantuan efforts of the creative team.

They spend vast sums on advertising (and boast about their high grades) to attract more students and get more money from the government.

There are many over-the-counter products on the market today, all boasting about their amazing whitening power and outstanding results.

In 5% of cases "boast in" is used

The manager can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.

In fact boasting in your spiritual gifts is like denying Christ and getting the glory.

However exalted in various respects, he had nothing to boast in the presence of God, being saved by grace, through faith, even as others.

Or you might try George Osborne, who boasted in parliament last week about his tremendous success in hacking back government spending as a proportion of GDP.

Or you might try George Osborne (pictured ), who boasted in parliament last week about his tremendous success in hacking back government spending as a proportion of GDP.

In 2% of cases "boast on" is used

That I will not boast on the works and manifestation of the Spirit in the ministry that God has called me.

In 1% of cases "boast after" is used

Baba Ram dev may not be boasting after all.

In 1% of cases "boast against" is used

Being a wild olive tree - Had the graft been nobler than the stock, yet its dependance on it for life and nourishment would leave it no room to boast against it.

In 1% of cases "boast at" is used

Apple iPhone 4S VS iPhone 5: Performance As Apple boasted at the iPhone 5's launch event, the processing and graphical prowess are twice that of the already capable iPhone 4S.

Tommy himself was brash and sarcastic throughout, calling in sick on several occasions and boasting at one point that he stayed out of jail through ' coordination with law enforcers '.

In 1% of cases "boast concerning" is used

Maryland is considered to be a place that most can boast concerning a economically growing population.

In 1% of cases "boast following" is used

Mordvinova also reportedly defended her affair with Beeka by boasting following your funeral that SA men were permitted to have more than a single woman.

In 1% of cases "boast off" is used

This city boasts off the Bolivia's latest images both economically and architecturally.

For the sake of travelers, this country boasts off an advantage of being highly cultured.

From cultural point of view, La Paz boasts off beautiful face and attracts the daily theater with many readings, performances and concerts.

In 1% of cases "boast over" is used

Nigeria boasted over 125 million total connected lines before the end of the last quarter in 2011 with its contribution to making the country one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

In 1% of cases "boast with" is used

Things that would make leaders resign in other countries we boast with them in Nigeria.

Rosa City Laguna, The Sonoma, boasting with abundant greenery that refreshes the eyes and relaxes the mind.