Prepositions after "bomb"

"bomb in" or "bomb by"?

In 33% of cases "bomb in" is used

Ivanovic bombed in a half dozen crosses and maybe 1 was actually accurate.

You can not bomb in urban areas without causing terror and collateral damage.

Privately owned Sirasa TV's studios were bombed in an early-morning raid on January 06, 2009.

About a month before the election, Humphrey said the United States would halt bombing in North Vietnam.

He said the bombings changed the nature of the AFP's forensic work, as it was the first suicide bombing in south-east Asia.

TIME spoke with Vick shortly before the cease-fire and just after a bus was bombed in Tel Aviv, to get the story behind the story.

Gunmen attacked two other churches in Garissa last July, killing 18 and wounding 40, and a church in Nairobi was bombed in September.

In the United States the deadly attacks have reawakened memories of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, where a right-wing extremist, Timothy J.

Discovering her sister house was bombed in the war and is now derelict, she enlists the help of policeman Dougie Marshall to find Betty in the city.

After Chelsea tied up the game the back 4 became more involved in the offensive buildup and didn't just sit back bombing in hail mary type crosses.

In 24% of cases "bomb by" is used

Of course, the ruined old cathedral, bombed by the.

The message is that Iran's missile sites must soon be bombed by Israel, the U.

The Lee's lived in constant fear of being accidentally bombed by American planes.

On the 19th Chongjin was bombed by FEAF B-29s, and on the 20th the destroyer Lyman K.

An old bridge that was bombed by the US in the Korean war serves as a major tourist attraction for the Chinese.

The closer bridge was bombed by the Americans during the Korean war to stop the Chinese from supplying the Koreans.

The Tamils are desperate because the last hospital in the area was forced to close after twice being bombed by the Sri Lankan army.

Then a Hotel Mace Neufelds was staying at got bombed by the IRA, Then a Restaurant the Director and actors were eating at also got bombed by the IRA.

Day by day, river by river, forest by forest, mountain by mountain, missile by missile, bomb by bomb - almost without our knowing it, we are being broken.

In 10% of cases "bomb at" is used

The film had bombed at box-office leaving Taurani all baffled at the big loss.

And almost a month ago seven people died in a suicide bombing at a Roman Catholic Church in the state.

Transport and bomber aircraft under his command assisted with great efficiency the Army in Bangladesh, especially with bombing at night.

In 8% of cases "bomb on" is used

Today, as in the aftermath of the failed underwear bombing on Christmas Day, Republicans are eager to give that power back.

When Dresden was first bombed on the 13th February 1945, many Allied Prisoners of War were brought to the town to help clear the debris.

One week after the Dolphinarium bombing on June 1, 2001 in Tel Aviv in which 21 people, mainly young girls, were killed, PA television carried the sermon of Sheik Ibrahim Al-Madhi.

In 6% of cases "bomb for" is used

On 30 April 1970, Richard Nixon announced the US invasion of Cambodia, a sovereign nation the US had been secretly bombing for several months.

In 4% of cases "bomb from" is used

She heard about the suicide bombing from an editor.

After all, the NATO war machine suffered no direct losses because of its power to bomb from the sky and arming the KLA.

In 3% of cases "bomb out" is used

After bombing out of the finals in 2011, Bellamy had his side firing at the start of 2012 and they quickly went to the top of the table.

Their end of the season implosion and bombing out of the CL and Europa cup gives a lot of hope that he may have lost his motivational magic and his mastery of squeaky bum time.

In 2% of cases "bomb over" is used

He was particularly reviled after the 1988 Pan Am airliner bombing over Lockerbie, by Libyan agents in which 270 people were killed.

In 1% of cases "bomb against" is used

President Nixon unilaterally initiated and authorized a campaign of bombing against the neutral nation of Cambodia.

In 1% of cases "bomb because" is used

I mentioned that I couldn't understand, on any level, how someone could resort to suicide bombing because of their beliefs.

In 1% of cases "bomb during" is used

Stoke Newington had been sporadically bombed during the conflict, as the memorial in Abney Park cemetery to the 169 people killed by one casually dropped bomb in Coronation Avenue will testify.

In 1% of cases "bomb to" is used

Bombed to the brink of oblivion, the planet Centauri Prime is starting the slow and painful process of rebuilding, under the watchful eye of Emperor Londo Mollari.