Prepositions after "bond"

"bond with" or "bond to"?

In 52% of cases "bond with" is used

Missi also bonds with Jake (Angus T.

Today is a perfect day to bond with Hyzyd.

I bonded with new friends from around the world.

Eating too much might be unsafe because the chocolate often bonds with too much fats.

I have listed quite methods to bond with your family but these can be extremely efficient.

The goal was to have PAPs bond with them in the US and then apply for Humanitarian Parole.

But they were not made for this as the woman has to carry the child in the belly and naturally bonds with the child.

In my case it was obvious -- that I value the time to bond with my family as well as manage my work more efficiently.

I also respect how you associate with your team mates, and I think it's particularly funny the way you bond with Marcelo.

At first the son stays close to his mother, then he gains independence, and then increasingly bonds with and even mimics his father.

In 21% of cases "bond to" is used

I don't need to be bonded to you.

Secondary carbon atom: One bonded to two other C atoms.

Tertiary carbon atom: One bonded to three other C atoms.

Quaternary carbon atom: One bonded to four other C atoms.

Ms Benjamin had tried to move a 52,000 bond to a current account.

Personally I can't help but be bonded to a force when creating it.

Primary carbon atom: A carbon atom bonded to only one other C atom.

Hormones can only have an effect if they are able to bond to a receptor.

All my rescues have turned out to be more deeply bonded to me then one I went and bought.

In 4% of cases "bond as" is used

Everybody needs to recharge, and the time off gives you time to bond as a family.

It took three days for people to get to know one another, and another two for us to bond as a team.

Roeder hosts an in-person retreat each year, which she sees as an opportunity for the team to vision, work, and bond as a group.

In 4% of cases "bond by" is used

For those bonded by one or more miscarriages who are now parents.

If staying less than three days they can be kept on board, otherwise must be bonded by the authorities in each island until departure.

In 4% of cases "bond in" is used

I want the love and bond in our family to be restored.

However, having a criminal record will not necessarily affect your ability to be bonded in the first place.

In 4% of cases "bond over" is used

We bonded over Pulp, the Zombies, SFA, Aztec Camera and the like and were soon making our own music.

Penny always had a soft spot in my heart -- and we certainly bonded over the shared **27;42709;TOOLONG experience.

I found community with them, as the non-birth parent of a kiddo, and we bonded over the things that parents have in common.

Sources tell the magazine that other than bonding over their love for the sport, Timberlake and Pera have bonded over his interest in technology.

In 2% of cases "bond for" is used

So he applied for NIE, and bond for THREE years.

He told me once that he could barely even feel Figo, and they'd been bonded for almost four years then.

In 2% of cases "bond like" is used

And really, if a team really really had to bond like that, they could have pooled their money and done the absolute right thing.

Despite the differences in culture and language, team members still bonded like old friends, new friendships were formed, old friends ' reconnected and new memories were created.

In 1% of cases "bond during" is used

Maybe we bonded during the two day bus trip across Tanzania when we broke down and had to stop for repairs that stretched into hours and an overnight stay.

In 1% of cases "bond into" is used

Stars can also bond into more complicated multiples.

In 1% of cases "bond through" is used

For some reason, in Ireland as similar to Japan, you stumble upon many different types of personalities, walks of life all bonded through the interest of something with four wheels.

In 1% of cases "bond until" is used

Otherwise firearms will be removed and bonded until departure.

If not, they will be taken ashore and bonded until the yacht leaves.