Prepositions after "borrow"

borrow from, for, against, at or by?

In 67% of cases "borrow from" is used

It's like borrowing from yourself.

That is a line borrowed from President Bush.

All the best lines are borrowed from someone else.

They have thus come up with innovative ways of luring customers to borrow from them.

The amount they have to borrow from the ECB has gone up every month for the last ten.

Also, records show that Regency Equifin both borrowed from and lent money to Gadkari.

Its design is borrowed from neo-classical architectural style that dominated the earlier colonial era in Africa.

These scales are often borrowed from Non-western traditions, but are then used in ways typical of Western music.

The Professor is right, the oil bubble blew up the economy, which was fueled with money borrowed from our homes.

The name Paddy's Markets was most likely borrowed from England, but it has been in use since at least the 1870s.

In 6% of cases "borrow for" is used

I put a nice flat-spot into Matthew's tubs I had borrowed for the race.

No longer can we assume to borrow for many of our lifestyle needs, we must now budget.

We should of course still pay back the capital that we have borrowed for exchequer spending.

The cost of borrowing for companies was creeping upward as banks passed on higher funding costs.

The latter reference-area comprises the space left after space is borrowed for the other two reference-areas.

What we shouldn't pay back is anything that has been borrowed for the banks, or that we have guaranteed for the banks.

It is much easier to work on your business without the nagging thoughts of needing pay back money you borrowed for your business.

Application of present value of an annuity You can calculate how much you can borrow for a car based on your budget amount towards monthly repayment of loan.

In 5% of cases "borrow against" is used

They won't be able to borrow against it.

Can I borrow against my Tax Shelter account? No you can not.

Savings are gone; relatives have been tapped out; you don't have a home or 401(k) to borrow against.

When you borrow against your 401k, you risk of unnecessarily giving away a percentage of your savings.

Conversely, the worst wealth-creation strategy ever, is to borrow against equity for lifestyle expenses.

borrow against your life insurance Do you have life insurance with a cash value? If so, borrow against the policy.

borrow against your life insurance Do you have life insurance with a cash value? If so, borrow against the policy.

That is, even with this asset to borrow against, Americans were struggling more than ever to meet their obligations.

That may be left in the credit union to borrow against in the future or put in a bank account that has a guaranteed and higher interest rate.

There are many people that promote the idea of buying as many investment properties in a short period of time as possible, borrowing against existing equity.

In 4% of cases "borrow at" is used

Some of these banks were borrowing at many multiples of their assets.

Because of the IBRD's credit rating, it is able to borrow at relatively low interest rates.

Currently, it should be financed by borrowing at the lowest interest rates for 300 years.

Germany has been borrowing at 2% from the markets and passing the money to Greece charging 4%.

It seems that the Americans have got in this mess because they want to borrow at low interest rates.

If an investor is forced to borrow at rates higher than bank interest it means the bank turned them down.

In fact Germany has made billions out of the Greek crises not just in exports but because Greece has been shut out from borrowing at interest rates of 30%.

In 4% of cases "borrow by" is used

Borrowing by other levels of government increased in the quarter, led by provincial government bond issues.

The idea that an ebook can only be borrowed by one person at a time seems a bit strange at first, but it kind of makes sense in the library scenario.

But smaller businesses, in particular, were often discouraged from borrowing by the need to provide guarantees, an increasingly prevalent condition for lending.

About the Short Interest Page Short selling is the selling of a security that the seller does not own, or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a security borrowed by the seller.

In 4% of cases "borrow in" is used

Borrowing in excess of your homes value is not recommended.

But it also has implications for a debtor's ability to ever borrow in future.

They had bet the house on borrowing in the international markets to lend to Irish property.

Such persons are also permitted to borrow in foreign currency for any purpose against the pledge of their NRFC deposits.

The more you give of your time to finding funding for your college, the less amount of money you're going to need to borrow in loans.

Also used to describe the ratio of a company's borrowing in relation to its market capitalisation and the gearing ratio measures the extent to which a company is funded by debt.

In 2% of cases "borrow on" is used

We can not borrow on the markets because our credit rating is seriously damaged.

You ought to bottom the total amount you borrow on cash you might have kept following budget costs are met.

Like the student loan, a student overdraft is an immensely cheap method of borrowing on offer exclusively to students.

Greek finance minister George Papaconstantinou said Greece had not asked for the plan to be activated, and still hoped to borrow on public markets rather than seeking a rescue.

In 1% of cases "borrow as" is used

Ducks quack, and banks borrow as well as lend.

In 1% of cases "borrow into" is used

The word was only later borrowed into English.

In 1% of cases "borrow under" is used

That, in turn, would involve tough decision in both Cairo and Washington since it is far more than Egypt would normally be allowed to borrow under the IMF quota system.

In 1% of cases "borrow without" is used

Work out how much you can afford to spare each month and this should give you an idea of how much you can borrow without making your life difficult.