Prepositions after "bounce"

bounce off, around, to, from or in?

In 24% of cases "bounce off" is used

Reverberating trigger ripples bouncing off each other.

For every site that gets bounced off the page there is a new site replacing it.

David Luiz really couldn't do much as the ball bounced off him and into the net.

I chose her because I felt she brought another point-of-view and we'd bounce off each other.

This makes sure that you get a better bounce off of the individual strings and a more percussive sound.

As I was standing there, no hail bounced off the ground and then off the roof and then hit me on the head.

A radio signal from the Earth and bounced off the Moon's surface back to Earth would take approximately 2 seconds.

While taking refuge I got to thinking about the action on the hail stones as they bounced off the tarmac surfaced walkway.

As a result, swords can bounce off of one another, and the game's three main attacks can be tweaked and adjusted on the fly.

During the landing the 767 bounced off the runway before coming down heavily a second time, a video recording of the incident shows.

In 9% of cases "bounce around" is used

It bounces around year to year.

Jack Kemp In ' 59, after bouncing around the NFL, Kemp had a failed attempt at making the Stampeders.

Leaders and leadership are words which are bounced around every day in Network Marketing Business Opportunity program.

If a government spends 100 then that causes transactions to bounce around the economy like a stone skipping across a pond.

Bouncing around the stage and constantly working on an impulse, this gig was coming from a lady who's precision in entertainment is faultless in almost every way.

In 8% of cases "bounce from" is used

Leach's barrel bounced from rock to rock through the rapids before becoming stuck in an eddy in the Whirlpool.

Upon hearing this, his wife bounces from the car, leaving him to face his (and everyone else 's) impending doom alone.

He bounced from promotion to promotion picking up fights, and at the time he never imagined the path that he would one day walk that would turn into the proverbial golden brick road.

In 8% of cases "bounce to" is used

That's what I'd bouncing to right now.

He can gain from this, take into account Olly/JLS both bounced to the top 2 from this position.

Most of the MIDI parts were later bounced to audio, but four tracks (top) were run as live MIDI at mixdown.

That seems to be quite fitting, eh? Spatula Hand Boy may have difficulties bouncing to his step aerobics routine without his spleen, yes? This SpleenGirl.

The second, with the Pats operating from their own 1, was an in cut over the middle that hit him in the numbers a yard past the chains and bounced to the turf.

WwwwwwTF?: Radim Vrbata scored one of the weirdest goals I can remember: David Legwand was behind his own net when the puck bounced to him in the air and he caught it.

In 7% of cases "bounce in" is used

I just used some reverbs and delays, to make him bounce in the track.

I saw one of Pun's last performances as he sat on stool for 3 songs and bounced in a limo.

And, as always, some ' pick and mix ' and have a patchwork of memory that may give equal memory-weight to a family death and a beech ball bouncing in some sandy cove.

You could see the action on his pitches quite clearly, and when he tossed a wild pitch, the noise it made against the backstop (after bouncing in the dirt first!) made half the stadium jump.

In 6% of cases "bounce on" is used

Soon after, the ball bounces on a green and rolls into a hole.

If you find yourself bouncing on the saddle, it is a sign that you are spinning too fast.

The beach ball is soft and mushy and when bounced on the ground sits for a while before slowly rebounding back into the air.

She could still not resist rubbing her well blistered bottom while bouncing on her toes though, before being ordered to pull up her tights and smooth down her skirts.

Wallace had weeks of physical therapy that included such exercises as walking on a treadmill while playing a game on an iPad or bouncing on a ball while reading a book.

And, as I pant around the gym and tennis court, bounce on the briny or swish down the white stuff -- I'd just like to say that quite a few SHM's do try to take care of themselves.

In 5% of cases "bounce across" is used

Gumps bounced across the surface, forward momentum maintained.

He bounces across the room and answers questions in rapid-fire fashion.

The Mop suddenly bounced across the room, threw herself on the bed and sent Eric flying.

As you drive your car down the road you see a child bouncing a ball on the footpath, she loses control of the ball and it bounces across the road in front of you.

In 4% of cases "bounce into" is used

In his last tournament, he flipped his driver to the turf after an errant tee shot, and the club bounced into and over the gallery.

Bouncing into view with their typical blend of energy and stage presence, Fred launched straight into a set that encompassed most of their back catalogue highlights, and then some.

In 3% of cases "bounce between" is used

Bounced between that insinuating word and the sotto voce rustle of the piece itself, I found myself absolutely captivated.

In 3% of cases "bounce over" is used

Watson has plenty of experience of sub-continental pitches, so he knows that the older ball won't often bounce over the stumps.

I hit it in mid-air and, when I landed, saw their defender Ryan Shawcross running back to try to clear but it bounced over him.

Portions of British Columbia were travelled by freight car, ferry, boat and in a few places driving along railway tracks bouncing over the ties.

In 3% of cases "bounce with" is used

After many days I searched SMTP server from a IP Scanner software But my some mail messages are still bouncing with this SMTP server.

In 1% of cases "bounce about" is used

The guys were again on fantastic form and bounced about the stage from the off, the energy the band put into the show would shame bands half their age.

In 1% of cases "bounce against" is used

He tried not to grunt when his head bounced against the door.

In 1% of cases "bounce along" is used

Ah well, that can wait a few weeks, I've just spotted someone bouncing along the beach.

In 1% of cases "bounce at" is used

My horse got so confident that he could jump almost any combination of fences or poles, and was happy jumping bounces at the ends of grids as well as the start and middle.

In 1% of cases "bounce atop" is used

The classes blend Pilates and yoga moves with cardio circuits, and include bouncing atop the jump board and bouts of TRX suspension training.

In 1% of cases "bounce by" is used

I got kicked out of the course just before the jump, wasn't over the outside ski enough and got bounced by a rut.

In 1% of cases "bounce for" is used

Take advantage of the ideas that you simply read in this article, as a way to bounce for the front from the collection in the real estate marketplace.

In 1% of cases "bounce towards" is used

In that moment of truth, the snake expressed the desire to kiss his sweet cheeks as it bounced towards him lovingly.

In 1% of cases "bounce up" is used

Many markets have bounced up to areas of resistance on the charts.

In 1% of cases "bounce within" is used

All I really know is that it didn't bounce within 5 minutes, which doesn't prove much.