Prepositions after "brace"

brace for, against, up or after?

In 82% of cases "brace for" is used

We braced for back to school, unpacked, moved furniture, guided children through new routines.

The Pacific Northwest is the other region of the country bracing for weather troubles in the coming week.

Hatem Ali, the director of the series, said his team braced for controversy before the first episode was aired.

The All Blacks will brace for some similar dirty tactics if comments from monstrous Boks lock Andries Bekker were any gauge.

I would dearly like to purchase some of your lemon braces for my daughters boyfriend, who is a citrus grower in Gayndah, Queensland.

Kentucky In October, Kentucky braced for an active fire season based on the abundance of wildfire fuels coupled with dry conditions.

NATO, leading a force of 16,000 troops in Kosovo, is now braced for violence if frustrated Albanians lose patience and take matters into their own hands.

Houston confesses he's been braced for the inevitable backlash, which has come from refugee advocates and their many allies in the law and health professions.

However, since everyone is bracing for one of the most challenging elections in Malaysia's electoral history, it is unlikely that they would want to rock the boat.

In 8% of cases "brace up" is used

Even in the face of death, the policemen braced up to the challenge and fought like gallant men.

It is in this regard that one must praise the courage of President Jonathan to brace up to the challenge of proposing a comprehensive transformation of the petroleum sector.

In 3% of cases "brace after" is used

Make all motorists and passengers wear full face helmets and neck braces after all more drivers suffer head and neck trauma than cyclists.