Prepositions after "breathe"

breathe in, through, on, into or with?

In 37% of cases "breathe in" is used

Then there was someone breathing in my ear.

She took last breathe in arms of her husband.

To breathe in the breath of life you have been given.

Imagine breathing in a bright white light that makes your body feel happy and light.

I feel the soft rise and fall of her body and find myself breathing in tandem with her.

Instead, Jane advocates that people try to change the way they breathe in a more general sense.

We wonder where will Prince be, what he is doing and that we are breathing in the same air, under the same building.

Hoping for the tons of weight to lift off, I breathed in the chilled air, Anything I thought I would take; it was fair.

The roll part of the course teaches people how to get their head above the water surface and avoid breathing in water.

Workers in other factories have told me all about the dangers of breathing in stone dust, so I wear my mask all the time.

In 11% of cases "breathe through" is used

Calmly, breathe through your suffering.

Start breathing through your nose slowly.

He is NOT, but the Infinity breathes through him.

They breathe through their dominant nostril (Rossi, 1996, p 171-2).

She breathed through her mouth during the whole film, distractingly so.

We breathe through nose, we talk through our mouth and most importantly, the brain.

It will encourage you to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth as you sleep.

Breathing through a snorkel, she was watching Octopus vulgaris -- the common octopus.

They are amplified, because the protagonists live and breathe through their actions and reactions to the world, leaving you to focus on how you they affect the world and vice-versa.

Sometimes, a small tape may be placed over the nose to keep the dressings in place Blocked nasal breathing -- you will have to breathe through your mouth until the packing gauze is removed.

In 9% of cases "breathe on" is used

Unknown to Alvarez, Yushioka was fast breathing on his neck.

I've seen people start breathing on their own and recover in such cases.

Some lost the use of their arms, others could only breathe on a ventilator.

Six weeks after he was delivered, Joseph was still on a ventilator, unable to breathe on his own.

Ear Kiss (halik sa tenga?) Kiss and slightly nibble her ears, breathing on them slightly at the same time.

As a result, I found it hard to breathe on many occasions, which needless to say, is not a good way to live life.

Humility is like a sensitive plant, when you breathe on it, suddenly it drops its head, and when you touch it; it withers away.

Routley could breathe on his own, but was unable to speak, fixate on people with his eyes, follow people with his eyes or show emotion.

Secondly, if you put all the stress for your body support and breathing on your upper chest and shoulders, this will exacerbate any difficulties you suffer with your lungs.

In 7% of cases "breathe into" is used

She should not breathe into her drink, and she should drink sitting down if she can.

She does not breathe into the cup, nor does she drink from the mouth of the jug or bottle if she can help it.

God created man from two dimensions; He formed man's body from the soil and then He breathed into man the breath of life.

It is an alcohol activated vehicle immobiliser! Prior to starting a vehicle the person sitting in the drivers seat must breathe into the tube.

The ' logged ' water (to coin a phrase) is then breathed into the atmosphere by plants, causing an even greater concentration of salts in the soil.

In 5% of cases "breathe with" is used

Her playing also breathes with an intimacy despite the stunning void of the sky.

You need not breathe with an effort; just take a deep long breath and the rest will happen on its own.

Shallow, weak breathing is mostly a result of trying to breathe with the upper chest muscles instead of the belly and diaphragm.

They live and breathe with the life around them, without forcing the grapes to perform in unnatural ways with genetic modification or chemicals.

The city breathes with the rise and fall of its tide, and for centuries the Thames has posed patiently for tourist drawings, etchings and photos.

These items aid you in seeing clearly underwater, enable you to breathe with your mouth and nose submerged, and empower you with greater movement underwater.

In 4% of cases "breathe for" is used

Breathing Technique We all take breathing for granted.

Alarmed, I stopped breathing for a second and my heart began to pump hard.

So the PROGs will be forced to tax the very air we breathe for those unfortunate enough to live here.

And I found it's a bit like duel breathing for a beatboxer: one part of you is doing the beat, the other the bass line.

And I thought we are already at the worst but no, the beast continues to salvage my child's body and yet, my baby keeps on breathing for me.

In 4% of cases "breathe from" is used

We could forgive being close to the road for all of the fresh oxygen we were breathing from the trees.

Breathing from the bag through a straw he found the cave, armed himself and fought the monster until it fled howling.

Your comment, talking about her teeth and which orafice she breathes from is why people are standing up and defending her.

Breathing from this new point within the tube will inevitably change your awareness from third to fourth dimensional consciousness, or from earth consciousness to Christ consciousness.

In 3% of cases "breathe at" is used

I can feel it breathe at every time of the day.

She said she was also having trouble breathing at night.

We did not know even that we were breathing at that time.

People breathe at different rates, and you breathe faster when you're swimming than when you're resting.

Always swim at a relaxed pace, breathing at a comfortable rhythm, using floating aids if you need to and stop before you get too tired or rest between laps.

In 3% of cases "breathe by" is used

Story is more compelling and brings an emotional attribute, that content marketing can not live and breathe by itself.

She is challenged to use her nervous system to figure out space and her relationship to it, to breathe by herself, to circulate oxygen and nutrients to her entire body; to eat, digest, and eliminate.

In 2% of cases "breathe before" is used

They were coming on fast and furious and I barely had time to breathe before the next ones hit.

In 2% of cases "breathe of" is used

He looks genuinely interested, holding his breathe of voice until I continue to speak.

In 2% of cases "breathe to" is used

Imagine what his generation is capable of, the internet is like breathing to him.

In 2% of cases "breathe without" is used

Heart is not the seat of desires alone, there sit on it our very sacred feelings which are not good or bad, they're just as natural as you and I breathing without our consent.

In 1% of cases "breathe away" is used

Allergic reaction can block the sinus passages and Darren Sproles Jersey make you breathe away from your mouth area, which then causes snoring loudly.

In 1% of cases "breathe inside" is used

Even if these breathing inside the polluted air usually do not endure from allergies, such particles can cause extreme illness.

In 1% of cases "breathe like" is used

Adam could swim underwater and breathe like a fish.

In 1% of cases "breathe next" is used

Everyone in the world who had ever seen Conner and Megan breathe next to each other knew that.

In 1% of cases "breathe out" is used

I cried so hard, I had to breathe out of my mouth.

In 1% of cases "breathe prior" is used

An autopsy performed determined the victim was a full term infant and that he was alive and breathing prior to death.

In 1% of cases "breathe upon" is used

If thy question be answered in the affirmative, thou wilt hear the water ferment and bubble before the demon breathes upon it; if in the negative, the water will be quite silent.