Prepositions after "brush"

"brush off", "brush with" or "brush against"?

In 25% of cases "brush off" is used

But it brushed off the transport problems.

But Savile brushed off the suggestions as ' nonsense '.

Our ACC already trashed driver claim and government brushed off media and people's perception.

The system isn't quite identical but the premise that you need to brush off rejection quite a lot is the same.

Replicas taking the place of originals Brushing off the historic fabrications cooked up for convenience, Dr.

He was later dropped, on the same day as Burt Reynolds, because his Adam's apple was too big! Eastwood brushed off the dismissal and persisted with his acting career.

KIA partner Hyundai is building a Brazil plant, but Gandini brushed off the possibility of shared production at the factory because Hyundai wants to take full advantage of capacity there.

Shearer brushed off the suggestion that changes to the way Labour elected its leader would be destabilising for him, saying a vote would only be held once in the course of a Parliamentary term.

In 16% of cases "brush against" is used

I exhale and reach out, brushing against her mind.

Alas as this article illustrates fatality has not as yet brushed against this Nu Liberalism.

The knee of his jeans brushed against the knee of my cords, and I swear that I was done for.

Edgar jumped a little as two other Haddocks knocked over the other chair, and yet another brushed against his leg.

Furthermore, our hands kept brushing against the touchpad, which caused plenty of typing errors as the cursor would jump all over the place.

These patterns result from brushing against a plant's stems or leaves when outdoors or from lime juice squeezed over the hand or down the forearm.

Russell became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 in recognition of a career that has brushed against many of rock's most influential and elite characters.

On one occasion while trying to sneak around a nasty rapid, I inadvertently brushed against one and was instantly covered in a million spiders -- crawling in my mouth, my ears, up my nose.

In 15% of cases "brush with" is used

brush with milk and sprinkle with caster sugar.

brush with the oil and sprinkle with the salt and peppercorns.

It can quickly be sliced, brushed with olive oil and baked in the oven.

Cut a few narrow strips of filo, brush with butter and place around the walls of the tin to strengthen.

Hold one of the tabs between the teeth, crunch a little, and start to brush with your regular toothbrush and water.

The pastry is then folded over along its longest dimension, brushed with milk and cooked until the pastry is golden brown.

Using a pin or slicker brush, brush with the direction (or grain) of the hair; make sure each section is completely dry before moving on.

Teeth should be brushed frequently and better be brushed with miswaq (a stick of wood from toothbrush tree; a practice of the Prophet).

Once he I being brushed with a little more roughness than I'd expect that he'd like he is so relaxed it's very funny! I was told this by someone in kennels who saw me doing it too gently.

In 7% of cases "brush on" is used

Skin brushing on a daily basis can help with the flow of lymph's around the body and therefore the removal of toxins.

In 7% of cases "brush past" is used

The path starts at the Great Meteoron monastery at the top, passing the Varlaam monastery and then the Roussanou monastery in relatively short distances, then follows the main road brushing past St.

In 7% of cases "brush under" is used

As this country it is ignored and brushed under the carpet.

The psychological impact of advertising and editorials, particularly in the wake of Photoshop's popularity, should not be brushed under the rug.

In 6% of cases "brush over" is used

Howard - who obviously isn't going to change his own line - could have brushed over this difference in a low-key way.

Though they can not spring, they show great quickness in fasteningthemselves to the foot or ankle as it brushes over them.

These shape advantages of a reduced side component, with the sweep from hair wigs brushed over the forehead as well as secured having a comb.

In 2% of cases "brush by" is used

A similarly cloaked figure brushed by Erich and leaned on a wall close to him.

In 1% of cases "brush at" is used

As previous studies have found, the illusion only worked if their real and fake fingers were brushed at the same time.

In 1% of cases "brush of" is used

But you can brush of an entire planetary biosphere with this nihilistic defeatism.

In 1% of cases "brush to" is used

Instructions STEP 1: Keep brushing to a minimum since it promotes breakage.