Prepositions after "buckle"

buckle under, to, in, into or after?

In 53% of cases "buckle under" is used

The ACMD buckled under pressure.

She refused to buckle under the pressure.

Businesses are buckling under health care costs.

We expect this to continue as more families buckle under the pressure of the current climate.

Despite the public (mis) perception of weakness, President Mills refused to buckle under Rawlings.

Her family is disintegrating right before her eyes, buckling under the strain of her reaction to the tragedy.

They will be completely overrun, our hospitals are already straining as the NHS buckles under the sheer weight of the load.

Unlike the previous Government, it is significant that the current Government didn't buckle under pressure from large Corporations.

The Irish team, on the other hand, were chasing shadows for most of the 90 minutes and buckled under the pressure of wave after wave of Spanish attack.

With Anchor's management and monitoring expertise they were able to successfully handle massive spikes of activity without buckling under the pressure.

In 12% of cases "buckle to" is used

It proves that some people have not buckled to the maladies of crass hysteria and infantile paranoia.

Three men with spraying machines buckled to their shoulders pumped thick clouds of soma vapour into the air.

In 9% of cases "buckle in" is used

The strike/lockout lasted six months, but employers buckled in the end, and agreed to improved working conditions.

In 3% of cases "buckle from" is used

The private-sector economy is buckling from uncertainty over tax rates and the looming impact of Obamacare.

In 3% of cases "buckle like" is used

Same shoes that were too squat and laced, never buckled like girl's shoes.