Prepositions after "cheat"

cheat on, in, by, with or at?

In 67% of cases "cheat on" is used

If she didn't cheat on Michael A.

It is like trying to cheat on life.

I'd bound to cheat on him with a woman.

A number of times he cheated on me and said I had no right to stop him from doing so.

Why would he be like this towards me? Answers (2) he s cheating on you! jussst kidding.

Last year, I was humiliated when my boyfriend, George, cheated on me with his best friend.

Uve never cheated on ur gf means u inlove with her, people hardly marry for love this days hence all this nonsense.

I am hoping the new boss flirts with her and adds a little jealousy in Jim, but don't want either to cheat on the other.

He cheated on his wife, and thumped a guy who threw an egg at him, and got away with it! What an unpleasant man he is.

In 9% of cases "cheat in" is used

Cheating in a relationship is a very common thing.

Of course, none of this is to defend cheating in any form.

Simple!!!! Please please and please, nobody has the right to cheat in a marriage.

Students from India have the highest rate of plagiarism and cheating in US Universities.

A whole bunch of people were cheating in these Games, merely so they could beat Aussies.

If the US really wants REVENUE, then they need to go after people that are really cheating in the US.

Also Rita announced that Ini cheated in that Arik Air because they were not in good terms with each other before then.

I'd not one who cheats in a relationship; one man is enough trouble; I don't have the time or energy to juggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time - haha.

Another indictment of the sorry state of Indian education was the view held by students that cheating in examinations is their traditional right.

A quick exchange elsewhere in a book forum made me turn my eye on the work again, and decided I will take the plunge after all, although I cheated in a sense.

In 7% of cases "cheat by" is used

I felt that I was cheated by time.

In fact, they can feel cheated by shirkers.

Now we are not 83 going to be cheated by these bluffs.

It was the chance to prove he had been cheated by Antonio Margarito.

They were cheated by Catania two seasons ago when they got relegated.

Those are rare, very rare, and many never find them or have to cheat by stealing them.

The Defias began as a group of disgruntled stonemasons who were cheated by their government.

Too many of you are cheated by youtube videos, because I doubt that the majority on here watch Brazilian football week in week out lol.

It was announced at this conference that evidence had been found to prove that Tamil examiners had cheated by awarding excessively high marks to Tamil candidates.

In 5% of cases "cheat with" is used

She stupidly chose to deliberately cheat with a married father of two.

Cheating With our tough anti-cheat system, it is extremely difficult to cheat.

You didn't mention if the phone number belonged to a woman who was actually cheating with in the past.

Liberty And it makes me mad when women try to defend a person who cheated with a married father of two.

My dear you should have it at the back of your mind that that man you are cheating with is also a cheat.

I think the best was Ben Johnson, the wife stopped just short of discussing drugs cheats with them Here's a twist on the W.

Bette This doesn't reek of a set up, it reeks of a thrill seeking spoiled brat who got caught cheating with a married man.

Unless I'd mistaken Kristen was wearing Rob's clothes and the jewelery he gave her when she cheated with Sanders, so that conclusion is baffling.

In 4% of cases "cheat at" is used

If you're really posh and have a fancy food processor you could always use that, but remember: it's yourself you're cheating at the end of the day.

Personally I don't care if anyone cheats at a singleplayer game except to laugh at them a bit, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the thing in any way.

Like something that seeks its level I wan na go to the devil I wan na be evil I wan na spit tacks I wan na be evil And cheat at Jacks I wan na be wicked I wan na tell lies.

In 3% of cases "cheat out" is used

If we are cheated out of Darvish, A.

If you are Hispanic, you are being cheated out of citizenship.

They just don't want to be cheated as nobody wants to be cheated out of what is rightly his.

Unfortunately I, like so many other visitors was left enormously disappointed and couldn't escape the feeling of being cheated out of 13.

In 2% of cases "cheat of" is used

Big deal! After the farmers have been cheated of their rights.

How sad that nearly 25 years after their brutal murders we still find that we are being cheated of the truth.

If true, they have been cheated of the chance to win the greatest cycling race in the world, not once, but SEVEN times.

In 1% of cases "cheat for" is used

There is such a thing as cheating for a good cause.

They think that the ref should always cheat for their team, so even a fairly officiated game seems biased to them.

I think they have got cheap calls so often, refs have cheated for them so much, that they know believe that they deserve it.