Prepositions after "confine"

confine to, in, within, by or under?

In 85% of cases "confine to" is used

Staging system Ti: Confined to cords.

They would not be confined to barracks.

Mazhab was not confined to a single Imam.

Prime Minister Mossadegh was arrested and confined to prison until his death in 1967.

When I was a kid it seemed like tattoos were mostly confined to old sailors and carnies.

Regionally these workers are confined to certain areas in Sri Lanka for obvious reasons.

Although confined to only a third of the island, Montserratians bear little grudge to the Soufriere Hills Volcano.

But sadly, these brilliant and replicable experiments have just been confined to media reports or research papers.

Interaction (with other races) is confined to the usual courteous chit chat, greetings and even occasional banter.

Marriage (as we know it today) was initially confined to the aristocracy; and was not undertaken by lowly peasants.

In 7% of cases "confine in" is used

The blast whipped up fear among residents of the city who were confined in their homes.

When the prisoner is to be confined in a jail, the warrant shall be lodged with the jailor.

Most of us would rather stay confined in a private vehicle -- safe and secure as we watch the rest move along.

The cells were so small they looked like storage cells and it was noted that people had been confined in them for years.

A number of them, however, are confined in backyards as protection from marauders and for shelter against rain and wind.

Mohammed Hoji (5) was diagnosed with leukemia just a year after his own mother, who was also confined in the same hospital, died of leukemia.

Biotechnology, and its applications, is not only confined in agriculture but also in medicine and industries like the treatment of sewage and industrial wastes.

Page poetry has very little if any public readership outside of poets and it has been confined in live settings to the formal trappings of the literary festival.

Were a black man to be confined in a dungeon for nineteen years before being brought to trial and then found guilty and executed, the same argument would be used.

Zein (5 ), who was confined in the Basra Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital, 5 months before, suddenly developed a swollen abdomen, and was diagnosed with leukemia.

In 3% of cases "confine within" is used

It had no boundaries, it was not confined within the shabby beliefs of the society.

To mention one, plagiarism is no longer confined within stringent walls of the past.

In the 17 hours before the release, the EUR/USD was confined within a tight 30-pip trading range.

Horses must be confined within stalls in a manner which prevents them causing injury to themselves and to adjacent animals.

Part of understanding God's natural evolution is to understand that sincerity and desire are components of natural space and are confined within the laws of physics.

Baryons are usually confined within nuclei as are unstable and decay if isolated, for example a neutron has a lifetime of about fifteen minutes if not inside the nucleus.

If you think about two sandcastles, one of which is confined within a glass, castle shaped jar, and the other naked, entropy is going to be staved off for much longer under glass.

In 2% of cases "confine by" is used

Congressional behavior, Executive policy makers and intellectual discourse are confined by these ZPC-determined parameters.

The hood would then be put in place, the corset tightened about my body and my arms would then be confined by the armbinder.

In addition, the intensity of sunshine is various from place to place, thus its development is confined by the local sunshine condition.

Superconducting magnets are also used in magnetic levitation (Maglev) trains and in experimental nuclear fusion reactors in which the hot plasma is confined by magnetic fields.

Larger heavier swords would be useless in confined spaces (cant get a decent swing as you would be confined by walls in a corridor for example) and the extra weight would tire you.

In 1% of cases "confine under" is used

The maximum continuous period for leaving a horse standing in a stall is 6 hours, except where the animal is being confined under veterinary supervision.

In 1% of cases "confine with" is used

So, there he was lying, confined with nothing left but his life.

In 1955, National Bakery began distributing bread to Montego Bay and large town centres -- the first time that a bakery was attempting to reach beyond its narrow geographic confine with its products.