Prepositions after "convince"

"convince by", "convince about" or "convince of"?

In 50% of cases "convince by" is used

Bt i ws highly convinced by ur view point.

I always felt that no one is ever convinced by debates.

Pardon me if I fail to be convinced by your blatant hyp.

I just need to be convinced by the work and used it to progress in my own research.

Fortunately, not everyone is convinced by this circular argument -- http: //tinyurl.

She was convinced by a friend to try a chiropractor, despite a previously poor experience.

However, the jury failed to be convinced by either of the couple's versions of events and found them both guilty.

You or anyone else does not have to be convinced by those arguments, but I think could learn a lot if at least you listened to them.

I'd not entirely convinced by this isometric rosy eyed nostalgia trip tbh (I wonder what the sales are beyond a very vocal minority).

In 15% of cases "convince of" is used

Again, they could hardly be convinced of the child's spontaneity.

Do not be convinced of its harmlessness by the number of locals you see drinking it.

You are the first person who must be convinced of the validity of your business concept.

Some Trusts have still to be convinced of the benefits of taking up the Programme's care records systems.

Your bank or lender will need to be convinced of the viability of your business, or your business expansion.

There is, however, still progress to be made before all staff are convinced of the benefits of the Programme.

My hope and prayer is that more people will be convinced of that truth as they go to the polls this November.

Do your own research but I am convince of the benefit of? good? fats and even take three table spoons of coconut oil each day.

To be convinced of this, it is only necessary to look at England, France, Poland, Russia, and India, when the exchanges are at par.

And having been convinced of its necessity the people of wisdom have practically confirmed the necessity of the existence of State.

In 11% of cases "convince about" is used

It's as a Test opener that I'd not necessarily convinced about his credentials.

Mullen has a strong suspicion about who killed Eddie, and I must confess I am not totally convinced about his conclusions.

In any case, I have been studying the links you provided and I'd not convinced about your explanation for the 2 issues I brought up.

The duo had to visit every doctor 10-15 times before they could be convinced about the concept of safe disposal of biomedical waste.

The BCCI has repeatedly stated its opposition to the system based on the fact that it is not convinced about the accuracy of the technology.

Even so, if you're still not entirely convinced about the benefits of a great website design for your on-line enterprise, please do maintain reading.

You seem to be totally convinced about the GW theory, which I am just as equally convinced that we need to double the co2 concentrations if it were possible.

But thinking about it seriously he recollected that he had prostrated himself four years ago before Baba's portrait at Bombay and was convinced about the significance of Baba's words.

In 5% of cases "convince with" is used

With whatever A &R; nous I have going on upstairs, I was convinced with the whole of my being that this would be an absolutely explosive track.

A vast section of middle class is convinced with the logic of capital propagated by the state, power-mongering political parties and omniscient media.

Even Allah replied people with same sentences, when Non-Muslims at the time of Muhammad, were not convinced with evidences of Muhammad's prophet-hood and his message, see Quran 6:109-111.

In 3% of cases "convince at" is used

We are not convinced at the moment of the case for increased regulation.

In 3% of cases "convince in" is used

And, the final demise of the Euro has everyone convinced in the UK that their financial markets are beng held back by the threat of European regulation.

Casting and characterisation were pretty much spot on, although Jessica Biel flounced around like a model rather than convincing in any way as an army officer.

In 3% of cases "convince on" is used

I am 80% convinced on buying it but the camera stops me.

Does the deterrence factor of a helmet override the safety element of a helmet? I'd certainly not convinced on the fear-inducing argument attributed to helmets.

In 2% of cases "convince to" is used

You can convince to the viewers by mentioning the effectiveness of the products.

In 1% of cases "convince as" is used

I'd sorry, but you'll never convince as to the merits otherwise.

In 1% of cases "convince beyond" is used

Perceiving that vacancy filled up, he at first imagined it to be the effect of a fog; but looking more attentively, he was convinced beyond the power of doubt that it was his son-in-law's palace.

In 1% of cases "convince due" is used

Zoo games manage to convince due to their game mechanics and manage to entertain players of all ages with their funny animals and their highly diversified game.

In 1% of cases "convince over" is used

They were now convinced over what they had heard about Yusuf and his beauty.