Prepositions after "cower"

"cower in" or "cower from"?

In 40% of cases "cower in" is used

Don't cower in defence go and have a go at em.

But the Goshawk's freak them out so much they cower in the shed for hours.

Oooh, yes, because we are all cowering in the corner, fearful of what the dentist will tell us.

Gunna take more than that to take me out! It'll happen but at least I don't live my life cowering in fear.

But the whole of Gaza is cowering in their homes tonight, and feeling the shock of bombs landing nearby them.

Video footage from inside laboratories shows that animals cower in fear every time someone walks by their cages.

The Filipinos should never be left to cower in the sidelines -- their thoughts and voices should not be shackled by fear and intimidation.

We know it wasn't purposeful, so we just tidied it up and got on with it ), but she cowered in the corner expecting a response to what she'd done.

Tourists, when they are not cowering in their hotel rooms, can be spotted standing by the side of the road wearing expressions that range from startled to stupefied.

In 17% of cases "cower from" is used

In Delhi now but cowering from the heat.

Christian churches are cowering from the truth to get bigger numbers.

People cower from calling out sin in the name of not making anyone unhappy with them.

What the hell is doing??? If his bid for asylum is successful does that mean he's going to spend the rest of his life cowering from justice in Ecuador? I've been to Ecuador.

Some hide and cower from intruders while others seem oblivious to the danger until violence erupts and then they too, hide and cower or simply bark in fear but take no action to protect.

In 9% of cases "cower before" is used

The progressive minority cowers before the might of the conservative majority.

Hundreds of thousands of teachers chose to hobble themselves and their students, too, to cowering before and teaching to standardized tests.

It is so nice to have left all that snobbery behind and live somewhere where you are judged on what you achieve, not how well you cower before your superiors.

In 9% of cases "cower behind" is used

With love and solidarity, Alison (That's my real name, I have never cowered behind a protective shroud since I have nothing to hide.

In 6% of cases "cower with" is used

We didn't respond by cowering with fear and disavowing our faith so that we could save ourselves from persecution.

In 4% of cases "cower on" is used

So the two of us joined the Thais in cowering on the floor, feeling a little sheepish that it had taken us so long to arrive at this decision.

Still groggy with sleep I looked around, taking in the scene of passengers cowering on the floor, glass sliding across its shiny surface with the roll of the train.

In 4% of cases "cower to" is used

I have never cowered to bullys.