Prepositions after "elect"

"elect to" or "elect by"?

In 27% of cases "elect to" is used

She was first elected to the Dil in 1992.

Four Jamaicans were elected to the board.

The following officers were elected to serve.

That they were elected to do what is best for America, not for them and their friends.

Mike Cierpiot of Lee ' Summit was selected to serve as Assistant Majority Floor Leader.

The wrong PERSON, regardless of exterior appearance, was elected to the executive office.

Our host and his wife elected to return to camp in a rubber boat, fishing on the way, and urged me to accompany them.

After the wholesale massacre of Sikhs, the Congress party managed to get elected to all but 2 seats of the lower house.

He said that while in military custody, he contested the April 2010 general elections and was elected to the Parliament.

In 20% of cases "elect by" is used

This President was elected by the wrong country.

You are there for the PEOPLE! Elected BY the PEOPLE.

Senators, for example, should not be elected by a popular vote.

Each Local Area would retain a mayoral figurehead, elected by their councillor peers.

The elective members shall be elected by the resident members of the bar of the state.

The real power rest with EU Commissionaires, not one of which are elected by the people.

After the death of Osman the 3rd Caliph Ali(AS) was elected by the overwhelming majority of muslims as the 4th Caliph.

Boards are elected by the shareholders, sometimes with preferred shareholders holding seats by right of their investment.

All Councillors are elected by voters to represent the entire local government area as the City is not divided into wards.

Its members are not elected by the people directly, but indirectly by the members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States.

In 13% of cases "elect in" is used

He was re -- elected in 1973, 1977 and 1983.

He should have been elected in 2008, if not before.

He said anything and everything just to try and get elected in my opinion.

And the last Ivory Coast election wasn't that long ago -- Gbagbo was elected in 2000.

In fact, Mayor Nenshi was the first Muslim to ever be elected in a major Canadian city.

A president (Ren Prval) was elected in 2006, after years of turbulence and debt default.

Micheline Calmy-Rey (SP/PS ), elected in 2003 and Doris Leuthard (CVP/PDC ), elected in 2006, are in office as of 2007.

And The Street is not that dumb - they will split cash roughly 50/50, so whoever gets elected in 2012 will be their lapdog.

But fortunately it doesn't start construction until 2015, so there will be time time to cancel it if they are elected in 2014.

In 11% of cases "elect as" is used

Rattenbury was personally elected as a Green.

He was elected as a director of the Bank on 15.

In July he was elected as a vice president of the IOC.

HKES is one of the few exhibition organisers in Hong Kong elected as a member of the UFI.

Dayanand Bandodkar was elected as the Chief Minister of Goa, Daman and Diu on 20th Dec, 1963.

Kofi Kwame Nkrumah, for the Convention People's Party (CPP ), is re-elected as Prime Minister.

Scalvini was elected as the co-president of Cooperatives Europe in May 2010 and is serving his second ICA board term.

The 2nd Regional Convention was held in Colombo in October 1977 and Stanly Arnold was re-elected as Regional Director.

No person can be elected as a President or Member of Parliament or a councillor unless he/she is registered as a voter.

He was elected a Union committee Chairman in 1966 and later on elected as the Mayor of Dhaka Municipality for five years.

In 5% of cases "elect for" is used

Macedonia's presidents are directly elected for a five-year term.

The term of Parliament Parliament is elected for a three-year term.

All Councillors and the Lord Mayor are elected for a four year term.

It has 15 members, the P5 and 10 non-permanent members each elected for a two-year term.

A maximum of two of these officers may be re-elected for only one further consecutive term.

The byelection is to fill a seat left vacant by Maria Calderone, who was elected for Tremblay's Union.

In 1924, Daudi was elected for the Central Assembly (separate electorate was applicable in the Council elections).

As far as racism is concerned, all the Obama administration had to do was be elected for racism to rear its ugly head.

Section 13 Federal legislators may be elected for more than one term to provide continuity and experience in government.

Malik Obama told The Associated Press Sunday that the family sees no reason why Obama shouldn't be elected for a second term.

In 5% of cases "elect on" is used

Executive director has been elected on the first light of the sun as a Blacksmith.

After all, most MPs are elected on the basis that they support the Government's policies.

But after sometime again elected on reserve seat as MPA supported by the same political party.

This has resulted in those governments elected on the basis of such promises being quickly thrown into crisis.

But they were elected on their positions; pushing for more open reality testing is not about wishing away positions.

And since no one gets elected on a platform that says all workers must take a 20% pay cut, they're in for a long adjustment period.

If the maximum number of candidates is not elected on the first ballot, a series of run-off ballots shall be conducted, subject to the following paragraphs.

But a British party last won an election on that platform in 1974, 36 years ago, and no American president has been elected on such a platform between 1964 and 2008.

Carissa Etienne, a native of Dominica, was elected on September 19th, 2012, by PAHO member states to lead the world's oldest and foremost public health organisation.

I know that is an extreme case but something a bit less dramatic could easily be the case, with a party being elected on (say) about 40% I've always thought the Tas system underrated.

In 4% of cases "elect at" is used

All officers are elected at the A.

The requisite number would be elected at the end.

The six delegates shall be elected at the Annual Convention.

The members elected at local level will also represent the district at county level.

The Executive Committee is elected at the General Assembly to execute the work between General Assemblies.

A property tax is coming as it is a stipulation from the Troica so it does not matter who we elect at it will proceed.

Staggered terms 101(3) It is not necessary that all directors elected at a meeting of shareholders hold office for the same term.

The meeting was longer than usual because most of the WFDYS board members were newly elected at the last General Assembly in South Africa.

In 4% of cases "elect from" is used

It is overseen by a Board of Management elected from the membership.

Senators and representatives shall be elected from districts established by law.

In 1378 the Archbishop of Bari was elected from outside the conclave, becoming Pope Urban VI.

One of the accused is the nephew of the former MLA (elected from INLD ), Puran Singh, who stays in the same village.

While in Ireland members of the Executive may be selected from the Dil, in other member states they are not often enough.

Extraordinary members could also be elected from other residents such as the representatives of European trading companies.

Firstly the Parliament doesn't function as, say Dil ireann, that is that the COmmission isn't selected from amongst its number.

One senator shall be elected from each senatorial district and one representative shall be elected from each representative district.

IFSN AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL INSN will be governed and led by a Steering Committee elected from the national network member organisations.

In 3% of cases "elect into" is used

Because he was elected into power.

He was elected into the MIA Council on 25 September 2011.

He was elected into the MIA Council on 29 September 2012.

In electing local councillors, the electorate has certain expectations from those elected into office.

We should not elect into power anyone who does not have a sense of urgency and attention to national security.

The kind of things they're doing to this country is going back on the promises they made when elected into Government.

Throughout many debates, and not just on the European Union, the people have very clearly expressed their non-confidence in the Government and Politicians elected into office.

Despite the LTTE's history of insincerity and its opportunism during the ceasefire period, the President was keen to restart the stalled peace process as soon as he was elected into office.

In 2% of cases "elect with" is used

On the other hand, it is theoretically possible for a government to be elected with much less than a majority of the popular vote.

In 1% of cases "elect after" is used

The upper house, or Shura Council, will be elected after that.

We thought that a democratic government elected after independence would also follow this.

And it's just irritating to see a cartoon be elected after Darryl Issa (he's the voice on car alarms - ' STEP BACK FROM THE CAR ' you know) paid professional signature gatherers to gather the votes.

In 1% of cases "elect under" is used

I recall one or two legislators who got elected under the platform of the Independent Party in America.

It was an election that did not allow an unpopular candidate to be elected under a popular political party platform.