Prepositions after "embed"

embed in, into, within, with or on?

In 71% of cases "embed in" is used

They are embedded in our society.

Short quizzes are embedded in the lectures.

Habitual obedience is embedded in all cultures.

File systems embedded in NAS are often designed to solve one major pain point, with.

Their faith was already deeply embedded in their hearts by the time they were adults.

For others, it means bowing down to the compulsion of markets embedded in the liberal principles of accepting all.

The determining factor, in all cases, is embedded in the political landscape of whatever country we're discussing.

If we have the good fortune to reproduce then our DNA is embedded in the cells of the next generation and the next.

In a global market these need to be underwritten by a proper understanding of IP embedded in an educated workforce.

In 11% of cases "embed into" is used

Is there such a player available for embed into blog? http: **35;5712;TOOLONG.

As a result, two chain links from Rasulullah ' s headgear embedded into his cheeks.

Power Balance claims that a programmed frequency is embedded into the mylar hologram.

New Relic embeds into your webapp to gather performance data for aggregation and presentation.

This will take time; the kind of time that it took for sleeper agents to be embedded into a rival nation.

Embedded into these cilia are molecular sized proteins that serve as the receptor sites for the aroma molecules.

And all of this is already embedded into the device without the need for any additional or external attachments.

DISCLAIMER: All the videos on the site are uploaded from different video sites in the world and embedded into ours.

Then, such approaches need to be embedded into political structures so that they create effective mandates for action.

We take it absolutely for granted nowadays, and it is completely embedded into our lives, so we stop thinking about it.

In 5% of cases "embed within" is used

These ice features were usually embedded within the sea ice.

In order to enable the binding, the Label has to know the control type embedded within the User Control.

This has an instance of the UserControl1 and a Label to which the foreground colour is bound to the SelectedItem DP of the ComboBox embedded within the User Control.

Now I see K-12 schools coupled with adult graduate school learning embedded within a conceptual framework of inquiry and design, leadership, and reflective practice.

What I like was the they bothered to roll small pieces of diced truffle into the Cheong fun, so that when you cut into it, you could see tiny pieces of truffle embedded within each layer.

The line: which establishes the binding of the selected colour to the foreground of the Label is between the Dependency Property within the ComboBox that is embedded within the UserControl; i.

So, my conclusion is that the organization sets strategy, and risk management is embedded within both the strategy-setting process and the process for managing performance against the strategies.

If a preemptive investigation of imminent use were considered to be embedded within the secretary-general's existing authority, any of these countries also could demand such an investigation today.

In 4% of cases "embed with" is used

Broadwell was embedded with Petraeus in Afghanistan.

Everything in the iTunes store will be embedded with Facebook's social connection.

In the years to follow the collection of melodies composed by Shyam Sunder was embedded with some rare gems.

It was confirmed that the sizes of the embryos of rats are smaller after more than 6 months of being embedded with DU passing the placenta.

In 2% of cases "embed on" is used

Newcastle School Sport Network comes with a Badge that can be embedded on other websites.

I took a bite and I realized that the minced pork are actually embedded on the sliced eggplant.

Basically there is an application embedded on the SIM which generates &; stores the Key Pair Sony Joy of the Digital Signature.

In 1% of cases "embed as" is used

The footage can be embedded as part of a news story or liveblog.

His vision has allowed technology to be embedded as the foundation upon which teaching and learning takes place.

In 1% of cases "embed at" is used

To improve quality, those services need to be simpler, clearer and faster, and the Civil Service needs to have the right digital skills embedded at every level to do that.

In 1% of cases "embed inside" is used

The first mode is fully embedded inside PraiseCharts.