Prepositions after "embody"

"embody in" or "embody by"?

In 76% of cases "embody in" is used

A great deal of American history was embodied in it.

The actions of the Student Volunteer Army confirm that the spirit embodied in the.

This religious truth, embodied in a cultus, in a sensous form, is the Lord's Supper.

To sum up, the pension scheme embodied in the regulation is a self- supporting scheme.

This underscores the cautionary warning embodied in that old adage about absence of proof.

There are very few nationalities in the world now which are embodied in a sovereign government.

A truism surely embodied in the exciting period of 2011-2012 for the World Agroforestry Centre.

The guidelines embodied in the MC are expected to facilitate the compliance of the geothermal power.

Why we do it is because there is hope and that hope is embodied in Easter, so it's really significant.

The procedures to be followed to commence arbitration are frequently embodied in the arbitration agreement.

In 18% of cases "embody by" is used

But I confess the constipation embodied by the US Congress, the constant gridlock, has made me despair.

Trust depends on virtues of self-restraint, embedded in a culture, embodied by its leaders and embraced by individuals.

May the message embodied by Liaquat Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, and others be what (and I know it is) triumphs over this violence.

Sexual libertinism, as embodied by contraception, divorce, same-sex marriage, and worst of all, abortion, is essentially telling us that the writing is on the wall.

In 30 years we've moved from the emergence of a liberation theology -- embodied by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, president in 1991, 1994-96, then 2001-04 -- to the cult of resignation.

They then used the threat of hellfire and brimstone and the so-called devil embodied by the gargoyles still present on churches to this day, to cow the illiterate and gullible masses.

I have seen the signs! Populism (embodied by our far from fit mayor and the tea party in the US ): This horseman represents the battle against intellectualism with anti-intellectualism.

In 2% of cases "embody into" is used

Tracking software is often embodied into freeware installed onto a website without proper testing and due diligence.

In 1% of cases "embody throughout" is used

It is, in fact, a ruse he has used before, writing a television script under the name of Simon Ellis, a character of his own imagining that he embodied throughout the time he was writing.