Prepositions after "encounter"

encounter in, by, with, on or during?

In 40% of cases "encounter in" is used

Such a monster is not encountered in private life.

The Banshees are the toughest foes you'll encounter in this battle.

Gujarat has moved far ahead of the tragic experience it encountered in 2002.

And, second, these choices will effect the NPCs you encounter in your later story arcs.

This range represents the extreme ends of the rate encountered in a normal population.

We use reliable and professional suppliers for all aspects one may encounter in East Africa.

It was discovered in 1802 and great difficulties were encountered in dissolving its oxide in acid to form salts.

I recalled the racism I encountered in the UK with my Band, in housing, accommodation and just day to day living.

So, for example, I might demonstrate a difficulty/oppression I am encountering in dealing with a work colleague.

However, the fans in Philadelphia are not the same breed of fan that Bryzgalov may have encountered in the desert.

In 13% of cases "encounter by" is used

Yeast infection is a very common issue encountered by many women.

Tina's story portrays realistically the seemingly impossible dynamics encountered by a woman caught in a web of abuse.

I have no solution to the problems encountered by nurses who wish to migrate or just gain experience outside their own country.

It was concluded that there were some inadequacies in the syllabus that could have led to the problems encountered by ESL students.

Fingerprints obtained in the messy real world encountered by the police are generally a far from certain identifier because of their incompleteness.

Fluid Disorders, Genetic and Nutritional Problems Physical problems, such as fluid build-up (edema and ascites ), and abnormal cell growth (tumours ), are sometimes encountered by the hobbyist.

In 12% of cases "encounter with" is used

Absolutely no problem encountered with regular servicing i.

They were so fascinating as it was my first time encountering with the fireflies.

An error was encountered with the page set while attempting to access it for a locally defined queue.

I know it is difficult to implement but when encountered with a similar situation adopt a cautious approach.

Yet encounters with so-called rock star behaviour can often lead to the worst moments one can endure on tour.

Those themes are no less than a meditation on the traveler? s encounter with landscape in the late twentieth century.

Linda Ikeji Though many may find the blogger controversial, one thing is for sure, she handles every situation she encounters with class.

Thus, these books make it very easy for people to effectively repair most issues they are likely to encounter with their Whirlpool refrigerators.

After this, encounters with the stimulus do not add to the memory image appreciably; further discrimination is unnecessary and the image stabilizes.

This war did not spring from the deaths of the 11 members of the New People's Army killed in a June encounter with the Army's 85th Infantry Battalion.

In 10% of cases "encounter on" is used

They must value the facts and evidence they encounter on a daily basis.

The staff here are the kindest, warmest people you could ever encounter on a vacation.

Along the way he points out all the things they need and encounter on their trip (mittens, boots, penguins, etc).

But there is an environment of our own which we rarely encounter on account of the flood of social air that blows over us.

It is a journey of faith Luke 10:2-4 and, by definition, we don't know where it will end and what we'll encounter on the road.

Among the novel plants William Colenso encountered on his first journey to the Ruahine Range was the speargrass or Spaniard.

Researchers in eight European countries did some research with 11? 16 year olds on the problems encountered on the journey to and from school.

There are rational protocols for dealing with the dangerous situations you may encounter on the American street, or for avoiding them in the first place.

Rotorua Central, who can trace its origins back many decades, will relish playing their two T20 encounters on familiar territory at Smallbone and Boord parks.

On the practical test the applicant may be required to converse with the Testing Officer and verbally identify the hazards as they are encountered on the test.

In 6% of cases "encounter during" is used

My child is also more comfortable in communicating the difficulties she encounters during lessons.

However, a pathogenic strain was encountered during ECF vaccination trials near Dar es Salaam (Uilenberg et al.

Later, he wrote a letter to Imam Husain explaining all the difficulties that he had encountered during the journey to Kufa.

Even on mountain ranges used for summer grazing, poor animal responses were encountered during drought years (Stoddart, 1944).

In the following, I will attempt to categorize different general self-defensing scenarios in which you may encounter during gameplay.

You will learn how to navigate a variety of terrain types and hear how to safely deal with common situations you'll encounter during your adventure.

This Piscean mindset has been the way humanity has approached the world since we evolved and has colored everything that we have encountered during that period.

After World War II military historian Basil Liddell Hart interviewed German generals about their reactions to the various forms of resistance they encountered during the war.

This simple technology of exposing water in a plastic bottle with a cover to kill germs eliminates or reduces water loss by evaporation which could be encountered during boiling.

In 5% of cases "encounter at" is used

Roughly seventy five percent of all women will encounter at the bare minimum one symptomatic candida infection in their lives.

The servo transparency phenomenon if encountered at these low levels, could have delayed pilot response and efforts to avoid collision.

In 2% of cases "encounter as" is used

As a leading pioneer in the Private Label Rights business on the Internet, I face a lot of new challenges that I had never previously encountered as an Internet Markeitng newbie.

What has been the major challenge you have encountered as the head of the department? It has been tough, especially during the Obasanjo era; some departments were closed down including catering.

In 1% of cases "encounter after" is used

Moroccan farmers are being trained to overcome difficulties they may encounter after the introduction of a free trade zone between the US and Morocco.

Hardly a surprise here however, but it triggers any thinking person well-read into Hinduism to chart the similarities that one encounters after careful reading of the Hindu scriptures.

In 1% of cases "encounter along" is used

The worst difficulty they encountered along the way was a lack of support and guidance.

As Natalie learns, there is a lot more to life than achieving perfection and the mistakes and differences encountered along the way make for healthy changes.

In 1% of cases "encounter among" is used

In a number of situations, you can encounter among those hard to clean pups who just don't want to listen, at which point you will need the techniques from the professionals at your disposal.

In 1% of cases "encounter between" is used

It is therefore quite typical to encounter between 6-15 different nationalities on any one trip, i.

In 1% of cases "encounter for" is used

Given the enthusiasm we regularly encounter for all things accounting, we should not have been surprised when the community got right in behind it.

In 1% of cases "encounter from" is used

Behavior problems of cats are the usual problems cat owners encounter from their cats.

In 1% of cases "encounter less" is used

Perhaps a less profligate government would encounter less such reluctance.

In 1% of cases "encounter per" is used

The key factor is the number of molecules the meteor is encountering per second.

In 1% of cases "encounter throughout" is used

The REME in Sicily &; Italy campaigns The landings in Sicily introduced the REME to a situation which it would encounter throughout the campaign in ITALY.

In 1% of cases "encounter within" is used

The extent design is completely outrageous and the objects you will encounter within the ranges may be fairly attention-grabbing to use.