Prepositions after "endure"

endure for, in, by, through or over?

In 22% of cases "endure for" is used

Four years we have endured for this moment.

The original film was n't, and it will endure for that reason.

Work which would never be finished, though the columns would endure for milleniums.

What would you do for your child and than think of what you would endure for your dog.

That brought an end to the pain and suffering my family has to endure for the past years.

This grant officially sanctioned a state of affairs which had already endured for many centuries.

Cutting the gas now will not only increase the burden now but the costs of the lost income and related effects endure for years into the future.

Rather, it harks back to traditional Somali culture of clan meetings, dispute settlement and peace making under the galool tree that has endured for hundreds of years.

Early in the 14th century the Turkish tribal chieftain Othman, or Osman, founded an empire in western Anatolia (Asia Minor) that was to endure for almost six centuries.

Mogos Hagos Kiflom, 37, was said to have died as a result of torture he endured for refusing to recant his faith, according to Open Doors, but the exact date of his death was unknown.

In 15% of cases "endure in" is used

Such were the frustrations we endured in that period.

For every trial you endure in My Name, I will make you even stronger.

The differences make the whole experience somtimes charming &; exciting but also hard to endure in some cases.

In fact far too many people might see death as a welcome release from the suffering and hardship they have had to endure in a very unpleasant world.

Atsu has spoken of the hardship he endured in his formative years, combining his studies with occasionally working in the town's market to fund his education.

May we all strengthen our love and devotion toward Jesus Christ to follow his commandments and endure in faith until we return to our Father in Heaven to be in his presence.

It's an absolute joke and quite frankly it only exists because of the ' put up and shut up ' apathy so many of us have for the mediocre customer service we endure in this country.

Though we have a come a long way from the impulses of the 19th century in other ways, the modern-traditional binary has endured in a fundamental way? as a? common sense? framing metaphor.

In 9% of cases "endure by" is used

Why we are even debating the legitimacy of self-determination is another grave insult endured by Somalilanders.

It is well accepted that his life ended, probably by his own hand due to the treatment he had to endure by the authorities of the time.

Highlanders and Islanders were highly acclaimed as successful pioneers, being ideally suited to the harsh conditions and privations which had to be endured by the first wave of immigrants.

The hardships and losses endured by many Americans during the struggle for independence were not visited upon the signers alone, nor were they any less ruinous for having befallen people whose.

McDonald's Canada is in tune with their image in online communities and likely would reach out hoping to retain me as a customer and prevent the same experience being endured by another customer.

In 6% of cases "endure through" is used

We have to endure through the hatred of other people for the sake of our faith.

Catholics believe that the Church, founded by Christ, is endowed by him with a teaching office which endures through time.

While other clubs endure through roller-coaster seasons, riding long winning streaks one week and then falling into the abyss the next, the Nationals have been remarkably consistent.

In 5% of cases "endure over" is used

These unique features helped preserve the Sikh religion throughout the numerous onslaughts it endured over the period of five centuries.

Taking charge of an unjust situation and setting it right goes miles in healing people from the oppression and injustice they have endured over time.

In 4% of cases "endure as" is used

Yet the tan endures as a beauty ideal.

At his death I had the singular honour of proposing for him this epitaph that has endured as the best President that Nigeria never had.

In 4% of cases "endure from" is used

Ask any long distance runner on the brutal pounding their legs endure from running on concrete.

Your lover endured from the hushed nights, the woman black tresses joining with while using the shadows.

Even if these breathing inside the polluted air usually do not endure from allergies, such particles can cause extreme illness.

In 4% of cases "endure with" is used

Carto will endure with some other venture.

She was married to the worst man to ever live on this earth, Pharoah, yet she endured with patience for the sake of Allah and Allah rewarded her with a house in Jannat.

In 3% of cases "endure on" is used

He would have been looking forward to Kingston Heath after the year he's endured on the US tour.

Yet it was Jindal's reptilian countenance that we had to endure on our television screens last night.

Yet encounters with so-called rock star behaviour can often lead to the worst moments one can endure on tour.

In 3% of cases "endure to" is used

Years later, Macabebes helped the Spaniards drive away the Chinese pirate Limahong, and that was the start of a friendship that would endure to the very last day of the Spanish Period.

In 2% of cases "endure without" is used

May the Emperor's great name endure without end! His sons and grandsons spread abroad Like arrowroot on rocks! From Luo-yang to Chang-an Strech lines of carriages.

In 2% of cases "endure during" is used

It's an atmospheric venue, but it is well-preserved and gives the visitor a good sense of what the members of Anthropoid endured during their fatal stay.

In 1% of cases "endure despite" is used

Brown's longstanding relationships with working class voters, of all races, endured despite attempts to paint him as a tax-and-spend Washington insider.

In 1% of cases "endure due" is used

Although PRC visa restrictions and resultant slower economic growth eased local staffing constraints near the end of 2009, this challenge will endure due to Macau's relatively small local population.

In 1% of cases "endure into" is used

Strong negative consequences of this exposure endured into adulthood.

In 1% of cases "endure near" is used

Another person exactly who received the moment propagated his or her lifetime endured near to them from the hushed darkness, on his or her area but is not definitely at this time there.

In 1% of cases "endure at" is used

He knows all we have had to endure at his grave, from the people who control things there.

In 1% of cases "endure because" is used

Her name endures because of the hundreds of construction projects she commissioned during her reign.

In doing so they will never rise above theiroppression and will not complain because they see suffering way of enduring because of thebenefits derived at the end of their lives.

In 1% of cases "endure until" is used

Either the person must separate the other's legs or the other must endure until time runs out.

In 1% of cases "endure upon" is used

It's claimed that wonderful carrots (NOT wonderful potato fries, sorry!) are extremely wholesome, that you might endure upon them by itself.

In 1% of cases "endure before" is used

As for his partner, so long she'll be comitted of not doing that mistake again and put into her heart the pain she endures before her beau forgave her is it fine &; move forward.