Prepositions after "enlist"

enlist in, for, as, into or at?

In 58% of cases "enlist in" is used

That when he enlisted in said Reg.

He enlisted in the 1st Nebraska on May 10, 1898.

Van Heuvelen enlisted in the Army after Pearl Harbor.

Ten Sikhs are known to have enlisted in the Canadian Forces during the First World War.

Specializations Once you hit SR-50, you have the option to enlist in a new Specialization.

Sandra Fluke enlists in a Catholic University, and then sues them to pay for her contraceptive pills.

You should also enlist in some type of program at a gym or otherwise commit to serious and healthy physical activity.

Significantly, families which have members enlisted in the military have achieved very prominent economic development.

The truth is with all the drug use he bragged about in his autobiography he could enlist in any branch of the armed forces.

To enlist in the fight to save a people, as Okigbo taught us, is at the deepest level to make a commitment to save yourself.

In 9% of cases "enlist for" is used

He could, however, have entertained no illusions about the kind of support he could hope to enlist for himself in any conflict with Yazid.

In 7% of cases "enlist as" is used

My grandfather was one of those Met Service boys enlisted as a temporary Assistant Post Master.

In 6% of cases "enlist into" is used

Spartan-IV Career When you first enter Infinity Multiplayer, you automatically be enlisted into the SPARTAN-IV program and begin your Spartan career.

Today, you see the country now, past leaders are now enlisting into civil society; those who destroyed yesterday are struggling to be in one committee or the other to plan for the future.

In 4% of cases "enlist at" is used

A Navy man enlisted at 25 yrs old and built like a body builder.

He was enlisted at the age of 16 in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

In 3% of cases "enlist by" is used

She is enlisted by Adils lawyer, the fiery Ramya, to discredit those confessions.

In 3% of cases "enlist with" is used

As were earlier waves of about 20 Twin Cities men who federal authorities say enlisted with al-Shabab, the introverted Osman was especially secretive about his plans, his cousin said.

In 1% of cases "enlist after" is used

Recruitment poster Many of these men enlisted after meeting up with recruiting sergeants.

In 1% of cases "enlist from" is used

In the Spanish-American War four boys enlisted from Oak Bluffs, namely: Herbert Rice, Morton Mills, Manuel Nunes and Stanley Fisher.

In 1% of cases "enlist of" is used

The court however suspected tampering of the forensics report and also held that enlisting of independent witnesses had been left out by the police deliberately.