Prepositions after "enmesh"

enmesh in, with, into, inside or on?

In 70% of cases "enmesh in" is used

One whose mind is enmeshed in sympathy for friends &; companions, neglects the true goal.

As a problem thinker you think only of and see only what is wrong, you become enmeshed in your present situation that you have identified as a problem.

Showing no greed for flavors, not careless, going from house to house for alms, with mind unenmeshed in this family or that, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

Though I suppose motherhood defined me for a while when my life was enmeshed in those early days of children, and when most of my activities were child related.

Moreover, even in newspapers which valued independence, their editors and publishers were typically enmeshed in a Byzantine network of relationships with politicians.

Increasingly, power was concentrated and centralised in the hands of the government and the party apparatus, which in turn became more enmeshed in the state apparatus.

In the same article that he worried about the consequences of urban liberation, Simmel argued that in the new cites, individuals were no longer totally enmeshed in one social circle.

To we who live in the twenty first century, whose lives are enmeshed in various information processors, the eventual plausibility of the Matrix does not appear as radical as it once did.

In 13% of cases "enmesh with" is used

For decades, Australia's economic policymakers have recognised that our nation's prosperity relies on being enmeshed with the world.

On a less whimsical note, the close attention given to each individual camera evokes notions of truth stubbornly enmeshed with photography.

In 9% of cases "enmesh into" is used

Heaven and Earth are enmeshed into each other, it is the same space, even within our hearts, but New Age, maybe even Sannyas, loves the pink carousel.

Maybe you look yourself at the goals of groups like Freemason, Rosicrucians and The Fraternity of Thelema, for example, how much they are enmeshed into human History.

In 4% of cases "enmesh inside" is used

The spectator is now enmeshed inside the space rather than outside watching it on the screen.