Prepositions after "enrich"

"enrich with" or "enrich by"?

In 43% of cases "enrich with" is used

Protect them with a lip balm enriched with SPF 15.

The compost should be enriched with any wood ashes (or coconut husk ashes) that are available.

Enriched with useful information and photos, this guidebook is a perfect memento for every visitor.

Enriched with case studies and full-colour photography, it is your ideal companion to medals research.

But we may pray for their repentance, for their being enriched with faith in Christ, and thereupon for all other saving mercies.

The eastern facade above the doorway level is enriched with a frieze of sunken panels, decorated with small flowery trees in stucco.

Being enriched with proteins and vitamins, it is a perfect dietary supplement for healthy as well as malnourished children and adults.

These moments have all become reasons why I went to Oxford, endured the indescribable madness, and became enriched with experiences which I would never have had elsewhere.

In 32% of cases "enrich by" is used

Again we have been enriched by the experience.

This is enriched by the latest collection of research and development in Islamic finance.

I feel enriched by the experience I have had with the man and his instruments throughout the project.

The Bengal region has a multi-faceted folk heritage, enriched by its ancient animist, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim roots.

My children have been my life's three most precious gifts, and I have been enriched by the love they have inspired in me.

Patience Ozokwor is really an outstanding talent and I say this, Nollywood is enriched by having her work in the industry.

Fast forward 12 months and we have found ourselves enriched by this amazing 4 month old who has changed our lives way beyond we could have imagined.

There are many people who feel that their lives are enriched by their experiences with a disability, and would choose rather to live with their disability than erase it.

In 16% of cases "enrich in" is used

Other stars ' surfaces are enriched in helium and nitrogen.

A large number of other elements are also enriched in the clays including iron, phosphorus and sulfur.

Arsenic along with other trace elements, when present in the environment, is enriched in organic rich sediments.

I so love doing interviews as I get to know the answers others might not have asked and that means we find out different information which always, without fail, leaves us enriched in a different way.

In 5% of cases "enrich through" is used

The worship service and choral participation are incredibly enriched through our work with our organist.

In 2% of cases "enrich for" is used

Having a piece of furniture tailor made is an experience as well as a product and something enriching for both client and maker.