Prepositions after "ensure"

"ensure by" or "ensure in"?

In 28% of cases "ensure by" is used

Continuity of care should be ensured by the team caring for children.

Identification of the mortgagor must be ensured by responsible bank official.

Communication plays a vital role, ensured by in-game chat and social networking functionalities.

Audit and compliance must be ensured by all employees at the workplace during the course of interaction with regulators.

To stop bribery economic solvency must be ensured by raising the salary of the employees and by monitoring market prices.

If efficiency can not be ensured by high wages or high degrees alone, neither can it be achieved by giving starvation wages to teachers.

Better work gets ensured by better communication in English to develop the skills of the students to meet the necessity of practical communication.

Other suggestions: i) Identification of the mortgagor must be ensured by responsible bank official; ii) The genuineness of the mortgagor must be confirmed by responsible officer.

Chris's second series, Summer Heights High followed, with Chris playing three characters all set at a high school - its authenticity was ensured by filming at an actual high school.

In 16% of cases "ensure in" is used

And this needs to be ensured in real time.

The fund should be ensured in the previous way at any means.

However, it is clear that Web Inventa Ltd ensures in providing professional and credible services getting the flexibility done.

So you can clearly devise a system from this example and also rather than continue being critical of the executive presidency you are ensuring in it becoming more effective.

Clearly, it is important to ensure that the fight against crime and terrorism is conducted effectively, but that can only be ensured in a sustained way by respecting the rule of law.

Infrastructure development like increasing number of classrooms, hygienic toilet, and drinking water facilities need to be ensured in the already established government primary schools in the city.

In 8% of cases "ensure for" is used

Matchs a skin test part water draught, drop water become angry, ensure for original genuine leather.

This royal action ensured for Jamaica the honour of being the first British Colony to establish its own Post Office.

I think public education, health care and dental care are important things, things that a society should ensure for the whole society.

I've already ensured for myself a comfortable retirement, and I can go to the Gold Coast even if they change the no-visa trans-tasman travel rule.

In 8% of cases "ensure of" is used

Members of Platinum are always ensured of the quality being displayed by the company.

Carnatic music is meant for serious listeners, and that support we are always ensured of.

Be sure to update your internet security from time to time and you and your system are ensured of a hassle-free internet experience.

Minimalistic showers A fixed shower head with a concealed thermostatic shower valve will provide your bathroom with a very neat finish as well as ensuring of an amazing showering experience.

In 6% of cases "ensure against" is used

But she is concerned about looking after the Budget deficit, and ensuring against its blowing out.

To ensure against total catastrophe follow these key guidelines: DO N'T announce you're drunk when you log in.

In 6% of cases "ensure to" is used

Special emphasis concerning prevention is ensured to maternity patients and vaccinations, aiming at early health intervention to create healthy young people.

In 6% of cases "ensure with" is used

We as Americans are free from an established church and are ensured with the privilege to worship as we choose.

About investment, the economist said investment environment will have to be ensured with required infrastructure support.

I would then be fitted into a dress before the voice modesty was ensured with the use of a gag, and finally I would be draped in a burka.

In 3% of cases "ensure before" is used

Authorised Dealers should ensure before opening a letter of credit that in each case a firm commitment exists.

In 2% of cases "ensure according" is used

The Ginnie Mae website lists all the RMBS it ensures according to CUSIP number and dates.

In 2% of cases "ensure as" is used

Instead of fuming and ranting, we have to ensure as a nation that he and his ilk are shown the door.

In 2% of cases "ensure during" is used

Order was ensured during the entire funeral.

In 2% of cases "ensure without" is used

A sustainable high level of economic growth must be ensured without causing irreversible damage to the environment.