Prepositions after "enter"

enter into, in, on, by or upon?

In 67% of cases "enter into" is used

Incorrect: She entered into the room.

I say again, let us enter into ourselves.

You can't win a lottery you didn't enter into.

Once the air is heated it rises and enters into the room, giving it additional heat.

If we enter into the house it will just go here and there, thus showing its happiness.

Your rights and liabilities emanate from the agreement entered into with the seller.

The IMO Convention entered into force in 1958 and the new Organization met for the first time the following year.

The Takaful Act provides that a person under 18 years shall not have the capacity to enter into a Takaful contract.

Going onto the marae means entering into an encounter situation, where challenges are met and issues are debated.

It is not really suitable for an organisation that intends to enter into contracts, to own property or employ staff.

In 9% of cases "enter in" is used

But he could not enter in deeply.

enter in a new password in both fields to set it.

So far I heard Quder Mollah and his accomplices had entered in the house of Meheroun Nesa.

Cristopher must have tried, with osho or in his own way, but he could not enter in meditation.

How on earth he was able to enter in the first place after violating a direct cabinet order is beyond me.

Here you will be given the option to enter in a new password (you must do so twice) and then confirm you old password.

AutoFill An Excel 2007 feature that quickly creates a series of entries based on the data you enter in one or two cells.

I wondered out loud who would set up a call center in Kabul, and he said he could tell me the name but it would frighten me.

In 4% of cases "enter on" is used

The sequence is then entered on new line(s).

Press enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass button.

The Russian bourgeoisie had entered onto the stage of history too late.

By this practice, following after the arahants the Uposatha will be entered on by me.

By this practice, following after the arahants, the Uposatha will be entered on by me.

Park access National parks can only be accessed in a vehicle, whereas reserves can be entered on foot.

If a child has not been entered on the CCS e-return, no appeal will be considered at a later date in respect of that child.

The sticker would tell people whether or not it was safe to enter, or whether the house could be entered on a restricted basis.

In all elections by the general assembly, the members thereof shall vote viva voce and the votes shall be entered on the journal.

The question would have to be answered, for he had to be an avowed member of the Republican party before his name could be entered on the ballot.

In 3% of cases "enter by" is used

It can be entered by a staircase from the courtyard.

But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested 47.

Array formulas are enclosed between braces and are entered by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

There is a bath and a shower - also secure, off street parking - entered by means of a zapper.

Events entered by individuals with these permissions will not show up in the user's personal calendar.

The verdict should be entered by the judge's associate on the back of the indictment noting the date and time of the verdict.

The thieves attempted to enter by removing bricks from below the window but it was a double brick building so they gave up that idea.

It was entered by a long and narrow vestibule, on the floor of which the image of a dog in mosaic, with the well-known Cave canem - Beware the dog.

In 3% of cases "enter upon" is used

I went up to Virginia and entered upon my new vocation.

If he entered upon a trade, the Christian had to retire from it.

Abu Musa said: ? I sought permission to enter upon Umar three times, and permission was not given, so I went away.

It is, however, necessarily beginning to enter upon this more careful development of its theory at the present time.

Some of the carpet is already threadbare, particularly noticeable because it is in the area where we enter upon embarkation.

A gift one gives to one who has entered upon the way to experiencing the fruit of Worthiness, this is the fourth offering to an individual.

A gift one gives to one who has entered upon the way to experiencing the fruit of Stream-Entry, this is the tenth offering to an individual.

A gift one gives to one who has entered upon the way to experiencing the fruit of Non-Returning, this is the sixth offering to an individual.

What is the term of office of Vice-President of India? Ans Vice-President holds office for a term of five years from the date on which he enters upon his office.

In 2% of cases "enter at" is used

The film entered at number 8, taking 817,000 ($1.

Where I'll be giving away more and you can only enter at the chat.

With average ticket sales of 6,493 per screening, it entered at number nine.

After that, your name is entered at the bottom, let's say with another ten peoples name to go.

Limited parking will be available at the California Science Center's parking structure (enter at 39th and Figueroa Streets) for $15.

He proceeded to carry on through the 30mph limit we entered at the same speed - he was pulling away from me as a I slowed for the new limit.

Fast forward another 3 months, I used the same German residence permit to enter at FRA and MUC at separate times due to irrops with LH flights.

Upon entering at the restaurant the Maitre D warmly welcomed us and he seated us at a table next to the windows with an amazing view of the City.

If you get a sense that the company is finding it difficult to raise money and meet its funding needs, you can exit the shares and enter at a later time.

enter at your own risk #16 Former Site of the Golden Crown Court Restaurant Another one that has long gone, however in this case just the business and not the building.

In 2% of cases "enter for" is used

Under fives can enter for free.

In 2012, about 73,000 candidates entered for the examination.

Those entering for an older, non-CAS award can only use non-CAS minors.

What other cricket books out there didnTt get entered for this award? ThatTs the flaw.

enter for your chance to win a copy of A League of Their Own: 20th Anniversary Edition signed by Geena Davis.

Anyway: The Damned United was published in August last year, so could not be entered for this year's William Hill.

There were three summonses entered for Thursday's Chesterfield Borough Court arising out of holidays taken after the Brampton wakes.

The Notes for Persons Entering for the Examination and the HKEAA Examination Entry Form can be downloaded during the registration period.

If you want to avoid typing in the name, you can just drag the file into the Terminal window from the Finder and it will be entered for you.

In 2% of cases "enter through" is used

The grounds were entered through the Gateway, which has two round headed granite arches.

Water was beginning to flood the forward boat deck by entering through the crew hatches on the bridge.

The first few sprinters had already entered through the door, while the mass of the rest were following.

Although they entered through the front door, eyewitnesses claimed they left from the back of the clinic.

The Throne Room is really a well-lit underwater cave in 65 feet of water, entered through a fissure at the very top.

It is really important because there have been clients in the past that have not been able to enter through the airport because of the passport expiry date is less than six months.

In 2% of cases "enter with" is used

Just then, Zaynab entered with coffee for their visitors.

There the high priest of every generation could enter with sacrificial blood (Heb.

I then land up at ZRH and just for kicks try to enter with my German residence permit.

For example, some occupations can be entered with either a university degree or a college diploma.

Reid admitted theft and entering with intent to steal and was bailed to return for sentencing on 1 September.

Reid admitted theft and entering with intent to steal and was bailed to return for sentencing on September 1.

Here the conversation was interrupted for a moment by a flourish of flutes, and two slaves entered with a single dish.

Although she was shabbily dressed, and her head was uncovered, she entered with awe-inspiring dignity and took her place in silence.

Therefore, it is a field that must be entered with the utmost seriousness, and only when one has clearly been anointed for the task.

If you entered with science, then you have to fast and pray in addition Addo Frank, It all boils down to the vacancies in the school.

In 1% of cases "enter as" is used

You entered as a wild card entrant in the show.

Where the judgment was entered as the result of the filing of a costs certificate, r 39.

It was this world that Linda Fairley entered as a trainee midwife aged just 19 years old.

A, one of its members, pays nazrana to Government and thereby procures his name to be entered as the inamdar of the village.

I believe that the war upon which I entered as a war of defence and liberation has now become a war of aggression and conquest.

In universities, it is fairly common to enter as an Assistant Professor and exit as a Professor Emeritus and be in expert the whole time.

Already have Pure Cult too so no point in entering as such but I will say my favourite songs are ' She Sells Sanctuary ', ' Love Removal Machine ' and ' Edie '.

To enter Japan how much time does it take upon signing the contract? It takes 30 days if you are entering as tourist, and within 80 days to change to 1 year visa after entering Japan.

In 1% of cases "enter from" is used

This church can also be entered from the Holy Sepulcher's front yard.

Gore's purposeful poise melted away as he spotted Tipper entering from the wings.

It had an arch at the front door; twice, it hit my head when I tried entering from the side.

The tracks ran east and west, and the depot was entered from the south, at about the middle of the building.

You enter from the bottom, and all you can do is look up to see this vast mess of dogs, popes, and taut ropes.

Fulhar Mosque, Gaibandha The veranda is entered from the south by three archways, which correspond to those of the inner apartment.

All three bullets which struck Kennedy had entered from behind him at a steep upward angle, causing powder burns from shots fired one to three inches away.

She said yes! At that very moment, both of our families entered from another room (they knew the exact second to come in based on when the movie had started).

In 1% of cases "enter to" is used

Guilty pleas were entered to both charges.

Vampires can not enter to a house of a human.

After a few minutes many children entered to the office when they heard me talking to you.

enter to him BERNARDO BERNARDO: Who's there? FRANCISCO: Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself.

In late 2008, Android entered to marked with the support of Google and other mobile phone manufactures.

Please notice than DNS updating can take a some time but soon you can entered to our website from anywhere in the world.

This upsets Renato, who immediately closed his laptop, asking her to knock before entering to which Angelika replies she didn't know she had to knock first at her own room.

But it was a walk very different to the one he used to make from the pavilion to the crease, this time the roped-off ring awaited him after Dawson had entered to a chorus of boos.

In 1% of cases "enter without" is used

It depends on you, friend; do not enter without desire.

But my point is that societies in which goods are permitted to enter without barriers are better off.

Furthermore they assist in taking care of ultra-violet radiation while allowing for sunlight for you to enter without restraint.