Prepositions after "entertain"

entertain by, for, at, in or with?

In 26% of cases "entertain by" is used

I learn from it and am entertained by it.

I am entertained by your allegations, Seamus.

I grew up on Hollywood and I'd entertained by Bollywood.

What are your hopes for Ted? I just hope people are entertained by it.

Whatever the outcome after the match, fans of the Crocs were surely entertained by the huge scoreline.

For teenagers, it is important that they are being entertained by something which they can use easily.

Fans at the Yes Boss concert will be entertained by not only our 21 artists but by DJ Mensa (GH ), DJ Big L (U.

At the Katsina open air theatre, boxers and indeed the fans are often times entertained by local drummers whose music and rhythm is believed to serve as an energizer for the boxers.

In 14% of cases "entertain for" is used

I live by myself but do entertain for guests on frequent occasions.

All in all, this is a must read for Bridget fans as you will find yourself delightfully entertained for hours.

My grandparents had several of these modest toys when I was a boy, and they could keep me entertained for hours.

No claims will be entertained for loss or expiry of the Pre-Sale voucher, and duplicate copies of the Pre-Sale voucher will not be accepted.

Practicing a sport requires some time, so you will be entertained for a while everyday instead of watching television or surfing on the internet.

This grief, this sympathy were genuine expressions of the friendships entertained for these sailors who had for years past, associated themselves with people of the Town.

When you've secured your holiday and are looking for the finishing touches to complete your stay, Orlando is brimming with family attractions to easily keep you entertained for a fortnight or more.

In 11% of cases "entertain at" is used

Mirtn de Cgin was booked to entertain at Gaelic Park's Irish Fest Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend.

It was the first time in many years that the wife of a newly inaugurated Republican President had entertained at luncheon.

Xlll Visiting Royalties When royalty was entertained at the White House the procedure was much the same as for a state dinner.

It was not until Little G was to be launched into society that Georgiana overcame her disability and once more entertained at Devonshire House.

In 10% of cases "entertain in" is used

Gambling, speculation and risk are matters that should not be entertained in the provision of services to vulnerable people.

A lady was too delicate to go out into the world alone and, therefore, had to entertain and be entertained in the private sphere, or be escorted by a protective man.

One can not assume that volunteers for the job had been found wanting or had been rejected by the secretary, or indeed that notions such as the need for one were ever entertained in the first place.

In 8% of cases "entertain with" is used

Tourists would meet the village chief for briefings and be entertained with Krobo Dipo Dances.

He had good humour, kept us entertained with quizzes etc and made for an extremely enjoyable tour.

The main purpose is to inspire, motivate, inform and entertain with our posts; particularly our political and religious ones.

Recently, I've been most entertained with his relentless and ruthless public flogging of the former CO turned rapper Rick Ross.

This season has been by far the best one yet and like everyone else I do hope we get the chance to be entertained with a season 6.

In 7% of cases "entertain as" is used

We want people to be entertained as well as informed and educated on such issues.

It's the tradition of being entertained as opposed to the tradition of the gallery for example.

All our products are designed to entertain as well as help your child learn the basics of the Swahili language.

These liquids, ' the four humours ', affected emotions and physicians sent patients to the hall of comedians to be entertained as part of the healing process.

In 7% of cases "entertain on" is used

They entertained on rare occasions, preferring to live quietly with their family.

The fixtures are set in such a way that maximum attendance is entertained on all the five days with some feature matches on each day.

In 5% of cases "entertain during" is used

Such a lovely relaxing environment, even had toys to keep my ds entertained during the visit.

There are also shared recreational spaces with plenty of things to keep you entertained during your spare time.

Through the church people learned what was going on in the wider world and were entertained during religious festivals.

Claims and objections are entertained during the same statutory period for inclusion or retention of a name/names in the new register.

The crowd were entertained during the half time interval by a match played out around the centre circle involving players from the Glossop Juniors under-10 squad.

No change of names by students will be entertained during the course of study at the University and they will only be allowed to use names appearing on their certificates.

In 3% of cases "entertain without" is used

It is no great struggle and all it takes is a little thought to ensure that given our hectic lifestyle the kids are kept entertained without it falling into mall territory.

In 1% of cases "entertain between" is used

I understand not every week can be action packed but with decent characters like John Pope and Maggie it keeps me entertained between the CGI effects.

In 1% of cases "entertain beyond" is used

People are already realising that a bunch of anarchist jokers was entertained beyond their worth by our decent Prime Minister.

In 1% of cases "entertain but" is used

Maybe families with young nippers would find it tough to keep them entertained but for anyone else Donnington Valley is a great base for a weekend away.

In 1% of cases "entertain over" is used

Don't get me wrong, this is not a place to party or get entertained over the top.

In 1% of cases "entertain plus" is used

A substantial undercover area provides for room to entertain plus a double lock up.

In 1% of cases "entertain throughout" is used

Buddy Boland - RIP: Buddy continued to entertain throughout the years, regularly performing at functions in and around Bray and Dublin.

In 1% of cases "entertain till" is used

I still have hours and hours of James Bond to experience since with 22 films in this collection this bond set will easily keep me entertained till the new year.