Prepositions after "equate"

"equate to" or "equate with"?

In 77% of cases "equate to" is used

A similar number -- equating to 1.

Arrangement fees can equate to three.

Single payer equates to monopoly buyer.

Using it as binary storage, this equates to about 375MB of storage for one DNA strand.

I've tried everything, but nothing equates to the difference that GELeration has made.

The total debt figure already equates to 62% of GDP (the size of all economic output).

For instance, pensioner payments have already started arriving, equating to $250 for singles and $380 for couples.

For example in Islam there is no such thing as Clergy, although in some Shia beliefs the Imams might equate to clerics.

This is the intptrt type which is an abstract data type equating to a signed integral type large enough to hold any pointer.

Neither apply here, the cost in this case does not equate to refusal to supply as the government could buy it if it decided to.

In 21% of cases "equate with" is used

Dissidence is equated with treachery.

Dam-building grew to be equated with Nation-building.

Personally, Shri Vadra can not be equated with Nixon.

It is equated with the Supreme Brahman -- infinitely powerful and so infinitely free.

Such matters, standing alone, are not to be equated with the concept of express malice.

All too often, business ethics is equated with religion, spiritualism, or philanthropy.

VI:16 Among the gods, they most worship Mercury Note: This is the Roman god who was equated with the Celtic deity Lugh --Cath.

Having said so, the mass media outlets are equated with Internet sites, the materials of which are meant for the general public.

Kashmiri freedom fighters can not be equated with militants, terrorists, insurgents of different hues in Indo -- Pakistan or elsewhere.

Christianity was now divided between Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Reformed and the divisions did not always equate with national boundaries.

In 1% of cases "equate for" is used

Equating for classes, men and women get equal grades.

In 1% of cases "equate into" is used

The author has yet to learn that being female *doesn't* automatically equate into being a learned feminist.

All the changing in the world still may not equate into another chance for a worthy fulfilling relationship.