Prepositions after "erase"

erase from, in, by, out or as?

In 67% of cases "erase from" is used

His entire family was erased from the face of the earth.

Should you unsubscribe, your details will be erased from our records.

Our names are erased from history with the millions of others who have led similarly humdrum if not slavish lives.

She pointed out that she had not been erased from the electoral map of UP, as Lalu Prasad Yadav had been from Bihar.

Unfortunately, during this storm every part of a forested area of approximately 12,000 hectares was erased from the face of the Earth.

Be aware that these files are automatically erased from your computer after 3 days and that they are in no case transmitted on the Internet.

If the printed digit was 0 then it can not be decreased therefore it's erased from the sequence and the length of the sequence decreases by one.

Where a doctor's name is suspended or erased from the Register by a Fitness to Practise Panel, we will automatically withdraw a doctor's licence.

I am struck by the degree to which the whole history, literature, and culture of abolitionism has all but been erased from public memory in this part of the Caribbean.

Add some technical problems to the unease we all had since we had to re-adapt the songs live during the show and you have one of those moment I wish I could erase from reality.

In 12% of cases "erase in" is used

Social stigmatization, once set in, is a difficult stain to erase in a deeply conformist and communal society.

Click Restore, and then erase in the dialog box that appears; if prompted, enter an admin-level username and password.

Joel starts to fight the memory erasing in a desperate effort to protect what he's discovered he loves most about life.

In 6% of cases "erase by" is used

Nothing has been done since, it is as though the proof submitted was so dangerous that those moments in time have been erased by a mysterious g-dlike power.

In 4% of cases "erase out" is used

I have been told during the same time when Nellie occurred that non-Assamese villages in remote areas were erased out of existence.

In 2% of cases "erase of" is used

If you're disposing of a hard drive, you can also perform a full erase of all the data on the drive with this tool.

In 2% of cases "erase upon" is used

However, the movie/s shall be automatically erased upon the expiry of the 48 hours stated above.