Prepositions after "erupt"

erupt in, into, from, at or with?

In 34% of cases "erupt in" is used

The class instantly erupted in applause.

It hasn't erupted in our faces as no one is questioning the First Amendment.

He wasn't crucified or the US or the Christian world didn't erupt in violence.

But as it happened, chaos erupted in the town where no KDF soldier were deployed.

Before the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad's regime erupted in March last year,.

In May 1999 violence erupted in Kaduna State over the succession of an Emir resulting in more than 100 deaths.

The volcano was erupting in a series of loud explosions: Every shot that went up gave a great display of fireworks.

The arena at London's ExCel Centre erupted in derision with the disgusted Japanese coach looking utterly flabbergasted.

When the West was rejoicing over the arrival of the new century, the stamina that erupted in China would shake the world.

Under this scenario, more violence will erupt in Iraq in post election days and country may head for a protracted civil war.

In 15% of cases "erupt into" is used

Throw in Mode and it erupts into utter chaos.

For three days, the entire country erupts into a massive full-scale water-fight.

Or it could get to the point where all conversations erupt into arguments and screaming matches.

When sniping across the border separating Gaza from Israel erupted into open warfare last week, Morsy put the blame squarely on Israel.

The denial and the failure to address this can erupt into racial hatred, which in turn have led to further cycle of violence in the past.

Authorities in Djibouti have arrested three top opposition leaders the day after a rally to demand regime change that erupted into violence.

The fight erupted into a grotesque confrontation, with both Melissa and Dan lobbing horrible insults toward the other in less than two minutes.

However, tensions between the two have frequently erupted into violence, most notably in the Thousand Days War (1899?? 1902) and La Violencia, beginning in 1948.

Justice Bee Lan Liau missed an important clause (5) that empowers Government with the disgression to ban non Islamic practice that could erupt into public disordera.

Later to be revealed as? Shadow Moses?, the tense and moody intro erupted into a mosh-heavy breakdown and what sounds to be a cracker of a new song from the local lads.

In 8% of cases "erupt from" is used

A scream erupted from Amber's throat and was silenced by E's large hand.

The magma erupts from a volcano or a fissure (a crack in the earth's surface) as lava.

Suddenly, a huge amount of shouting and banging erupted from the entrance to Silverstone.

You ignore it thinking that someone has had a fleeting moment of insanity and then laughter erupts from the row behind.

FC Koeln overshadowed (quite literally) by police presence on the pitch and endless clouds of smoke erupting from the home stand.

Still, the excitement and energy is running high now the show has got started, and cheers are erupting from the waiting cast as each group is called to head to the stadium.

As the grumbles of agreement erupted from the crowd, the conference organizer turned towards us and asked if we could send out a Flashmob txt about exhibit hall times and showcase times.

Using radio telescopes located throughout the Southern Hemisphere scientists have produced the most detailed image of particle jets erupting from a supermassive black hole in a nearby galaxy.

In 7% of cases "erupt at" is used

It erupts at very high temperatures (around 1100 -- 1200C) as a very fluid magma.

Rhyolite magma is rich in silicon, potassium and sodium and erupts at temperatures between 700C and 850C as an extremely viscous (sticky) magma.

The overshoot layer is thought to be crucial for the storage and amplification of the magnetic flux tubes that eventually erupt at the solar photosphere to form active regions.

At the latest, on Friday, police in Ljubljana used tear gas and water cannons and detained over 30 protestors after violence erupted at the end of a largely peaceful demonstration.

In 6% of cases "erupt with" is used

The spot then erupts with a painful open sore that scabs over and heals in about ten days.

A colleague of mine - once got the Finns suddenly to erupt with raucous laughter in mid-presentation and it really unseated him.

I hope so as such a move is likely to end with the Grinch falling flat on his face and causing me to erupt with gales of jocular laughter.

Basalt magma with very little gas cools to form black, dense lava, but where magma erupts with lots of gas it cools to form ragged scoria.

Fuji hasn't had an outburst since 1707, the sky still erupts with fiery colors when the sun sets over the volcano's nearly symmetrical snow-capped peak.

As he stood in the squad leader hatch of a Stryker armored vehicle in Mosul, Iraq, the bomb erupted with massive force, and he was immediately ejected landing some 30 feet away.

In 5% of cases "erupt on" is used

Fresh confrontations erupted on Sunday night when settlers marched through a Palestinian village ahead of the father and son's funeral.

In July, mass protests once more erupted on the streets of Tel Aviv and two men died after setting themselves on fire in protest at social conditions.

Trouble first erupted on Vesak night, May 28, 1915 when a minor clash occurred between a Buddhist carol group and some Muslims at Castle Street, Kandy.

So why do these kinds of feuds erupt on Twitter? Well, there is that aspect of Twitter that allows you to say things to people without actually having to say it to their face.

In 3% of cases "erupt for" is used

Russia Vs USA USA 6 pts The Cold War will erupt for just 80mins.

Torrey Smith erupted for two touchdowns and 127 receiving yards in helping the Ravens clip the Patriots 31-30.

A volcano in New Zealand has erupted for the first time in 100 years, sending a cloud of ash and rocks half a mile into the air and leaving a two inch layer of ash for several miles around it.

In 2% of cases "erupt across" is used

Across the country, the words Enbridge, pipeline, and tar sands have spilled into the media, erupted across Twitter feeds, and been plastered across placards.

As expected, protests spontaneously erupted across the country, following the announcement by Mr Reginald Stanley, the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

In 2% of cases "erupt during" is used

The civil war that erupted during the contest for the Asantehene between Nana Prempeh and Nana Atwereboana.

In 2% of cases "erupt like" is used

From his low crouching stance, he erupted like a quantum of uncoiled energy the moment the ball was released.

In 2% of cases "erupt out" is used

However when Man Like Me came erupting out of his stereo, the producer could hardly say no.

In 2% of cases "erupt over" is used

Worse, a storm has erupted over a voice message left on a councillor's phone by lord mayor Jeff McCloy.

I know he presided over the war between industrial and agricultural capital that erupted over the issue of slavery and that the farmers north and south eventuly lost.

In 2% of cases "erupt without" is used

Mt Tongariro, which lies in the North Island's notoriously active North Island Volcanic Plateau, erupted without warning at 11.

In 1% of cases "erupt against" is used

The sole reason we may be on the verge of an important victory is because of the massive movement of protest that has erupted against it.

In 1% of cases "erupt along" is used

Meanwhile, a series of brush fires erupted along the borders of West Virginia and Ohio.

In 1% of cases "erupt among" is used

In order to depict the deeprootedness of independent legal judgement as a current, one may compare this event to the disagreement that erupted among the Companions over Usamah b.

In 1% of cases "erupt around" is used

With children, when either (anxiety or pain) are present, a love story erupts around them.

In 1% of cases "erupt as" is used

Cries of fear erupted as the city was strewn with corpses.

Fierce fighting erupted as the fort was bombarded by Dutch ships but were replied with the heavy guns of the Portuguese.

In 1% of cases "erupt between" is used

The action came as new skirmishes erupted between Morsi supporters and the opposition Tuesday in Gharbiya Governorate in Nile Delta and left at least 100 people injured.

In 1% of cases "erupt onto" is used

Magma that erupts onto the surface is called lava.

In 1% of cases "erupt since" is used

Montserratians are a friendly breed despite a volcano that has been erupting since 1995 and displacing most of the population, disrupting many lives and halting the island's high-end tourism product.

In 1% of cases "erupt through" is used

The two camps disagree even more dramatically about whether wisdom teeth should be removed before they cause any problems or even erupt through the gums.

In 1% of cases "erupt throughout" is used

In spite of his request for non-violence, after that meeting rioting did erupt throughout the city and soldiers were heard firing bayonets.

In 1% of cases "erupt unto" is used

Igneous Rock is formed when a magma cools underground and crystallizes or when it erupts unto the surface of the ground, cools and crystallizes.

In 1% of cases "erupt within" is used

TOPICS Roars erupted within crowds on the streets and mixed emotions of tension and excitement filled the air in my room just as the last over of yesterday's hair-raising match began.