Prepositions after "escort"

"escort to" or "escort by"?

In 40% of cases "escort to" is used

Tao Jing being escorted to the execution grounds.

He was then escorted to our computer room where Mr.

After the barbecue we were escorted to the speakers ' stand.

We were escorted to a room in the immigration office and Mike asked what was going on.

When Don tried to calm a crowd of shocked residents he was escorted to safety by an IRA chief.

Marcus Garvey Biography - Garvey escorted to prison His only asset was $40 and a few worthless stocks in his shipping line.

The boat, a catamaran, was detained at sea and escorted to the port of La Corona in Spain where it is now under armed guard.

The killers were actually escorted to their airplane with the murder weapon in one of their bags, all in the name of diplomatic immunity.

I was escorted to the local restraint prison where my burka was removed and a full length leather sack was placed over me and strapped tight.

In 36% of cases "escort by" is used

Fothergill is a walking encyclopaedia of natural history; it's like being escorted by, well, David Attenborough.

On the 23rd the submarine Remora, escorted by Greenlet, headed north from Yokosuka for a patrol of La Pe'rouse Strait.

He was escorted by two US Marshals from Massachusetts to Indianapolis where he will be sentenced for some of his crimes.

One night in the astral, I found myself being taken through space, escorted by a female divine being, to another planet.

Samuels said that parking for the club is at 19 Trinidad Terrace, the ladies escorted by security personnel back and forth.

The plane was flying at a relatively slow speed with its landing gear still deployed and escorted by two Chinese J-11 fighters.

Quite how Sgt Hales managed it I don't know but, escorted by three policeman they were in Konig by 10pm bound for the local jail.

That is our first group photograph with all of us in blues escorted by our Station Commander Wg Cdr Ronen Sen, his wife and a friend.

I was handcuffed, searched and escorted by an also respectful policewoman and sat, as did my friends, for a long time while they decided what to do with us.

A lady was too delicate to go out into the world alone and, therefore, had to entertain and be entertained in the private sphere, or be escorted by a protective man.

In 6% of cases "escort out" is used

He was asked to pack his belongings and then escorted out of the college.

We were escorted out of the first worship service early to see the Sunday School children.

He knew that i was scared to go home because i couldnt be alone and when i was escorted out of his house by the police and i hugged him goodbye sobbing, it did nt seem like he really cared.

In 5% of cases "escort from" is used

But Chairman Jin is quick to cut her voice of dissent off, and has her escorted from the board room.

A man and a woman had to be escorted from Derby magistrates court by police when a female repeatedly swore at the accused pair after they were led into the dock flanked by six prison officers.

In 5% of cases "escort off" is used

On Saturday March 28, 2009, my performance at the Red Stripe Live concert was ended prematurely and abruptly, as I was stripped of my microphone and escorted off stage.

In 2% of cases "escort on" is used

Part of the force was escorted on its way by Portsmouth-based destroyer HMS Diamond, currently in the second half of her maiden deployment.

In 1% of cases "escort around" is used

My husband's latest ploy is to be escorted around the town by me.

In 1% of cases "escort for" is used

escort for the priceless cargo carried by these Scajap ships was provided by the fleet tug Arikara, a somewhat limited screening force to represent the greatest naval power on earth.

In 1% of cases "escort in" is used

The National Youth Organizer is always escorted in a motorcade to his residence every evening.

In 1% of cases "escort into" is used

Baker was escorted into the ballroom, by Knox alumnus Richard Mullings, Manager of Juici Patties in Spaldings.

In 1% of cases "escort through" is used

In late 2006, a convoy he was escorting through the town of Fallujah was ambushed.